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PACHINKOseason 1 review

"Pachinko feels so human and warm, despite the horrors of history. Oh, and that Episode 7? My gawd, television at its finest." -Pam

"I think the book is a masterpiece (I strongly recommend that those who enjoy the series read it)" -Jules

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91st Oscars. Oscar Contenders of 2018 (for the 2019 Ceremony) -For prediction, discussion, entertainment purposes only

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Regina King

Amy Adams

44 yrs old | 36 films | 6th nomination
Dec 21st
Box Office: $46+

Role: Lynne Cheney, the driven power-hungry wife to a notoriously amoral politican.

Award Wins: 1 regional critics award

Trailer|More Adams

Marina de Taviras
44 yrs old | 14 films |first nomination!
Nov 21st
Box Office: N/A ...Netflix refuses to report

Role: Sofia, a harried mother of four children, whose husband is leaving her.

Award Wins: None

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Regina King

48 yrs old | 21 films |first nomination and win
Dec 14th
Box Office: $14+

Role: Sharon Rivers, the resourceful kind-hearted mother trying to save her daughter's fiance from a life in prison.

Award Wins: Globe, Critics Choice, NBR, NYFCC, LAFCA, NSFC, OFCS, Palm Springs Tribute, plus 23 regional or specialty critics awards

Capsule Review|
More King

Emma Stone

30 yrs old | 22 films | 3rd nomination 1 win
Nov 23rd
Box Office: $31+

Role:阿比盖尔,狡猾的女仆从下降的家庭trying to work her way back into nobility and win the Queen's favour.

Awards: 4 regional or specialty critics awards

Reviewed|More Stone

Rachel Weisz
48 yrs old | 42 films | 2nd nomination | 1 win
Nov 23rd
Box Office: $31+

Role: Lady Sarah, a scheming lady of the court and the Queen's lover, advisor, and best friend. The only person at court who knows how to handle the Queen's erratic moods.

Awards: BIFA, plus 6 regional or specialty critics awards

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30%She's Amy Adams and they loooove her
22%Best Picture heat.
20%Performance / Co-Stars. They liked her inThe Masterand this is something of a retread. Plus every time she works with Christian Bale she gets nominated.
18%Lockstep Precursor love insuring they didn't look elsewhere
6%Shakespeare scene
3%Still hasn't won sympathy.
1%Sorry aboutArrival
42%They loveRoma. Best Picture heat.
%All those times Cuarón made his speeches specifically about her
11%Performance/Role. She's good and Oscar voters have always loved put upon wives/mothers
9%All the leading ladies campaigning here drowned out talk of supporting work, so Best Pic heat mattered even more
2%Lack of interest in the films featuring Robbie, Kidman, and Foy
30%Huge critical endorsement. She's already won 30 prizes
30%Performance. Very affecting and that trip toPuerto Rico gives her her own mini movie to star in within the larger film.
25%Fans of the movie are devout -- enthusiasm got funneled to her.
10%Current career heat
5%Role. No real Oscar bells and whistles but intensely sympathetic and that just never hurts with the acting branch
40%Role. It's a whopper. And leading roles, even ones that aren't this well-written, have an advantage because there's a ton of meat for the actor to chew on.
30%Performance she's wonderful agile in it. And so funny sneaky.
20%Best Picture heat
6%Fame and likeability. She's an Oscar winner and bonafide movie star.
4%"A monster for the children perhaps?" That gesture!
35%Role. It's a whopper. And leading roles have an advantage in supporting categories
35%Performance -- those line readings are so sharp you're bleeding as you're laughing. And miraculously she becomes more sympathetic the nastier things get.
19%Best Picture heat
11%She had a great year. This even feels like a comeback of sorts though she never went away.
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Regina Kingwon numerous critics awards but the jury is still out on who is winning the Oscar. Regina isn't nominated at BAFTA soAmy Adamsor, presumably,Rachel Weiszhave the opportunity to gain momentum if they win the last pre-Oscar award. But we still think it'll be Regina by a hair. We'll be holding our breath as this category is announced.


The precursors were throwing outMargot Robbie(Mary Queen of Scots),Nicole Kidman(Boy Erased), and especiallyClaire Foy(First Man) as options. Instead Oscar threw a curveball with de Taviras. Meanwhile we'll just be over here wondering howElizabeth Debicki(Widows) andMichelle Yeoh(Crazy Rich Asians) never got any traction whatsoever.


• Zodiac sign: Leo

• She's in second place of all time among women for most noms without a competitive win tied with Thelma Ritter and Deborah Kerr (Glenn Close is in the lead with seven without a win... yet)

• Has co-starred in 5 Best Picture nominees to date:Her, Vice, Arrival, American Hustle,andThe Fighter

• Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

• She's the first actor in the modern era (2000 onward when there began to be dozens of precursors) who received an Oscar nomination withnoprecursor support, not even a critics award mention

• Cuarón wanted non-actors for the cast ofRoma. She was the exception as the matriarch of the family. Most of the cast had never acted before.

• Zodiac sign: Capricorn

• Her first name means Queen so her name is, essentially, Queen King!

•她没有在8年的故事片。她was waiting for something great to come along since she was getting such strong roles on TV (3 Emmy wins and multiple TV honors in that time)

• Though Regina hasn't been thought of as an "Oscar actress" up until now, she's actually already been in three Oscar favs:Boyz n the Hood(1991),Jerry Maguire(1996) andRay(2004), the latter two nominated for Best Picture

• Zodiac sign: Scorpio

• All three of her Oscar nominations (Birdman, La La Land, The Favourite) have been for films which did not just receive Best Picture nominations but werethemost Oscar nominated film in their year.

• She's the only nominee in this category who isn't her 40s.

• She and Rachel Weisz are the only women in this category that have performed on Broadway (both only once)

• Has starred in four Best Picture nominees:The Help, Birdman, La La Land, The Favourite

• Zodiac sign: Pisces

• She's the only nominee in this category who is working with her director for a second time. She previously starred inThe Lobsterfor Yorgos Lanthimos

• She's the only one of the 20 acting nominees who is married to another current movie star (James Bond himself, Daniel Craig)