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他说:“这是一个很好的选择。”He got what every actor wants: a killer role with a killer monologue in a movie that gets better and better with time.这是我能想象的最接近永恒的东西。他说:“这是一个很好的选择。”-苏佩吉

他说:“这是一个很好的选择。”Turkish Delight is an excellent and disturbing film.I even tracked down the novel,which is also excellent.它应该赢得最佳外国电影奖他说:“这是一个很好的选择。”-肯S


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《混音带》:“怪妈妈”in Gilda| | Reader Spotlight: Peter »
四月 15个 2011


迈克尔C。从严肃的电影here,eager to dive back into a film I've been meaning to revisit for ages: Todd Haynes' whirlwind Dylan collageI'm Not There(2007年)。All this欲海情魔talkhas given me Haynes on the brain.

我是托德·海恩斯的理想听众我不在那里。I am a devoted Bob Dylan lover,非常欣赏海恩的作品,在流行文化中,我是识字的,当海恩斯同时向费里尼致敬时8.5倍和彭内贝克的别回头看我跟得上。And while I found lots to admire in this hugely ambitious project – and I was grateful Haynes didn't attempt a traditional linear biopic – the film mostly left me cold.I was too conscious of the intellectual constructs at every turn.迪伦的音乐有时也很有头脑,but I love it because he combines that obliqueness with the ability to absolutely destroy me emotionally on a consistent basis.


如果I'm Not There是一部由切线构成的整部电影,那么格瑞扮演一个叫比利的小男孩骑着马在一个奇怪的西部小镇上的场景,叫做谜语,可能是一个切线太远了。我知道它应该代表迪伦在六十年代后期在伍德斯托克的自我放逐,and that the sequence is wild grab bag of Dylan references,但这些场景仍然以其随意性使电影停滞不前。

或者至少是这样,直到所有的镇民都来到谜语的中心,听到吉姆·詹姆斯在我的晨衣上唱着迪伦的催眠曲。“去阿卡普尔科”backed by the band Calexico.

覆盖迪伦几乎是一种音乐类型本身,这一令人难以置信的深情采取一个相对模糊的轨道值得一个地方沿线的所有时代的伟大。有一点超过三分钟,我不关心海恩斯的论文声明。Nor do I care about making sense of the riot of costuming and set decoration I'm witnessing (love the random giraffe).For those three minutes I don't care about anything but the fact that James,卡莱西科,海恩斯也设法找到了我喜欢的关于迪伦的事情。All those levels of meaning can take a back seat to the visceral experience of the music.

We all have are our favorites movies,the ones we know scene for scene,一行接一行。But equally valuable are the individual moments,those stand alone gems from those films that otherwise didn't reach us.The "Going to Acapulco"scene fromI'm Not There对我来说就是这样的时刻。I doubt I'll ever unravel the mystery of why it made such an impression on me,not that I have any interest in doing so.

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Reader Comments (6)

Love this scene so much!

April 16,2011 | 未注册的评论布里安兹

我,too,was left cold by the film (I think I might've liked it a bit more than you did) but I have to say,the whole Billy the Kid section just does nothing for me,this moment included.I feel it's a bit too obvious,太了解了,服装太有参考价值了,everything was just off.It nearly ruined the movie for me had it not been for the strength of Marcus Carl Franklin,Charlotte Gainsbourg and the story structure/direction.

不过,写得很好,一如既往。Love this and 'Mix Tape'.现在,如果我们能在荧幕上有美好的时刻,那就回去吧。we'd be set.;)

April 16,2011 | 未注册的评论作记号

I didn't mind the Billy the Kid section so much.这当然不是电影的亮点。In all honesty,I did not appreciate the Jim James section the same way you did...我真的很讨厌它。我觉得这部电影太吸引人了,感觉就像电影里那些非常明显的音乐配乐,"Okay,停止电影,这样我们就可以有重要的音乐摄像。”

Plus I don't like MMJ.:-)

April 16,2011 | 未注册的评论Timothy

I remember this being my favorite of the...storylines?tangents?不管怎样,当我第一次看电影的时候,Billy the Kid was my favorite section,这部分当然是原因的一部分。布鲁斯·格林伍德,帕特·加勒特是另一个,of course.

4月17日,2011 | 未注册的评论沃尔特

Another "unsung heroes"我完全同意。And yes,Walter - Bruce Greenwood was amazing as Pay Garrett.He was one of my personal Supporting Actors of that year in fact.

4月17日,2011 | 未注册的评论The Jack

I barely remember this part,所以我认为这是一个迹象,我需要回去重新观看我不在那里。I remember enjoying the criss-crossing Bale/Ledger strands,最重要的是凯特·布兰切特。就我而言,她在那部电影里是鲍勃·迪伦。

4月17日,2011 | 注册评论人Andreas
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