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Aug 01 2012

Linker Come Back to Me

My New Plaid Pantspic of the day,first image from the set of Steven Soderbergh's Liberace bioBehind the Candelabrawith Michael Douglas and Matt Damon as lovers
Movie City News29 Weeks To Go until Oscar!Wooo
Cinema Blendapparently they're going to rebootThe Brady Bunch.
i09pretends that 10 upcoming remakes / reboots aren't going to suck.Hey,someone has to stay positive.

Hollywood ElsewhereDark Right(Wing) Rises...People can't stop talking about the politics of Chris Nolan's Batman trilogy.
Hollywood.cominterviewed me and other pundits onThe Dark Knight RisesOscar hopes
Awards Dailybreaks down the Tony nominees who made it to Oscar nominations
Pajibawould like you to think about all the brunettes in Chris Nolan films.It's always brunettes.
/Filmmanages to dig up a tiny bit of info about the Coen BrosInside Llewyn Davis
Awards Dailybreaks down the Tony nominees who made it to Oscar nominations

is it just me or are people dropping like flies...I'm a bit freaked out :(
Studio BriefingMr Cyd Charisse,singer/actor Tony Martin (1913-2012),has died
The Guardianpays final respects to Chris Marker (1921-2012),the experimental filmmaker ofLa Jetéefame (which inspired12 Monkeys)
New York Timesthe ever fascinating Gore Vidal (1925-2012)
Fresh Airremembers Lupe Ontiveros (1942-2012) ofAs Good As it GetsandSelenafame.I loved it when NBR handed her Best Supporting Actress forChuck and Buck(2000).Remember that?That's my favorite Lupe turn.

Finally, in much happier news...
Have you heard that Nina Arianda (Midnight in Paris,Win Win) is signing projects left and right.Looks like that Tony Award for "Venus in Fur"really did it.Nina,who has previously really had bit roles in movies,has surely arrived.

She recentlysigned on to play the great Guilieta MasinainFellini Black and Whitethe story of two missing days in the life of Oscar magnet Federico Fellini right before the Oscars in 58.亚博主页Are they making this movie just for us?Seriously!She's also set to play Janis Joplin in another upcoming biowithMartha Marcy May Marlene's Sean Durkin helmingafter approximately a million years of rumors of this actress and that actress and sometimes more than one at once,playing her in a biopic.Hollywood apparently just can't letThe Rose(1979) be the last word.Tina Fey and Jane Krakowski even sent up the development hell of Janis Joplin biopics in an arc of30 Rock.Nina alsojoins a huge cast of recognizable actorsin the fascinating soundingThe Disappearance of Eleanor Rigbywhich is reportedly a two-part film told from the husband (James McAvoy) and wife's (Jessica Chastain) perspectives.

This is all a long way of saying learn Nina's name and expect her on an Oscar shortlist in 5...4...3...2....1

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Reader Comments (10)

I remember when the names associated with a Janis Joplin project included Pink,Renee Zellwegger,and Zooey Deschanel.UGH.Go Nina!

And the idea of another movie from Sean Durkin is incredibly exciting as well,considering that Martha Marcy May Marlene was my number one movie of 2011.

August 1,2012 | Unregistered CommenterLiz N.

So glad Hollywood is appreciating her.Can't wait to see what she does with these roles.

August 1,2012 | Unregistered CommenterDJDeeJay

I'm a little disappointed that Jenna Maroney wasn't considered for the Janis Joplin biopic.

August 1,2012 | Unregistered CommenterThe Pretentious Know it All

SO...she's the next Jessica Chastain?Yup,expect Oscar to follow suit ;-)

August 1,2012 | Unregistered CommenterAndrew

So far I have only seen Arianda in tiny roles and I already love her.If she gets all those leads I'm going to became a serious fan.

PS Unfortunately you must add Susanne Lothar to the departed.

August 1,2012 | Unregistered CommenterPeggy Sue

That Liberace movie could be really good - I hope Soderbergh doesn't screw it up.

August 1,2012 | Unregistered CommenterSuzanne

On most of those hopes I'd agree to at least stay hopeful,but if that Man of Steel trailer is any indication,how can we think it isn't going to end up as a wrong headed repeat of Superman Returns from top to bottom?Why superhero universes work is because,at the end of the day,there's aestethic variance across the titles.Instead,we get a trailer packed FULL of visual and linguistic Nolanisms that indicates that Nolanifying EVERYTHING might be the trend of Justice League spin-offs if The Man of Steel succeeds.PLEASE don't let it succeed.We've already seen what ONE company's aestethically repetitive superhero universe looks like,we don't need another one.

August 1,2012 | Unregistered CommenterVolvagia

Nina Arianda was AWESOME in Venus in Furs.She deserves an amazing film career.So happy she has solid projects lined up.

August 1,2012 | Unregistered CommenterJoe

Loved your comment on the "angry wall of fandom,"Nathaniel.Perfect description.I don't think it'll happen this yea with TDKR,but we'll see.

Also,I wonder if Emma Thomas is a little weirded out by her husband having so many brunettes (Moss,Cotillard,Hathaway) being love interests with a touch of evil.The article gives them a positive spin,but they are really femme fatales.Even when they have hearts of gold,they could kill the protagonist at any moment (and sometimes try).I mean after Inception - and fair enough,that movie made Thomas an Oscar nominee - wouldn't you feel a little odd?

I will say I find it strange that while Nolan is often blamed for not having much of an interesting female presence in his films.I actually think he's written some of the most fascinating female characters of the modern era,despite their commonalities.(I also think it's completely unfair to criticize Cotillard as a woman being dictated by a man's perspective if you're a fan of Winslet in Eternal Sunshine,which is one of the great female performances of the last decade.) It's interesting to read a commentary on their shared traits though.

August 2,2012 | Unregistered Commentereurocheese

Saw this little video on Rita Moreno and thought of you Nathaniel.I can't believe she's 80!

August 2,2012 | Unregistered CommenterEvan
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