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YSNM:Mrs Harris Goes to Paris

"I don't even need to watch the trailer to judge. Manville and Huppert? That is a YES." -Jules

"I was prepared to say no, but the trailer was so charming. Just looks like a good, sweet time." -Val

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91st Oscars. Oscar Contenders of 2018 (for the 2019 Ceremony) -For prediction, discussion, entertainment purposes only

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Mahershala Ali
44 yrs old | 14 films |2nd nomination| 1 win

Nov 21st
Box Office: $67+

Role: Dr Don Shirley, a black gay classical musician touring the dangerous deep south

|More Ali

Adam Driver
35 yrs old | 21 films |1st nomination!

Aug 10th
Box Office: $48+

Role: Flip Zimmerman, an undercover Jewish cop, infiltrating the KKK whlle posing as his fellow detective Ron Stallworth

|More Driver

Sam Elliott
74 yrs old | 39 films |1st nomination!

Oct 5th
Box Office: $210+

Role: Bobby Maine, the half brother, former performing partner, and road manager of a troubled rock star.

Review|Podcast|More Elliott

Richard E Grant

61 yrs old | 55 films |1st nomination!

Oct 19th
Box Office: $8+

Role: Jack Hock, a gay alcoholic and wily survivor who befriends the unemployed writer Lee Israel and becomes her accomplice in crime.

|Podcast|More Grant

Sam Rockwell
50 yrs old | 67 films |2nd nomination| 1 win

Dec 21st
Box Office: $46+

Role: President George W Bush, a good ole boy looking to make his father proud and willing to shove off a ton of the governing to his ambitious running mate.

Trailer|More Rockwell


31%Role. Oscar LOVES real life musicians as characters. Oscar also loves straights playing gay.
30%Best Picture heat. An easy way to award a movie they love.
12%Leading roles give you an advantage at nabbing supporting nominations especially when the precursors sign on which they did big time.
6%Currently a hot commodity: seeMoonlight Hidden Figures,True Detective(S3)
30%Best Picture heat.
28%Performance. Subtle but affecting with a very well delineated arc.
25%重要的职业动力是最好的之一his generation -- it was "time".
11%Role. Might have been flat in lesser hands but the movie was sly to have a proxy character for white voters -- they can wake up to the enormity of systemic injustice right along with him!
6%Chemistry with John David Washington
60%Role/Star Persona Fusion. Cooper handed him such a gift. A role that directly addresses the Sam Elliottness of him, the underappreciated legacy of someone who's been in the biz forever, the tender masculinity, that unforgettable voice.
17%And he nails it. (Performance)
13%Not insignificantBest Picture heat.
10%That scene in the driveway. Ouch our hearts. Also gets the last soulful (spoken) word.
40%Performance. Witty but there's also depth of feeling and an undertow
25%Role. Oscar loves a drunk and straight actors playing gay. He's also gifted with a killer intro scene to snap you to attention "Jack Hock, Big Cock"
14%Underappreciated career + super charming actor = easy campaign strategy
12%Lockstep precursor support which he needed without Best Picture heat
9%Chemistry with Melissa McCarthy.
56%Best Picture heat + recency bias and significant campaign luck. His supporting competition was mostly in non-Best Picture films and the critics failed to rally for any one of them beyond Richard E Grant.
12%Role / Performance. Fun George W Bush impersonation. And Oscar LOOOOOOVES mimicry.
10%Afterglow. He just won. Fresh in their hearts
2%Christian Bale & Amy Adams coattails on acting ballots



Mahershala Alihas, so far, a steamroll style lead. Will this hold or will people finally wake up to the fact that they gave him the Oscar just two years ago for a better performance and their other nominated options are pretty great choices.


It's pretty clear, at least to these eyes, that the best performance nominated isRichard E Grant's career topping work inCan You Ever Forgive Me?but we wouldn't bitch about a career style award for the awesomeSam Elliott,after 50 fine years in the business, either.


Timothée Chalamet(Beautiful Boy) is the obvious drop from the precursor rounds though we're fine with that since it'sa leading roleand this supporting category already has one of those in Mahershala Ali! Otherwise, it was probably only genre bias that preventedMichael B Jordanfrom scoring here forBlack Panther. We have no explanation other than bad taste and lack of AMPAS members watching more than 12 movies a year before voting as to why there was never any traction for other amazing talent likeAlessandro Nivola(Disobedience),Russell Hornsby(The Hate U Give),Colman Domingo(If Beale Street Could Talk),Steven Yeun(Burning),Hugh Grant(Paddington 2)Raul Castillo(We the Animals) and several others. Honestly this could be one of the best categories each year but it's regularly the least imaginative. We don't know how to help Oscar with this. It's like they rarely even try in this category!

If you fuse all these men together you have a 52 year-old previous Oscar winner experiencing his first nomination? That doesnt make any sense but neither does fusing five real people into one imaginary person.

• Zodiac sign: Aquarius

• If he wins his second supporting actor Oscar within three ceremonies he'll join an exclusive club. The only people who've accomplished it that quick before are Walter Brennan (36/38/40) and Jason Robards (76/77) the only man to win supporting actor in two consecutive years. Christoph Waltz and Peter Ustinov were also pretty quick about it BUT NOTTHATQUICK.

• One of 7 of 20 nominations for gay characters this year. All are played by straight actors. We're not sticklers about that (actors should be able to play people they aren't. It's called acting!) but SOME of these roles going to gay actors would be awesome, Hollywood.

• Has acted in 4 best picture nominees already:Benjamin Button(FILM DEBUT), Hidden Figures, Moonlight, andGreen Book

• Zodiac sign: Scorpio

• At 6' 2" and a half he's just barely the tallest of this groups. But it's analmostentirely tall group!

• He's only the fourth Star Wars franchise alum之前不是已经获得奥斯卡提名他加入吗ed the seriesto be Oscar nominated for actingaftera Star Wars gig. The first was Harrison Ford (Witness) so father & son both made it to the Oscars. Haha. (The other actors are Natalie Portman & Keira Knightley who were nominated a few years after appearing inPhantom Menace)

• Has acted in 2 Best Picture nominees:BlacKkKlansmanandLincoln

• Zodiac Sign: Leo

• This first time Supporting Actor nominee is married to a one time Supporting Actress nominee: Katharine Ross (The Graduate). They've been married for 34 years! He's the only acting nominee married to another Oscar nominee (Rachel Weisz's husband Daniel Craig still hasn't been nominated)

• After 50 years as a professional actor, he finally nabs his first nod!

• If he wins the Oscar he'll be the fourth member of theThe Big Lebowskicast to do so after Jeff Bridges, Julianne Moore and Phliip Seymour Hoffman

• He's the oldest nominee this year, not just in this category (he's one month older than Caleb Deschanel, nominated in Best Cinematography)

• Has acted in e Best Picture nominees:Up in the Air, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid(FILM DEBUT), andA Star is Born

• Zodiac sign: Taurus

• He's the only nominee in this category that was born outside of California!. He was born in Swaziland ... which is now named Eswatini.

• His breakout role wasWithnail and I(1987) in which he played a drunk living in a squalid flat. three decades years later his first nomination, he's also playing a drunk living in a squalid flat, or at least a previously squalid flat that he helps clean up before crashing on the couch.

• The only actor nominated who is also a publishd author. I suggest reading his book "With Nails and I: The Film Diaries of Richard E Grant" - I PROMISE YOU WILL LOVE IT.

• Zodiac sign: Scorpio

• By far the shortest of this year's supporting actor nominees. He's 5'8" and everyone else here is either 6'1" or 6'2"

• He's one of only two actors winning a consecutive nomination after last year's race. The other is hisFlorida Projectcompetition Willem Dafoe inBest ActorforAt Eternity's Gate.

• Only one actor has ever won the Oscar playing a real life US president (Daniel Day Lewis inLincoln) though several have been nominated and that number now includes Rockwell's George W Bush

• Has acted in 4 best picture nominees:The Green Mile, Three Billboards, Frost/Nixon,andVice