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七月 12 2013


格伦在这里看着拖车期待已久的续集奥斯卡影帝Finding Neverland

Tom Hanks as Disney and Emma Thompson as P.L.Travers in "Saving Mr Banks"

可以,然后呢Saving Mr.银行不是续集,但它肯定是一个坚若从2004年马克·福斯特的彼得·潘起源故事。我是不是那部电影的粉丝,但鉴于我们已经recently been discussing约翰尼·德普的后裔成为全职漫画,也许我们应该津津乐道Finding Neverland他并不依赖于古怪的化妆和广泛的喜剧在过去十年中几个角色之一。无论出于何种原因,我很惊讶,迪斯尼并没有试图搭上德普在这方面发挥装模作样迪克范戴克好莱坞场景剧感觉良好的背后。相反,他们去与相对未知的克里斯Kyer谁实际上有一个历史的迪克范戴克冒领。Whatta世界![more...]

无论是他还是维多利亚夏天朱莉·安德鲁斯被刊登在这第一个预告片Saving Mr Banks这更感兴趣的是欢乐满人间的作者(艾玛·汤普森为P.L.的故事斯格特)以及她与迪斯尼的关系。然而,有,大量的艾玛·汤普森的。



•艾玛·汤普森。这真的不能说足够,她是电影多大一宝。虽然她永远不会可能来源于90年代初顶部她的关键成功串(霍华德的结束的一天的名义 the FatherMuch Ado About NothingPeter's Friends几乎与强运行的妮可·基德曼在早期的2000年代有),她继续做精细的工作时,她青睐我们她的存在。虽然我觉得很奇怪的是,汤普森带来了Nanny McPhee在屏幕上,现在试图告诉欢乐满人间的创造者的故事,我只是感激她在电影多数民众赞成瞄准大联盟的带头作用。


    •“不,不,不。‘Responstable’不是一个字!” I know it just ties back to Thompson, but there could be some fun to be had in the way the original books became such a sweet Disney confection.


      •约翰·李·汉考克。主任 The Blind Side, The AlamoThe Rookie回来向我们提供糖浆主流PAP。我并不像上下来 The Blind Side为别人,我知道纳撒尼尔喜欢的新秀,但是,它仍然不正是我充满自信,我们正在寻找一个新的好莱坞经典。
      •回忆 Finding Neverland。没有,但严重的是, Finding Neverlandbaaaad。我希望这不是任何接近感伤和乏味。这是关于前一点,很明显。
      •“亲爱的观众朋友,欢迎前来参观迪斯尼乐园。” There's something really off-putting about Disney making a movie that is basically all about how great Disney is and how wonderful Disneyland is and the magic of movies is at Disneyland.这部电影基本上是迪斯尼的一个功率大的商业,你想花你辛苦赚来的钱在迪斯尼乐园?

        MAYBE SO

        •有一些讽刺迪斯尼转向适应Mary Poppins的成愉快的对电影创作者的意愿变成一个看似异想天开的事情令人愉快的故事。然而,正如我听说传言前段时间,与雷切尔格里菲思作为原始Mary Poppins的序列(我最喜欢的澳大利亚演员之一)似乎是瞄准了一个稍微暗色调。我们拭目以待。
        •演员。是的,我知道我盖了他们的“Yes”的领域,但...你没看到 Hitchcock?这是另一个好莱坞内部功能,以大的吸引力还投它见底,是一年中最糟糕的电影之一。谁知道有多大作用凯西·贝克或施瓦茨曼的喜好将得到的。不-吉亚玛拖车的外观 awfully like that of, say, Toni Collette in Hitchcock?Griffiths is the one I am particularly interested in, but will she be relegated to one flashback?

          • Like every so-called Oscar rule that can be disproved simply by using the words "except when they don't": The Academy love movies about Hollywood...except when they don't.The Academy love movies with Tom Hanks...except when they don't.等等等等。Whenever anybody tries to tell you something is LOCKED because "duh!" there's always an example of them turning their nose up.So while Saving Mr.银行has the appearance of a no brainer, it could easily turn into, say, another Hyde Park on Hudson。Frothy can be a tough sell unless it really sticks the landing.
          • The "twinkly" fantasia.It could be magical.It could be embarrassing.Tom Hanks on the TV set doesn't imply the film will be filled with the stuff, but maybe the rather generic look of the film could use some visual inventiveness like that.

            Here's the trailer if you're up for it.I'm camped out in the "Maybe So" area of Disneyland withSaving Mr.银行。Like the aforementionedHyde Park on Hudsonit could simply vanish without the right critical reception and end up an also ran.I suspect it'll be one of those "well, I guess Ihaveto see this, don't I?" affairs, but let's hope for something supercalifragilisticexpialadocious.




            I am intrigued by it?But not really too blown away by Hanks or Thompson.Haven't I seen them play these charcter types before?

            2013年7月12日| 未注册的批评家Jamie

            它looks worryingly hagiographic.

            2013年7月12日| 未注册的批评家Nico

            I personally think that it will be more on the "Hyde Park on Hudson" end of the scale, and we all know how disappointing that was!

            Somehow, I really don't see Tom Hanks as being a great Walt Disney in this;I just don't think he's got it.

            2013年7月12日| 未注册的批评家Bill_the_Bear

            它looks awful.And I love Thompson, but she doesn't deserve to be in the same heights she was in the 90's.She just can't pick a good project with a good director.Come on, why would an actress like her would dice to be in something like MIB 3?

            2013年7月12日| 未注册的批评家cal roth

            Yeah, I called the Finding Neverland comparison yesterday.This is totally hooking a slew of Oscar noms.

            2013年7月12日| 未注册的批评家Andrew

            I'm just really happy to see Emma Thompson in something that she can act in and arguable be the main focus in order to show off her acting chops!
            I think since her reign in the 90's she has done a mix of pay cheque work (MIB3) and love of acting & storytelling pieces (the underappreciate Last Chance Harvey)
            格伦 another point to add to your 'maybe so' section: I also think another focus for the Academy is that this is a period piece but as we all know the Academy loves a period piece except when they don't.

            2013年7月12日| 未注册的批评家Graham

            WhileHitchcock是 nowhere near perfect, I definitely wouldn't say it was one of the worst movies of the year.I found it enjoyable (thought that might be due to myPsychofanatism) and thought the cast (other than a so-so Hopkins and a terribly underused Colette) was good.

            2013年7月12日| 未注册的批评家Carlos

            If this wasn’t being produced by Disney, there might be some hope.As it is, there’s no way this isn’t going to be a ‘PL Travers is such an old grouch because of BACKSTORY and she needs to lighten up because Disney is MAGICAL.’ I don’t want to watch an entire film about somebody learning how to embrace the magic of Disney.

            2013年7月12日| 未注册的批评家ben1283

            I am a smidge horrified by the BROAD mimicry of Dick Van Dyke in that audition tape...but i guess you gotta sell it broadly to get the part.(not that DVD was a "subtle" actor..but you know).

            still, i am all YES on this because I miss Emma Thompson as an actress so damn much.She was so good in Last Chance Harvey!

            2013年7月12日| 未注册的批评家纳撒尼尔 - [R

            I'm a yes, to maybe yes.Thompson in something other than funny makeup, the possibility of the back story being interesting, my own history with Mary Poppins (such a terrific film) and.....how magical Disneyland was the fist time I saw it at age 9.Not so thrilled with the trailer other than Thompson and when Hanks get a little serious about figuring out what he needs to do to make her happy.

            2013年7月12日| 未注册的批评家Henry O.

            i, for one, can't wait to see it - i think it looks fantastic / emotional.

            2013年7月12日| 未注册的批评家jimmy

            Oh, I am totally yes on this one.I like Tom Hanks well enough as an actor, and quite a bit as a person, and Emma Thompson is one of the greats in my opinion.

            Also, frankly, the time period and personalities interest me.DVD & Julie and Mad Men fashions, the Sherman Brothers and a "humbler" Disneyland.For sure.;-)

            Also, if you've got two stars who have won two Academy Awards each, can't you say "two time Academy Award winner Tom Hanks, and two time Academy Award winner Emma Thompson"?Or would that be too gauche, even for Hollywood?

            2013年7月12日| 未注册的批评家戴夫在托斯海滩


            2013年7月12日| 未注册的批评家伤心的人


            2013年7月12日| 未注册的批评家joel6

            可能是这样。我敢肯定,这将是一个完全足够了演艺圈的娱乐 - 就像Hitchcocks和我的周与世界Marilyns。我喜欢的题材和演员,并认为汉考克实际上是一个被低估的导演 - 有珍贵稀少董事仍在工作的“G / PG家庭剧”小生,他是那个特定火炬的能力的载体。但是,这是一个深刻的常规,甚至沉闷拖车,如果像其他人所说,这仅仅是一个迪斯尼是多么伟大,那么,你知道,通过迪士尼制作的庆祝活动。我读过其他地方的电影 - 或脚本,至少 - 是(是?)一个很好的协议更有趣,比我们所看到的在这里,但到底是谁知道细致入微。

            2013年7月12日| 未注册的批评家洛克


            没有 - 它失去了我的爸爸的问题。

            2013年7月12日| 未注册的批评家par3182


            喜爱拖车“大梦想家。” This could enter BP territory too, and this could either propel Hanks with his "Captain Phillips" lead actor nomination or net him two nods with this in supporting actor.艾玛·汤普森看起来极好。很高兴,她的背部在聚光灯中的一个角色,突出她的长处。如果今年的女主角类别中没有这么堆放,我想她的铅笔进入前五名。


            2013年7月12日| 未注册的批评家参孙



            2013年7月12日| 未注册的批评家德博拉·利普

            这事我不认为任何人都知道,但... AolOn作为AOL的视频服务的名称是非常愚蠢的,大多是因为(希望)意外马维尔参考,它是。你知道吗,马维尔,在人类的父亲是WOLVERINE。

            2013年7月12日| 未注册的批评家Volvagia


            2013年7月12日| 未注册的批评家特洛伊H.



            2013年7月12日| 未注册的批评家干草堆


            汤普森一直在做精细的工作 - 威特,最后机会哈维,显然是新的YA适应美丽的生物,但它很高兴看到她做为所瞄准比,也就是说,LCH一个更大的人群膜的中央。


            2013年7月12日| 未注册的批评家格伦

            volvagia - 只有真正愚蠢的,如果人们把它看作是somethign参考,但我不知道你在说什么。什么是马维尔?

            格伦 - 那些运行是如此罕见,你必须出现时,他们只是跪拜。

            洛克 - 同意上签名。作为迪斯尼迪斯尼有多大?好了,因为它是关于过去和一个真正伟大的电影,我给他们一通:)

            2013年7月12日| 未注册的批评家纳撒尼尔 - [R


            2013年7月12日| 未注册的批评家BVR


            2013年7月12日| 未注册的批评家Volvagia

            volvagia - 那么只有约100人可能还记得或知道这个让您无后顾之忧。虽然我不知道什么在Mary Poppins的职位反正promopted的AOLon评论。什么是aolon ...老实说,我不知道你在哪里从90%的时间来了。大声笑。

            2013年7月12日| 未注册的批评家纳撒尼尔 - [R

            不,谢谢。它looks really cheap.

            2013年7月12日| 未注册的批评家Philip H.

            As a zealous Julie Andrews worshiper, I'm curious as to why the script doesn't address her vital role in the creation of a classic.Disney was insistent on her playing the part.The writers can go fly a kite.But I'll still say yes.

            2013年7月12日| 未注册的批评家brookesboy

            An obvious yes for the morbid curiosity factor and Thompson, but like a lot of people have said already, this basically looks like Disney's ad for Disney being wonderfully Disney Disney Disney Disney, to the degree where calling it "self-fellating propaganda" would be to err on the side of generosity.And that's coming from one of the Midwest's reigning Disneyphiles and somebody who still considersMary Poppinsto be on my list of desert island films.

            Frankly, that they allow Walt to say "damn" seems like the most transgressive thing that's going to happen anywhere in the film.

            2013年7月12日| 未注册的批评家Tim

            so it's not the sequel to Saving Private Ryan??

            2013年7月12日| 未注册的批评家matt

            I'm sure you're really glad to know that Depp is finalizing his deal for "Alice in Wonderland 2"!

            2013年7月12日| 未注册的批评家Tyler

            它looks passable.它looks like I've seen the entire movie from that preview, though.

            2013年7月12日| 未注册的批评家Arkaan

            Tyler: If they don't change the characterization of their Alice, I'd seriously ask them to, at least, not use Wasikowska again.It's not a thick character, but in the original script she's supposed to be, at minimum, tough and hardy and able to handle herself in a fight.I'd see Katie Jarvis, frankly.Depp is...bad...but Mia is worse in how much she CAN'T pull off what they're asking of her.

            2013年7月12日| 未注册的批评家Volvagia

            Mia is sleeping with Jesse Eisenberg!Did you know that?#hotnerdcouplealert

            2013年7月12日| 未注册的批评家Tyler

            OMG, why is Tom Hanks using that weird accent?In the old TV shows where Walt used to introduce the week's show, he spoke in a perfectly normal voice.To me, he doesn't look or act anything like Walt Disney.Disney was skinnier, faster, sharper, smarter.I think I saw a photo of Christian Bale once, dressed as Walt Disney, and he was a perfect choice.

            I do love Emma Thompson though.I even love her as Nanny McPhee.This film looks like it's only going to make an average amount of money and get average reviews though.The supporting characters look like they're where the fun is.

            2013年7月12日| 未注册的批评家adri

            This movie is going to make the best drinking game ever.Walt Disney says `something sassy - sip beverage.P.L.Travers says "NO!" in a worrisome manner - sip beverage.Walt Disney makes snide remark about Jew-run unions - DRINK EVERYTHING!

            2013年7月13日| 未注册的批评家Paolo

            I'm saying Maybe So but unless I get really busy I know I'll see it, if only for Emma Thompson and Tom Hanks (whom I generally like).

            GOD, but Hyde Park on Hudson was awful, wasn't it?PLEASE don't let this sink to that level.

            2013年7月13日| 未注册的批评家denny

            Finding Neverland was a good movie.This movie looks good, as well.Thompson seems to be replaying the same basic character she did in Stranger than Fiction.

            2013年7月13日| 未注册的批评家Matt

            I adored Psycho which was why I loathed Hitchcock so much.Any behind-the-scenes, by-the-numbers documentary showed how more accurate and interesting it was than what got twisted and removed and added like a Frankenstein's monster.Only bright spots were ScarJo, James D'Arcy, and Collette- which further embittered me that they were so relegated.

            I really want a Disney movie on his earlier life where a lot of the sore spots and character flaws are addressed (along with the more human moments such as his financial troubles and mental breakdowns for the sake of his creativity).I always thought Joseph Gordon Levitt as a young Disney would be terrific casting.It probably cannot happen.Disney addressing Walt's involvement in the Red Scare/blacklist and his relationship to labor unions would make such a project DOA.

            As for this movie, I never read the original book by PL Travers but I treasure the movie.It does feel a little ODD that the movie is addressing one of the biggest things fans of its movies realize when they get older: Disney really sugar-coats a lot of their adapted works, sometimes in ways that are completely parallel to the source material.I also agree with brookesboy: WHERE IS JULIE ANDREWS???????????

            2013年7月15日| 未注册的批评家CMG

            Emma Thompson yes, of course.She is an great actress.I hope nomination Oscar for movie picture and her actors.

            2013年7月23日| 未注册的批评家Mirko

            Emma Thompson yes, of course.She is an great actress.I hope nomination Oscar for movie picture and her actors.

            2013年7月23日| 未注册的批评家Mirko

            @Volvagia Depp is great in Alice.

            2016年1月31日| 未注册的批评家Jimmy