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Jul 12 2012

伍迪赢家th (Tough) Love


I will always be there for you. Stop punishing me for my loyalty!

Back in 1984 my older brother drove me to see百老汇丹尼。罗斯. I don't remember why. I'll readily admit that much of the movie went over my head but I laughed and laughed at the helium scene. To this day it's the only thing I remember about the movie which I never saw again. (There were always new and old Woody Allens to see so there was little time to rewatch!). My brother laughed, too. The next year I cajoled my entire family into seeingThe Purple Rose of Cairo-- even though they kept grumbling about you stealing the Oscar fromStar Wars-- because it was关于电影,因为你做到了。


As a reward to you and a treat to myself I go to each and every Woody Allen movie in the theaters. For a good long time this ritual reaped enormous rewards and I rushed out on opening night. I learned to live with the occassional dud and I still rejoice when you have a success --hello巴黎的午夜! Nice to know ya-- but as the balance began tipping towards the "uhhh" side of the quality scale, I got lazier about it. It's been quite some time since I rushed out on opening night. I still see them but the passion has gone out of the trip ... it's now something mundane, like a favor you'd automatically do for an old friend without ever considering saying "no."You've a lifetime pass.

因此,这是我打To Rome With Love, your follow up to a resounding success that brought you your third Best Picture nomination!Talk aboutwasting your post-午夜优点...

Everyone was ready to love you again and you bring us this shapeless piffle?没有关于To Rome...感觉完全形成。你就按旅行团的休息时间把它写在餐巾纸酒店午夜当你的职责作为一个公众人物加剧你。因为除了在近代名人半称职的讽刺戳 - 更讽刺微调的真正因为没有咬,没有团结的故事,他们似乎并没有别的目的,而不是今年的伍迪·艾伦的电影。故事没有连接,当然,但它帮助,如果他们的共鸣通过非常接近。他们arehappening in the same film. Just saying.

和笑话。请记住,场面,佩内洛普克鲁兹的妓女被参观西斯廷教堂和游客说:“你能想象在你的背上一整天的工作?”佩内洛普回应“我可以。”虽然它发生我无法把目光移开,我觉得我的精神崩溃的慢动作。“不,不,他不会去那里。这是太明显了。太groaner的。他会旋转它如此---- NOOOoooooo他去了那里。如果没有艺术或旋转或有趣的反应出手!没有什么,但groaner。”也许是我看过去的怀旧玫瑰色的眼镜,非常的事,你告诫我们在巴黎的午夜,但我不认为你永远会一直投掷,在我们之前这样一个沉闷的方式。

我甚至不能谈论谁开始电影作为只有那么作为一个成年人对位的年轻的自己(?)一个真实的人物的亚历克·鲍德温字符,然后变身成为各种(?)的隐形厌恶希腊合唱团实际上不在物理上存在。嗯,有时候他的存在,有时甚至没有。他是真实的吗?他是一个幻想?难道他的未来?如果他是一个幻想或将来为什么他得到一个介绍场景?如果他是真实的他怎么又是无形的?任何他没用哪一种方式,因为在任何特定的方式没有形成想法是......它的竞争创造性涂鸦与作家从来没有作出任何选择的笔记本电脑。你的角色从未有过的一个问题是冗长,大声说出自己的想法。 They do that here, too. But now there's just an extra person talking.

Your constant prolificness used to be a blessing. But lately it shows. Please do a second draft. I'm pleading with you! Take a year off. Dosomething不同免得我们认为,现在您的高品质的努力仅仅是意外,你的东西在血汗工厂伍迪·艾伦厂偶然意外。


your concerned life long fan, Nathaniel.

附:Rehiring the perpetually underused Judy Davis was very smart and she's the saving grace of an otherwise dull disposable film. Please make her your new muse. Pedro already owns Penélope and Scarlett Johansson just wasn't funny enough and she's too busyAvengingnow anyway.



Reader Comments (21)


我发现电影微创娱乐,像我一样甚至伍迪的最坏的电影,但不会去我的方式站出来保护这一个。超过一半称职的书写,坏的表演,以及在护身符之间的插播是纯粹的业余小时。感觉像故事会,如果他们想发挥出四个连续段被服务要好得多 - 无插播。

July 12, 2012 |未注册的批评家Roark

I have to disagree with you on this one! I am a Woody Allen devotee as much as you and I laughed my a@@ off watching "To Rome With Love". In fact, in a surprisingly full theater, everyone was laughing. Don't get me wrong "Midnight in Paris" is a superior film but in terms of sheer humor, TRWL has it beat.
Couple of notes from your review; why do we accept the magic of 'midnight in paris' but with alec baldwin jumping in and out of the action we're suddenly crying logic! If anything his character acts as the audience substitute. We've seen all these Woody Allen stereotypes (the nice girlfriend, the neurotic slut, the stuttering idiot) and Baldwin's character comments on that fact.
I could go on defending its merits, but I was pleasantly surprised and for a woody allen 'comedy' that was very nice.
附:Penelope Cruz's subtitles aren't very good, after the sistine chapel comment she actually says, "I can...perfect." Its a subtle difference.

July 12, 2012 |未注册的批评家Curtis


关于Woody: How come you're surprised by his disappointments, still? Maya Angelou says when someone tells you who they are believe them. Woody has said repeatedly he's casual and casually indifferent when he's making a movie — his favorite films generally are the ones that fail to meet base approval. I truly believe making a movie a year is keeping him alive and I rather he stay here that make another masterpiece comparable to standards set in the past.

July 12, 2012 |未注册的批评家4rtful


To me the good ones still compensate the bad ones. This review could've reflected my thoughts about无论作品几年前。

July 12, 2012 |未注册的批评家iggy



--the Baldwin segment is both Allen in dialogue with his own early work (Eisenberg & Page representing two sides of the Allen archtype) and a pure distillation of his core theme - the necessity of love, and how fleeting and fickle is;

- 在Begnigni段艾伦对他的中年困惑名人反射 - 成名的高峰,一个可耻的跌倒的疼痛,然后重建过程;

- 并且最终歌剧演员段 - 他的职业生涯后期生产力的挑衅理由,和一个有力的反驳对他的批评 - 他不会让他的电影的批评 - 他让他们为自己,是快乐的。

In the guise of a frivolous travelogue, I'd argue Woody has actually smuggled a surprisingly clear eyed, unsentimental reflection on his life and career. It's hardly his most accomplished work, but I suspect that on further viewing it may prove to be an unusually rewarding one - and potentially a far more complex work than Midnight in Paris!

July 12, 2012 |未注册的批评家eventsoccur

y concerns with this film were exactly how undeveloped it is. It’s as if he shot straight from a first draft that should have been severely revised and could have possibly turned into something exciting, instead of this disjointed touristic guide gone awry. I would say that the absurdism of each story is what makes the cohesion for the pretext to show all of them in one movie, and individually they’re mildly interesting stories (except for Ellen Page’s irritating character. I sooo hoped for one of those vaudevillian hooks to pull her off the screen. Ugh!!! Had he cut that whole story out he would have had a movie with a normal running time and slightly more decent movie).
The other thing is that Woody Allen himself considers that his films mediocre, no matter how great they are, so basically he’s conformed with anything he gives us. Let’s face it, he’s got absolutely no emotional attachment with anything he does. He treats his films like summer flings who he has no interest in calling or even seeing again. I simply hope for at least a few more accidental masterpieces during Woody’s lifetime. (See Woody Allen? You've made a conformist out of me as well, damn you!) :)

July 12, 2012 |未注册的批评家Cristhian

wait a second....judy davis as baby jane!

July 13, 2012 |未注册的批评家par3182


Um and YES YES YES to the above post - par3182 - I was just about to suggest it myself! If anybody is in any doubt, go watch Judy chew the place apart as Sante Kimes in A Little Thing Called Murder.

July 13, 2012 |未注册的批评家Sally

Nat, you just put to writing my feelings about Woody's films from last decade. I was a fervent lover, so happy with a new Allen movie each year but now I just wish he takes his time and deliver. He never does anymore.

July 13, 2012 |未注册的批评家Seisgrados

这并不是说我不同意你,但纳撒尼尔我仍然认为给予蜘蛛侠的电影是翻拍一个C和伍迪的一个d +只是判断不同措施电影重拍的重拍。至少罗马..is an original script with a good cast and has some funny scenes.

July 13, 2012 |未注册的批评家adelutza

adelutza: He's railing against similar but different things. With the Spider-Man film, he's critiquing the studio's choice to do the overplayed origin story and familiar plot beats. With this, he's criticizing Woody Allen for becoming increasingly trite and half assed as a director, when he should know better. When Woody Allen's recent output could be said to be outclassed by WAR INC (a snide, empty, romantic chemistry free Grosse Pointe Blank retread), something has gone very wrong.

July 13, 2012 |未注册的批评家Volvagia

Um...Scarlett was hilarious is Scoop! She was fantastic, and while you weren't sold on her performance in VCB, I actually found it best in show because she had a full handle on everything her character called for. She worked wonderfully in the universes that Woody created for her.

July 13, 2012 |未注册的批评家Andrew

It doesn't open here in Montréal until next Friday!

Still, Nat, I don't know why you were surprised about Penelope Cruz's line...it was one of the biggest chuckles (from the crowd when seeing the trailer in the theatre) in the trailer...right up there with the bit about Alec Baldwin not understanding women.

July 13, 2012 |未注册的批评家Bill_the_Bear

完全同意你的。看到这个昨晚,恨它。尤其是页/艾森伯格/鲍德温/ Gerwig故事。

July 13, 2012 |未注册的批评家Joseph

任何人想页面被严重miscast?正如,也许Gerwig和页面都应该有变化的角色?我不知道这无论如何都会做出的差异。这整个故事情节是烦人。且不说罗伯托贝尼尼段,这是难以忍受的,以使我质疑我的求生意志的地步。我们可以收回他的奥斯卡?为什么伍迪似乎与专注于年轻的民间痴迷?他是不是与那一代触摸。专注于40- / 50-出头!Oy公司。 Anyway, I totally agree with you, Nathaniel, that Judy Davis IS the saving grace of the movie. More Judy please!

July 13, 2012 |未注册的批评家Charlie

Okay...I love Woody as well, but he is once again getting a free pass in the older man/younger woman department.

朱迪·戴维斯出生于1955年伍迪·艾伦出生于1935年... 20年的差距:他会投自己相反的,比方说,琼·芳登或塞莱斯特·霍尔姆,出生于1917年?他们比Woody要旧两个不到20岁...

July 13, 2012 |未注册的批评家Patryk

Patryk: Well, I think critics give him (and other similar stories) a pass there because most of them are fans of Harold and Maude and they don't want to come across as a bunch of nasty hypocrites.

July 13, 2012 |未注册的批评家Volvagia

Charlie -- I wish the Academy could rectify some past decisions because THAT would be one of my top-10 picks.




July 13, 2012 |未注册的批评家Jorge Rodrigues


I really wish he'd go there. Someone needs to show him The Kids Are Allright and let him know what good comedy is about these days. Heck, he can even work in some sexy stuff while he's at it.

July 13, 2012 |未注册的批评家Dave in Alamitos Beach


July 13, 2012 |未注册的批评家Dave in Alamitos Beach