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Thursday,October 30,2014 at 8:34AM
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Movie and showbiz tweets that amused / thought provoked most these past several days.Worth retweeting or sharing for you if you're not on twitter...


— Ali Arikan (@aliarikan) October 29,2014

You liked@PrideMovie?Good way to show it is to donate to a charity or NFP that "has nothing to do with you,"then think about how it does.

— Nick Davis (@NicksFlickPicks) October 25,2014

You think you know somebody then one day you come home and catch them watching EAT PRAY LOVE.

— Jenelle Riley (@jenelleriley) October 30,2014

The sticker on the Japanese DVD box for The Paperboy pretty much sums up my

— Robbie Collin (@robbiereviews) October 24,2014

WANT MORE?Click on for The Gummers,The Zeéeeee,Superhero priapism & "Carrie"hilarity

If@TheBoxtrollsgets an Original song nomination who does the Madame FrouFrou number in full drag on Oscar night?

— Nathaniel Rogers (@nathanielr)亚博足彩yabo214 October 28,2014

Going to start#GummerGateto find out which Meryl Streep daughter is the most corrupt

— Bec (@Brocklesnitch) October 25,2014

[Joke about how you really need to see this week's comic book movie,NIGHTCRAWLER]

— Matt Patches (@misterpatches) October 28,2014

Renee Zellweger's next movie is titled Same Kind Of Different As

— Declan Cashin (@Tweet_Dec) October 28,2014

Life is too short to be holding on to old

— Soniasuponia (@Soniasuponia) October 26,2014

One of my favorite things on twitter is when someone gets on a roll on a particular topic (and Broadway goddess Laura Benanti is always on a roll) or when random cinephiles start live-tweeting whatever movie they're watching or thinking about as in these two sets...

"Eating around the veggies to get to the cheese: The Laura Benanti Story"

— Laura Benanti (@LauraBenanti) October 23,2014

I just ate a cup of ice cream to "get the salad taste out of my mouth"and I really wish I was joking.

— Laura Benanti (@LauraBenanti) October 23,2014

I just did yoga and now I'm eating a salad that has quinoa in it DO YOU LOVE ME NOW,HOLLYWOOD?

— Laura Benanti (@LauraBenanti) October 28,2014

Tommy's face when Carrie tried to best his hair-game at the

— Kieran (@danblackroyd) October 27,2014

Alternate Carrie theory: the gym caught fire so quickly because of all the chemicals in Tommy Ross's bad home perm.

— Kieran (@danblackroyd) October 27,2014

And Finally...
If you're not so sick to death of hearing about Marvel's next dozen movies (or if you are) that event led to billions of tweets of which these are some of my favorites...

Look,it's swell that people love their Marvel movies.But the word that comes to mind with regard to the years-out marketing is "priapism."

— Scare-t Renshaw (@scottrenshaw) October 28,2014

People don't care about Marvel movies so much as they care about forthcoming Marvel movies.It's an industry of inexhaustible anticipation.

— Calum Marsh (@calummarsh) October 28,2014

Confirmed: Next Marvel movie is just a non-stop announcement of upcoming Marvel movies.Predicted to make $2B worldwide.

— Bruce Wright (@heybrucewright) October 28,2014

Marvel announces co-production with Bel Ami

— Richard Lawson (@rilaws) October 28,2014


— Will Holston (@SubatomicCowboy) October 28,2014


— Mark Harris (@MarkHarrisNYC) October 28,2014

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