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The New Classics:I AM LOVE

This is still Guadagnino’s masterpiece, as it encapsulates everything about him...His impeccable taste in music, his infuriating but delicious indulgences, his exquisite eye and hand with editing, and his deceptively simple stories that burst to vivid life with melodramatic and just plain melodic impulses.-Manny


We're looking for500。..no461 Patron Saints!如果你每天给我们读了,请一个。你suscription角钱作出巨大的差异。有限公司nsider...

I ♥ The Film Experience



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Lulu Wang(The Farewell)
Ritesh Batra(Photograph)
Schmidt & Abrantes(Diamantino)
Wanuri Kahiu(Rafiki)
Jia Zhang-ke(Ash is Purest White)

«你将是具有‘五一’圣诞节?| 主要| “美国风情画”是一个奇妙的旅程。拿着。»
七月 04 2013



这里的奇怪场景或有,但很少,整个膜专用于主题和意义的日子背后 - 这个特殊的节日是不是一个电影纪念不亚于许多其他问题。为了节省大家通过观看经典,但overfamiliar扬基歌丹迪要么1776- 或罗兰艾默里奇/迪安德夫林爆炸-奥拉玛独立日,如果这是你滚的方式 - 或惨录影带首映独轮电影山姆大叔如果那是how you roll, and for that you have my sympathy – I thought I’d put together a little list of a few films about America, in its many different forms, that might make for somewhat more novel viewing than seeing James Cagney speak-singing George M.科汉歌第20次。


塞缪尔富勒激情的项目几乎破产特立独行的导演,并结束了他的职业生涯中,这没有百无禁忌的重要,讨伐美国媒体的庆祝活动着迷约19世纪新闻的技术细节和节奏,仅作为老报人将有 thought to depict it.But historicity is the least of the film’s exemplary merits: convinced to his soul that the News (you can just tell that the director capitalized it like that, in his heart) was the single gatekeeper that could best keep American democracy functioning and responsible, Fuller’s movie is both a literal love letter to the papers of his day and a tribute to all the men who fought and died to make them that way, and to consecrate his paean to the Fourth Estate, he invokes no less an icon of Americana than Benjamin Franklin, whose statue beams down approvingly as the hero beats a quisling journalist’s head against the Founding Father’s very feet.过热情景剧和大作级的电影。

关于你可能从未见过的预WWI纽约移民经历的最好的电影。一位俄罗斯犹太人命名Yankel已经美国化到他自称杰克,爱上了一位同行同化移民的下落点,并支付只有最有限的注意力,以他的祖国的传统。正是这种情况下他的妻子,Gitl发现,在奇妙的静音,个性时尚,他们的生活是从根本上改变。骄傲地独立,这非常小和old-fashioned production makes up for its budgetary limitations with an incomparable level of observation about how the daily life of an immigrant in 1896 functioned, capturing not just the looks and sounds but also the emotional register of every experience of someone for whom “America” is both a concept of freedom and a reality of frequently terrifying change and unpredictability.If that’s not all enough, it also features Carol Kane in one of the all-time most oddball Best Actress Oscar nominations, during that category’s single weirdest year.


Okay, so it’s an obvious, easy choice: “America” is right there in the title!Still, director Albert Brooks’s third feature (and the third one that could easily fit on this list;I actually没有pick it because “America” was right there in the title) has a great many trenchant observations about American lives in the Reagan years in the form of its willfully self-deluded yuppies played by Julie Hagerty and Brooks himself, but the myths it demolishes about following one’s heart and all that cuts much deeper into the national psyche than satirizing just one decade.有限公司nstantly hilarious in a characteristically deadpan, mordant way,迷失在美国is easily the most cynical title on this list, cynical enough that a less gifted comic mind might not have been able to balance out the humor with the acid, but there’s no rule that a national holiday can’t be used as a time for frank self-reflection and an acknowledgement of the nation’s character flaws.

Clearly, a film set in a period before the United States of America existed has to work extra-hard to justify its inclusion as a great movie about America, not that Terrence Malick probably ever thought about his impressionistic retelling of the Pocahontas legend in those terms.But even if it’s not “about” the American character in any straightforward way, it’s about something at least as important: the land by which that character was formed.If there’s a better film for celebrating the awesome feeling of open land and wide frontiers, not as the site for adventure and pioneering, but simply as beautiful, important things in their own right, I haven’t seen it.一种s America’s open land decreases every year, it surely can’t be a bad thing to look back and remember that what shaped this country from the moment it was settled was the promise of freedom and expansiveness that only a huge swath of unspoiled earth can provide.Bonus points for implicitly, without a message-movie harangue, indicating what a tragedy both to nature and human life it was when that unspoiled earth started to become tamed.


Tell us in the comments!

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新世界!!!Great call, couldn't agree more.

My new July 4th staple is to watch the 2nd episode of HBO's John Adams miniseries, which deals with the constitutional congress and the drafting of the Declaration of Independence.

2013年7月4日| 未注册的批评家“ class=Roark

Great picks all, but I second the enthusiasm for The New World.

Kilcher should have won Best Actress that year, in my opinion.一种nd, given the relative weakness of that field, it's a crime she wasn't even nominated (an even worse snub than Joan Allen's).

2013年7月4日| 未注册的批评家“ class=Steve

一种 red, white, and blue Doctor Who shirt and straight to DVD John Dies at the End is all I need to celebrate Independence Day.山姆大叔 isn't THAT bad considering its budget, either.

2013年7月4日| 未注册的批评家“ class=Robert G

The 4th of July scene in "The Sandlot" is perfect.

Bad quality, but gives you an idea: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RmpNGvIXnG4

2013年7月4日| 未注册的批评家“ class=James

Yes, yes, yes, Kilcher should have won!

2013年7月4日| 未注册的批评家“ class=cal roth

For a great, always timely movie that genuinely celebrates American values - warts and all - I suggest "The People vs. Larry Flynt."

2013年7月4日| 未注册的批评家“ class=ROTC

I saw a movie just yesterday called SILVER LODE, which is set on July 4.It's entertaining, if flawed.

2013年7月5日| 未注册的批评家“ class=Glenn

I don't care how inaccurate or trite it is, I always have to listen to the soundtrack to 1776.By the time I get to "The Lees Of Old Virginia," I'm overflowing with good humor and patriotism!

You see it's here a Lee!
There a Lee!
Everywhere a Lee!一种 Lee!
Forward Hooooooooo!

2013年7月5日| 未注册的批评家“ class=一种nne Marie

ROTC -- interesting choice.I'd love to see it again in that light.

2013年7月5日| 未注册的批评家“ class=Nathaniel R

In line with Anne Marie, I watch 1776 every year.While I like some of the songs and performances, my favorite moment is always Franklin's argument for the turkey (and against the eagle) as the country's symbol.

2013年7月5日| 未注册的批评家“ class=ScottC

Thanks to the author of this intriguing article who made it absolutely exclusive and easy-to-read.一种ll the above described movies are totally filled with patriotism and humor scenes.Thanks for sharing!您也可以订购了一篇文章,在自定义纸张在那里我们的专家将为您写电影评论。

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