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PACHINKOseason 1 review

"Pachinko feels so human and warm, despite the horrors of history. Oh, and that Episode 7? My gawd, television at its finest." -Pam

"I think the book is a masterpiece (I strongly recommend that those who enjoy the series read it)" -Jules

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90th Oscars. Oscar Contenders of 2017 -For prediction, discussion, entertainment purposes only

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We almost had an all newbie list this year but for the return of Octavia Spencer (a consecutive nomination and now tied with Viola Davis as the most nominated black actress ever). That nearly all newbie is listed is fascinating considering the age range is skewing older than usual in this particular category with Mary J Blige the youngest at 46 and Laurie Metcalf the oldest at 62.

Mary J Blige
46 yrs old | 5 films |1st nomination!

Role: The mother of a farmhand leaves her own children to work for her landlady

Previous Wins:Spirit (Ensemble)

Allison Janney
57 yrs old | 61 films
1st nomination!
Dec 8th

Role: The abusive mother of an Olympic hopeful comments from the sidelines

Previous Wins:Globe ,Critics Choice,SAG

Lesley Manville
61 yrs old | 27 films |1st nomination!
Dec 25th

Role: The sister of a famous fashion designer.

Previous Wins: --

Laurie Metcalf
62 yrs old | 27 films |1st nomination!
Nov 3rd

Role: A much put-upon mother tries to keep it together while her daughter works her last nerves

Previous Wins:NBRLAFCA

Octavia Spencer
47 yrs old | 65 films | 3rd nomination | 1 win
Dec 8th

作用:保护清洁女工试图屏蔽her mute co-worker from the dangers of her romantic impulses

Previous Wins: --

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Who was left out?
BothHong Chau(Downsizing) andHolly Hunter(The Big Sick) did very well in the precursors but lost out at the last moment.Tiffany Haddish(女孩Trip) also had her cheering section while BAFTA's embrace ofKristin Scott Thomas(Darkest Hour) and the movie's surprisingly hefty Oscar nomination tally suggests she probably wasn't very far off either. Very very tight race this year. So tight that people somehow were able to ignore the grand return ofMichelle Pfeiffer(Mother!) not to mention the terrific women ofGet OutCatherine KeenerandBetty Gabriel... among many others.

Will win/Should win:Allison Janneylooks like a steamroller though we think Oscar should take this opportunity to finishLaurie Metcalf's Triple Crown since she already has an Emmy and a Tony.