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Smackdown 1946

"The films are mighty interesting in and of themselves, as cultural artifacts (mind you, I didn't say they are GOOD cultural artifacts)." -Rob

"What a great panel for a complex, tricky smackdown. Thoughtful, caring and challenging commentary from all - bravo! I love this series."-Morgan

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The Films of 2016.The 17th annual FiLM BiTCH Awards


Best Picture
20th Century Women
Mike Mills
December 25th
The Handmaiden
Park Chan-Wook
(Amazon Studios)
October 21st

La La Land
Damien Chazelle
December 9th

Barry Jenkins
October 21st
The Witch
Robert Eggers
February 19th
a feminist awakening in a teenage male coming of age movie? That's one of a kind. Another memoir driven winner from Mike Mills (see alsoBeginners) A con-job perspective puzzle where the interlocking pieces have arm, legs, tentacles, suspension ropes, and errogenous zones This musical leaps off from the mundanity of a traffic jam and keeps on wowing. A joyous present-tense celebration of past-tense art forms Another rarity in a shortlist full of them: a black gay drama about surviving long enough to find yourself. "Who is you Chiron?" A terrifyingly isolated horror film straight from the 17th century. They have movie cameras back then?! Wouldst thou like to live deliciously?


Arrival, Jackie, Love & Friendshipand more...
(read the full top 20 list)

Best Director

Park Chan-Wook

Damien Chazelle
Barry Jenkins
Pablo Larraín
Denis Villeneuve
For his provocative glee, formal control, and the lush abandon of this decorous erotic con-artist thriller

For his traffic stopping commitment, and for understanding the blinding charisma of movie stars
For treating another person's memoir as if its hiw own. Deeply felt and unerringly precise work.
For his fury behind the camera and sideways attacks at material. An inspiringly fresh take on a monumental moment.
For understanding that the scifi genre isn't just action setpieces and CGI. His intuitive, awestruck film is an optimistic wonder.

Finalists:Mike Millsfor20th Century Women;Robert EggersforThe Witch

Semi Finalists:Ciro GuerraforEmbrace of the Serpent;Yorgos LanthimosforThe Lobster;Paul VerhoevenforElle;Kleber Mendonça FilhoforAquarius, and...?

Best Original Screenplay
20th Century Women
Little Men
The Lobster
As withBeginners,Mike Millshas transformed personal memoirs into transcendent fiction
This deceptively small study of family, friendship and real estate byIra Sachs&Mauricio Zachariasis richly perceptive
The year's most successful high-wire act,Efthymis Filippou&Yorgos Lanthimosgive genius dystopian satire
Guillermo Calderón's literary yarn about Pablo Neruda on the run in Chile is playful, surprising and layered Jared Bush&Phil Johnston's and a huge "story by" team have crafted a timely allegory that's also a smart family-friendly adventure comedy

FinalistsCaptain Fantastic -Matt Ross,Toni Erdmann- Maren Ade,Manchester by the Sea- Kenneth Lonergan,Jackie- Noah Oppenheim,Aquarius-Kleber Mendonça Filho
Semi-Finalists:The Edge of Seventeen-Kelly Fremon Craig andHell or High Water-Taylor Sheridan

Best Adapted Screenplay
Arrival Elle The Handmaiden Love & Friendship Moonlight
Eric Heisserer
orbits the acclaimed circular Ted Chiang short story "Story of Your Life" carefully extracting a grand movie from it
David Birke'sbitterly funny screenplay adapted the novel "Oh..." by Philippe Djian that was probably on no one's list of "Most Filmable" Jeong Seo-KyeongandPark Chan Wooktake an imaginatively and outrageous leap from Sarah Water's novel "Fingersmith"
Much was made ofWhit Stillman's affinity for Jane Austen when this movie, based on "Lady Susan" premiered. Funniest Austen adaptation yet.
Barry Jenkins
crafts a stellar three act drama from Tarell Alvin's McCraney's unproduced play "In Moonlight Black Boys Look Blue"

FinalistsFences, Embrace of Serpent
Semi-Finalists:Hidden Figures, Lion,A Bigger Splash, andHunt for the Wilderpeople

Best Animated Feature
Moana The Red Turtle Zootopia
Bless Disney for their commitment to the animated musical. Rousing, funny... and that exquisite finale!
Every still is frameable. A glorious reminder of the power of moving images with or without sound
A great time at the movies and also a tribute to multiple film genres while it entertains and edifies

FinalistMy Life as a CourgetteandPhantom Boy
Semi-Finalists:Kubo and the Two StringsandApril and the Extraordinary World