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«情书Pt。2:凯西Najimy Rosemarie DeWitt, Xander Berkeley|主要|A Love Letter to Noah Taylor »
Aug 三十 2012

Love Letters Pt. 1: Zachary Quinto, Ahna O'Reilly, Chris Messina

© Nick Stepowyj[Editor's Note:Melanie Lynskey(Hello I Must Be Going) is客人博客。We love her. And now there's a lotta love to go around. - Nathaniel R]

After mylove letter to Noah TaylorI thought it might be kind of fun to write to some people for The Film Experience and ask THEM whothey'dwant to write a love letter to. Hopefully this is making some kind of sense. So I made a little dream list of people I respect and admire beyond all reason and I sent them a little e-mail saying:

I've seen you do work that has made me want to write you a love letter because it's moved me so deeply. Who or what would you like to write a love letter to? What piece of art or artist or feeling has moved you in this way?"

Here are a few amazing responses I got from these talented and passionate individuals!

To the magnificent & unique扎克瑞·昆图"my love letter to you is mostly me obsessing about:Angels In America!"


我记得这么清楚地第一次见到邮差。i was a freshman in college - completely ravenous for creative inspiration - and i found myself alone at one of the only art house movie theaters in pittsburgh at the time. i was so enraptured by the experience. the tenderness and intimacy of the story. the beauty of the landscape. the powerful exploration of love. and in particular the performance of massimo troisi. it stays with me to this day: his subtlety. his vulnerability. his openness. his humor. and as i learned more about the film and the tragedy of its star - my genuine love for the movie blossomed into something that still inspires me any time i think about it. troisi's commitment to this story ultimately cost him his life. he died just twelve hours after the film wrapped - and only days before he was meant to go to london for the heart transplant that likely would have saved him. but his connection to the project (which he also co-wrote) was so absolute and unwavering that - even in the face of his obviously weakened state - he would not back down until it was complete. and you can see it on screen. his passion and investment in the story is one of the most bittersweet manifestations i have encountered. i love that film and i love that performance. and i love the memory of the first time it all washed over me.

To the incredibly brave & brilliant actor and director乔·斯万伯格"my love letter to you is mostly me obsessing about:晚上和周末。。。"



My love letter is toElaine May。She's one of the coolest filmmakers alive and a constant source of inspiration. I watched THE HEARTBREAK KID and the first 20 minutes of ISHTAR about 5 times each this Summer when I was prepping my new film. She's a brave, adventurous filmmaker and it's a shame she didn't make more work, but what exists fills me with love and gets me excited about making my own stuff."

到了最佳女演员,我知道,令人难以置信Tina Holmes"my love letter to you is mostly me obsessing about:Six Feet Under。。。"

Tina's love letter:

There's a scene in the beautiful movie奥斯陆,8月31日that i can't get out of my head. the movie takes place on the last day of summer. 24 hours in which the main character is struggling to decide whether or not he can bear to go on living. it's sounds so grim, but the movie is filled with life and beauty. anyway the scene that blew me away is where he is watching some friends go for a swim at dawn after a long night's bender. he sits alone and watches them, especially this young beautiful innocent girl he has met that night. the camera stays on his face and he watches in silence and i swear to god you watch him engage with life and hope and then despair and engage and despair and engage and despair and back and forth. all that and i don't think his expression even really changes much. it's haunting. that's when i love acting. when you can see inside someone. it's not even anything they do. i don't even know how it happens really. some people just let you see their soul."

To the versatile, handsome, showing his heart and constantly workingChris Messina"my love letter to you is mostly me obsessing about:Celeste & Jesse Forever。。。"

Chris's love letter:

I instantly thought of John Cazale and his performances in all 5 of his films. Each one of them so different and nuanced.黄金万两was mind-blowing for me as a kid. To see New York in the 70's, the heat, the anti-establishment "Attica" chant, of course watching Pacino felt at the time like finding god. And John Cazale's silence and intensity is something that I will never forget. I was afraid at any moment that he would start shooting the Employees, and then Sonny, Pacino's character asks him what country he wants to go to when the robbery is over and Sal (Cazale) says "Wyoming" not played for laughs, you instantly see into Sal's heart all his vulnerability and desperation. A complex subtle performance that continues to amaze me each time I revisit it.

What Sidney Lumet did with that story and each and everyone of those actors brought to it... this was a defining moment for me in wanting to be a storyteller."

到了疯狂搞笑,周到的导演,编剧,演员(还有一个可笑的天才魔术师)戴维·韦恩"my love letter to you is mostly me obsessing about:湿热夏季美国(OBV);流浪......“

DearNASHVILLE, thank you for enveloping me in your glow when I discovered you fifteen years after your release! I left our first (nearly 3 hour) date feeling exhilarated, inspired and spent. You opened my eyes to new possibilities in filmmaking, storytelling, comedy, acting, sound. You resonated with me over the last twenty years, always reminding me to be bold and to trust my voice!"
-David WAIN

To the hilarious and authentic and awesomeNatasha Lyonne"my love letter to you is mostly me obsessing about: Slums Of Beverly Hills, you inNight At The Golden Eagle。。。"

[Natasha didn't get back to me with her finished thing but I thought I'd include the things she was thinking she'd write about because they're amazing choices: ' Think I'd choose susan tyrell infat city或者鲍勃·福斯&all that jazz。。。or Terrence Stamp or Toby Dammit...]

To the super funny, super sweet, unlike any other person living, the genius迈克尔·肖沃尔特“我的爱给你的信主要是我着迷:‘百特’...

迈克尔·肖沃尔特's letter:

Call me sappy but if I'm gonna write a love letter it's gotta be for romantic comedies, so my love letter is for my favorite rom-com filmmaker理查德·柯蒂斯(writer/director ofFour Weddings And A Funeral, Notting Hill, Bridget Jones, Love Actually。) His bittersweet world of laughter, loss and love is one that I really enjoy visiting - like your favorite bookstore or coffee shop. Everyone is smart, nice and funny. They are optimistic but not necessarily "happy." They like eating good food, talking at length about their neuroses and wear warm clothing. There's never anyone in a Richard Curtis story that feels "too cool." Nope, they are just people. Friends. Acquaintances. Trying to get by, trying to be good, to be better, fallible, trying to grab at some little piece of joy and sweetness.

To the brilliant and intense and funny and great actorMichael WestonI love everything you've ever done but my love letter to you is mostly me obsessing about: that amazing episode ofSix Feet Under在那里你绑架大卫......”

Michael Weston's letter:

You know, there are so many actors and movies and filmmakers who have inspired me... who continue to inspire me. I think I have been really blessed to have a group of friends who are so deeply creative and fun and funny and silly, and I find that they are always my greatest inspiration and what I dwell on in loving revery-time.

But, when I go back to the beginning... where I really felt the power of film and what still makes me laugh because I was so completely moved by it... was the movie "Flash Gordon”我知道这有点像坐在一些疯狂天上的酒窖,并询问了一瓶两美元的。但事实是,这一年是1980年,我很喜欢7,这是我想成为的那一刻膜。在一部分结局场面,他像驾驶飞船和他即将串烧明无情和真棒音乐播放“闪光!阿haaahhh!Duhn duhn duhn!”男人......我站在我的座位和F-ING欢呼。从字面上看,我没有给一个叱谁在看着我,因为我是如此吧。我直喊,并最终带回地球,拉回我的座位有些孩子我朋友的时间。你看,我不记得我是谁用,但是,我仍然觉得我自己,回到那一刻,我还在唱那个主题曲对我自己......和其他人,如果他们会听“。

以不凡,光芒四射,华丽而真实的Ahna O'Reilly"my love letter to you is mostly me obsessing about:The Help..."


I want to write Sissy Spacek a Love Letter for everything, especially "Coal Miner's Daughter"和“Carrie"。我想成为她。

-Tommy Lee Jones/Robert Duvall in "Lonesome Dove", I saw this when I was little and it has meant a lot to me ever since. I think it was the first time I understood chemistry between actors.

-On the topic of things from when I was little:Hitchcock(Almost all of them except "Frenzy" and "Marnie," those were the two sexy ones we weren't allowed to watch); Fred Astaire & Ginger Rodgers ("Barkley's of Broadway" and many others); "The Sound of Music"; Audrey Hepburn ("Roman Holiday", "Sabrina"), Judy Garland ("见我在圣路易斯“”Easter Parade"). These people and their movies were pretty much all my parents let us watch...ahhh to be sheltered.

-Timothy Scott, my heart breaks for him even if I only see his face for a fleeting second in a movie (just re-watched "Days of Heaven" and there he was for 3 seconds, and I loved him).

-The authorTracy Kidder

-Marion Cotillard in La Vie En Rose. I know this is an obvious one. But I could watch this on a loop, the thought of it makes me cry."



P.S.UPDATE: More love letters from Rosemarie DeWitt, Kathy Najimy, etcetera

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    Love Letters Pt. 1: Zachary Quinto, Ahna O'Reilly, Chris Messina - Blog - The Film Experience

Reader Comments (17)

Oh My God Fantastic.


Thank you for these. It's incredible to read through all of them.


2012年8月30日|Unregistered CommenterBeau

Melanie -- you went above and beyond here. Love these insights into the passions of creative types who give us all so much pleasure.

特别有趣的阅读克里斯·梅西纳的黄金万两热情这么热上的高跟鞋our big celebration of it.and Ahna O'Reilly. So cute that she adores co-star Sissy Spacek that much.

I've loved TINA HOLMES ever since her completley authentic work in "Edge of Seventeen" so it was exciting to see her name pop up here. I wish she'd get some high profile movie roles!

2012年8月30日|Registered CommenterNATHANIEL R


As for Dog Day Afternoon, I'm not sure about that Wyoming part. That definitely played for laughs with me (I actually had to pause the film and give myself a moment to contain my laughter).

2012年8月30日|Unregistered CommenterSquasher88


2012年8月30日|Unregistered Commenterdenny



2012年8月30日|Unregistered CommenterDeborah Lipp

Melanie you have great taste in quality TV! Six Feet Under = magnificent then, now and forever

2012年8月30日|Unregistered CommenterChrisD

I would write a love letter to Tony Leung in Happy Together for the tape recorder scene alone, Jane Fonda in Klute for the one on one psychiatrist scenes, and Metropolis for being as amazing today as it must have been to the very first people who saw it.


2012年8月30日|Unregistered Commenter威尔^ h

I want to first write a love letter to Melanie Lynskey for this magical post-really extraordinary (especially like the one for the talented and handsome Zachary Quinto-can't wait for AHS: Asylum!)

As for my love letters, they would go to Steven Soderbergh for his continued excellence in bringing every aspect of life to screen beautifully, Joan Crawford because I'm recently obsessed with her on-screen presence, Meryl in perpetuity, Netflix because they sent a wonderful slate of movies this week and they'll stop me from turning on the RNC and making me want to throw my television out the window, and again, to Melanie, for her beautiful work in Up in the Air.

2012年8月30日|Unregistered Commenter约翰Ť

I came back from a (well deserved) vacation a couple of days ago. Since then, I've been reading as much as I can to catch up. But this is so much beyond anyone's (or at least mine), expectations, I'm speechless. Literally, I've tried to write a comment a couple of times, but what can I say? Nothing. Thanks for these treats, really, really thank you. To you, to all those writing the love letters, to Nathaniel...

爱克里斯·墨西拿的,因为我的爱和分享admiration for that movie. A movie that gets better with time, and that I only discovered when I began reading movie blogs, not so lo long ago.

2012年8月30日|Unregistered Commenteriggy

These are amazing! So glad Chris Messina is having a moment...he's been underrated for so long.

2012年8月30日|Unregistered Commenterbia

Michael Weston letter is so cute :D

2012年8月30日|Unregistered Commenter莫妮卡

莫妮卡-- I totally agree. I love when people are totally honest about influential things.

Bia -- i really like Chris Messina too. want him to get a challenging part though. enough of these supportive boyfriends ;)

Will - i may cosign some of those love letters.

2012年8月30日|Registered CommenterNATHANIEL R

Fantastic! What a wonderfully generous and inspiring thing to do - and share. Thank you.

August 31, 2012 |Unregistered CommenterSteve G

I have burst. I loved this post so much that I am everywhere. I have to go read the second one.

由于纳撒尼尔在HBC&Thivisol冷静电影母狗奖分兑现,我有权要求用于制作蒂娜·霍姆斯我的网站的最佳女配角,1999年吹牛的权利Edge of Seventeen, the second time I did an end-of-year feature, in bad, white-text-on-black-background html. Except the winners got to be inyellow-text上黑色背景。

You are like a thousand points of light, Melanie!

I love Quinto's Troisi memories. I was a freshman in college when that movie came out, too, and though it didn't resonate with me the same way, this story makes me want to re-watch it again right now.

In a lovely coincidence,奥斯陆8月31日在芝加哥打开明天,所以我会去找出蒂娜·霍姆斯在谈论。万岁!

August 31, 2012 |Unregistered CommenterNick Davis

Nick- I knew I loved you for reals when I saw that you gave Tina Best Supporting Actress on your site. She is never anything short of astonishing to me, and actually the creative dreamwork that I do now is the direct result of me saying to her "tell me everything about how you do what you do."
I'm so happy that these people's letters have been received with such positivity by you amazing TFE readers. I was so nervous asking everyone but they really got into it and I'm so grateful. It feels lovely that it didn't just go out into an empty void, but was received with such love. Thank you thank you xo

August 31, 2012 |Unregistered CommenterMelanie Lynskey

And now my Chris Messina crush has exploded to ridiculous proportions.

August 31, 2012 |Unregistered CommenterAlexa的


Tina Holmes deserves so many great parts - such a warm and welcoming face.

And her words regarding that scene in Oslo reasonate with me so much - that film really does linger. It's lovely when now and again, other people connect to art in exactly the same way you do.

September 3, 2012 |Unregistered CommenterBurning Reels