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"Almost There"Marion Cotillard inRust & Bone

"She was incredible in this—but she usual is.The snub hurt at the time but considering she already has an Oscar and wound up swooping in a few years later as a dark horse nominee...makes it feel ok in the end." -Philip

"Best actress of the decade."- Peggy Sue


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«思考我有...关于我们先来看看“布达佩斯大饭店”| 主要| NYFF:一对“她”的几点思考»
十月 14 2013



one more worry for the good Captain

本周最大的新闻Gravity的可笑的销售额小幅下降。任何人谁看过这部电影会告诉你在3D观看它真正体验它,它毫无疑问,这些上调了油价上涨的帮助下,阿方索·卡隆的视觉杰作大幅再次荣登排行榜。这是一个额外的问题船长菲利普斯并不需要处理,但事实证明,宇航员桑德拉·布洛克比缪斯甚至更有力。虽然Captain Phillips的26米开放是令人印象深刻的是,一个不能不想象它会没有直接的竞争对手蚕食其人口完成。

Click for more cool Gravity postersWeekend's Top Ten
Captain Phillips
Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2
Machete Kills
Runner Runner
Insidious Chapter 2
Don Jon
Baggage Claim

周末的另一广发行是Machete Kills,开到一个尴尬的3M,证明给你,亲爱的读者,你不是唯一一个谁都不知道这部电影的存在。这牌是更加好奇,因为特许经营 - 哦,上帝,这是一家专营吧!- 增加探明画票房Lady Gaga和当前观众磁铁梅尔·吉布森它的演员。再往下的前十名之列,Runner Runner继续与3M公司以失败告终了,证明给你,亲爱的读者,贾斯汀永远不会是一招明星 - 虽然电影的国际销售已经收回预算。

在有限的发行,Romeo and Juliet开业不到100万元,近500屏幕。也许奥斯卡提名的海莉·史坦菲德还没有准备好成为一个浪漫的领导还,但这部电影的失败背后更可能的原因是,世界上绝对不需要罗密欧与朱丽叶的另一适应。其他值得注意的有限版本的这个周末是古怪的恐怖片Escape From Tomorrow,这在迪斯尼乐园秘密拍摄,God Loves Uganda-I reviewed it at Hot Docs;看见!- 和詹姆斯·弗兰科的As I Lay Dying。他们没有做特别强的业务,但至少他们两个都值得你花时间。最后,沙特阿拉伯的第一次Oscar submissionWadjda被打47米的屏幕,如果你有没有看到它,你必须立即纠正。这是血淋淋的奇妙。

What did you see this weekend?分享到周末的与我们提供您的想法!






2013年10月14日| 未注册的批评家戴夫在托斯海滩


您的弯刀杀戮评论是LOL(“成熟的画票房的Lady Gaga”)

2013年10月14日| 未注册的批评家NathanielR

我认为这是一个有点神话,两部电影有相似的观众相互抢生意的。如果他们是很好的,然后总有空间为(相对,本周末的票房下降了去年,而且已经有很多,其中两个怪物grossers都争先对另一次次)。CAPTAIN PHILLIPS做出丝毫不亚于FLIGHT去年那样和汤姆·汉克斯无疑是不在同一水平丹泽尔·华盛顿(虽然这其中后也许他会回到那里)。总之,长话短说,我不认为船长菲利普斯通过重力伤害。如果有的话,他们互相帮助。

2013年10月14日| 未注册的批评家格伦

从明天锯逃生。我能理解那些认为这是国际米兰esting to pull off this film in that setting but goodness, it has a Troll 2 plot that desperately wants to be a David Lynch movie but has never seen a David Lynch movie.I knew Sundance hype tends to go in the opposite direction for me personally, but this was a real disappointment.Up there with The Place Beyond the Pines as my biggest disappointment of the year.

2013年10月14日| 未注册的批评家CMG

I only saw Her at the NYFF.As I posted in the related thread, it's a total knockout.Great movie.

To Glenn's point - agreed, I don't think these movies cannibalize each other at all.To the contrary, I think when people see smart, satisfying adult entertainment, it only makes them *more* likely to go see more movies.它的 a benevolent cycle.

2013年10月14日| 未注册的批评家Roark

Nothing this weekend, but I'm finally seeing Short Term 12 tonight!I've fled to Omaha for the week, where it's actually playing at their kickass rep theater.The places TFE readers will go to see TFE-touted indies!

2013年10月14日| 未注册的批评家Mike in Canada

格伦 - I think for younger demographics you're right, but for more adult-oriented fare, which the audience never cares particularly about seeing on the first weekend, it becomes more important.Captain Phillips can wait while they watch something everyone else is talking about, you know?I think it'll be interesting to see how well Captain Phillips holds next week.

Also, with respect to Flight, I think the draw wasn't entirely the same as Captain Phillips.For the latter, the marketing taps both into a 'us vs.them' nationalism angle and the action thriller background of the 'the director of the Bourne series.' With Flight the attraction was the star, and I know a lot of people in my age range who didn't see it in theatres because - and I'm not kidding here, this is verbatim from a group of friends - "it was gonna be a plane crash and then just talking for the rest of the film."

2013年10月14日| 未注册的批评家Amir

Saw Runner Runner for the fuck of it, and I'm once again proven that internet people are unfairly harsh on Timberlake.Okay, sure, you can't classify him as a "great" actor, but the guy is solid enough, at least in that movie, regardless of its other flaws.

Add his truly impressive performances in Alpha Dog and The Social Network to the equation, and I think people are just hatin' to hate.

2013年10月14日| 未注册的批评家mma

mma- Not hating him at all.He was on my personal ballot that year for The Social Network.I'm merely suggesting that he will never be a film star the way he is in the music industry based on the sales figures.The films he's been in that have done well, have done so with very little help from his presence.

2013年10月14日| 未注册的批评家Amir

Lady Gaga and Mel Gibson are in a movie together?!What?

Anyway, I returned to Gravity for trip number two and I enjoyed it just as much the second time.I will get around to Captain Phillips eventually.

2013年10月14日| 未注册的批评家Suzanne

I saw Gloria.Best female lead in years.

2013年10月14日| 未注册的批评家Peggy Sue


Okay, that's a fair prediction.The guy is simply better in supporting roles anyway.

As far as the hatin' to hate, I was referring more to others I've seen around the interwebs, whereas a truly horrible lead performance like Charlie Hunnam in Pacific Rim gets a pass because Hunnam's in Sons of Anarchy.

2013年10月14日| 未注册的批评家mma

Slightly OT: I wish Rob Kazinsky had a bigger profile than Hunnam pre-Pacific Rim if just because he is not only more charismatic in Pacific Rim but also would kill 2 birds with one stone in eliminating two lookalike characters and his character arc made more sense as the central role.

2013年10月14日| 未注册的批评家CMG

Saw Don Jon yesterday and on the whole, I enjoyed it.Scarlett Johansson was dynamite and JGL was charismatic as usual.I didn't LOVE it, but it was just what I needed yesterday.

More importantly, I just found out that Short Term 12 is playing at a theater within a reasonable driving distance!I'm going to try to see it tonight.

2013年10月14日| 未注册的批评家denny

I love the call out to "Wadjda", not only is the film marvelous but at the theatre it provided a treasured sight: whole families, including young children, going to see (and love) a subtitled foreign film.Priceless.

2013年10月14日| 未注册的批评家JJsDiner

My thing about Timberlake is I can't for a second believe him as a vulnerable guy.His public image is so put together that Timberlake as geek (horribly miscast in Bad Teacher) or on the run guy just doesn't fly for me.I bought him as Sean Parker precisely because of his entrance into the movie.Funnily enough, I have no such problems buying Lenny Kravitz in his roles.

2013年10月14日| 未注册的批评家Jtagliere

peggysue -- right?Paulina Garcia is awesome in that movie.

2013年10月14日| 未注册的批评家NathanielR

I saw Weekend again since my bf had never seen it.还好第二次,虽然weird how I remembered the ending to be different.

2013年10月14日| 未注册的批评家DJDeeJay

She really is!!!La Bening will get very jealous if she ever sees the movie.

Back to Paulina, if film critics don't vote unanimously for Blanchett, she might get some traction with certain groups.I would be delighted.

2013年10月14日| 未注册的批评家Peggy Sue

Was pleasantly surprised to see Brie Larson pop up as the sister in "Don Jon." Every scene she was in, she just silently threw shade with her eyes while texting;marvelous.I was looking forward to her inevitable speech throughout the movie more than the oncoming resolution of the protagonist.

2013年10月14日| 未注册的批评家James

After a looooong 8 days of good movies (and one misfire: "Five Dances" at the Portland Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, we closed out with the fun, fizzy "GBF" (loses a bit of steam towards the end but a blast nonetheless), the surprisingly gripping and sweet "Geography Club" (much more dramatic than the novel), then Sunday was "Gravity" (an extremely well-done thriller with ace cinematography and special effects, and great work from Bullock and Clooney--but not the 2nd coming of cinema, people).Then Sunday night my partner surprised me and said he'd like to watch "C.O.G." via video-on-demand, so we didn't have to drive across town.It was extremely well-acted (Jonathan Groff is superb as the movie develops) and beautifully shot, but for a movie based on a David Sedaris short story is was very crabbed, bitter, and hard as an unripe apple.I did appreciate it, but it was much darker and less twisted-humor than I expected--well, except Corey Stoll's character and his "collection." I did find the main character's sexual orientation a bit bewildering;was the script/character sending out mixed signals?

I'm trying to psych myself up for "Captain Philliips," but it looks so relentlessly grim and tense that after "Gravity" I don't know if I'm up for it.Oh, also saw "Enough Said," which was charming but somewhat slight--I think the Gandolfini halo effect is helping sweeten the reviews.

2013年10月14日| 未注册的批评家Dback

@Peggy Sue--I'm so mad I missed that one!I'm very very curious to see what the critics do with Best Actress this year.Obviously Blanchett will be everywhere, but I just can't imagine critics not going for Adele Exarchopoulos if they've seen the movie, and I've heard pretty much the same thing from people about Paulina Garcia.

2013年10月14日| 未注册的批评家TB

Yeah.Sadly we can only get one foreigner per year.

2013年10月14日| 未注册的批评家Peggy Sue

I saw the new Romeo and Juliet.Boo.

2013年10月15日| 未注册的批评家Joey

I only got to two movies this weekend, but both were at the top of the Box Office."Captain Phillips" blew me away...made me realize just how much I love Paul Greengrass doing his thing (à la United 93).Hanks, if you ask me, deserves at least a Best Actor nomination, especially for the last sequence after the rescue.How did he do that??!!

As for "Gravity," I lean more towards Nat's opinion.For the first time ever, the 3D gave me a serious headache, which probably detracted from the experience.However, I kept focusing on the little questionable bits, Bullock's hair didn't float in did she manage to get out of a spacesuit in a weightless state, before you could even say "Supercalafajalistickespeealadojus"??I presume that it will get its share of nominations, but how much it will win outside the tech categories (where it will likely clean up) seems uncertain.

2013年10月15日| 未注册的批评家Bill_the_Bear

Did not see too busy making my own movie.

2013年10月15日| 未注册的批评家Jaragon