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Thursday,March 21,2013 at 11:20AM
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I realized after reading the collected articles on René Clément'sForbidden GamesthatHit Me With Your Best Shotsometimes works best when you (i.e.the reader) have already seen the film in question.Which presents a problem for me as the host because I love to see pictures I'd never seen (like this one).So I've included the "best"shots,according to our wide-eyed blogging collective,after the jump so you can "see"the best shots after you've watched the movie.Which I urge you to do.

It's availableon Instant Watchand it's only 85 minutes long.Well...95+ because you have to account for the crying and the recovery and such.

After the jump,the film's best shots in linear order.Click on the picture and you'll be staring right at the corresponding article.

Best Shots According To Our Panel

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