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一月 28 2014

Blargh。Perfect Timing

So, it's Oscar season (only 791 hours to go until the big show) and my desktop computer, which houses all the software I use on a daily basis and all my in progress pieces, abruptly quit this morning. Just blacked out with no warning and no dramatic underscoring. My desk is weirdly empty without the silver beast on it and so is my soul. Three days at least without it. *weeps*


Join my pity party by mouthing off on something that'sbugging you right now. Let it all out!Vent.


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一月uary 28, 2014 |詹姆士


Do I think it's the best film of the year? Heavens, no. But I'm all for a science fiction film (with survival horror notes) finally taking the top prize. You can whitewash history and claim Silence of the Lambs is a thriller, not a horror film, but you can't whitewash a film about people floating around in space because of a failed scientific mission as anything but science fiction. Deal with it.

一月uary 28, 2014 |罗伯特·g ^



一月uary 28, 2014 |马塞洛

How for the love of gawd could Radioactive NOT win Record of the Year! (BB gnashing teeth, beating breast). Imagine (Dragons) that: Grammys getting it wrong. Sheesh.

Nathan, I hope your computer is well soon!

一月uary 28, 2014 |brookesboy

Nyong'o and Blanchett are winning and yet a surefire McConaughey victory has ruined the whole thing for me. Finally they're getting the actress categories correct in their choice of winners, but they have to do something funny when it comes to the men. I hate the Academy -- good for nothing.

一月uary 28, 2014 |3rtful


一月uary 28, 2014 |MDA

No one seems to have geeky computer friends when you need them. They only show up if they hear a girl who hasn't turned them down yet will be at the party.

一月uary 28, 2014 |Henry

马塞洛-- yes, actually the rough draft is. (sigh. so many half finished thigns i was going to do this very week. argh) Also as for the spelling of Cuarón... sometimes my laptop will do it sometimes it won.t but the dead desktop always understood special characters. *sniffle*

詹姆斯 - 同意。

罗伯特摹 - 但我听到有人争论这不是科幻小说。无聊的人。

一月uary 28, 2014 |NATHANIEL [R


Of course, if you talk to an actual scientist like Neil Degrasse Tyson, Gravity would be called the best comedy of the year. Physics don't apply in space fiction. All the more reason to say it's science fiction.

一月uary 28, 2014 |罗伯特·g ^

“万有引力”想成为一个多科幻spectacle-但它无法超越的流派,如“2001” Quaron不值得他的最佳导演奖。

一月uary 28, 2014 |Jaragon


一月uary 28, 2014 |里氏震级



一月uary 28, 2014 |特拉维斯ç

特拉维斯,阿波罗13号是一个纪实片。重力是基于一个合理的交易方案与基于NASA信息理论小说 - 我看不出从科幻小说的流派不够格如何。科幻是不是会飞的汽车和外星人 - 它通常是基于目前我们已经进一步推动这项技术或可与我们现在的技术发生的一个故事。认真科幻小说不是贬义。

一月uary 29, 2014 |3rtful


一月uary 29, 2014 |洛克


一月uary 29, 2014 |CMG

I just saw Her last night, and it's bugging me that I didn't love it, because I was so ready to, and I admire so much about it.
But I thought the casting of Scarlet Johansson created a major hurdle that I couldn't get around because her voice is so recognizable. While the main character has to build this romantic partner up from only a voice, I had a specific face and body attached to it, so my experience, which could have been similar to Leonard's, was actually different. It was a particular problem in a scene where the screen is totally black for an extended period of time.

一月uary 29, 2014 |Mike in Canada


Netflix has made it possible for us to watch The Hunt, The Square, Cutie and the Boxer, Blackfish, The Story of Film: An Odyssey (ep 1-6), Scrubs (season 1), and Spaceballs, AND Once Upon a Time in the West, all in one snowy weekend.

Sorry about your computer, N. Hope it's up and running again soon.

一月uary 29, 2014 |帕姆

帕姆 - 同意。我也是Netflix的后卫,虽然我不知道我会仍然如此,如果他们完全放弃自己的盘服务,因为即时监视是一个什么样的提供等不稳定有关它停留多久可条款,以便限制。

迈克 - 有趣的观点。

一月uary 29, 2014 |NATHANIEL [R

GRAVITY doesn't further the technology we have now, it's based on what we already have. That's why I don't classify it as sci-fi. Maybe APOLLO 13 was a misleading example. Stick with the F&F comparison.



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