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七月 29 2014


Anne Marie interviewed Nicole Perlman, the screenwriter of Guardians of the Galaxy which opens this weekend

Nicole Perlman, Screenwriter“妮可帕尔曼”已被命名笼罩在神秘之中,因为奇迹宣布Guardians of the Galaxy两年前。尽管编剧已经获得的奖项为她的文字,Guardians将是她第一次正式屏幕信用。(她分享与合作编剧信贷Guardians导演詹姆斯·冈恩)。我坐了下来,她在上周末动漫展学习一点更多关于谁把女人Guardians of the Galaxy从邪教漫画命中奇迹的最大的重磅炸弹试验。我们谈过的Guardians,她的新项目,太阳马戏团,以及如何让编剧可怕的电影观众。

ANNE MARIE: You started with getting yourChallengerscreenplay on the Black List, which is really cool, and then did a completejumpinto Marvel.Tell me about that!

NICOLE PERLMAN:我已经搬到洛杉矶后,Challenger。这是对黑名单,它获得了Tribecca格兰特为科学和电影,而我得到了很多科学相关剧本的项目,这是伟大的,我爱科学相关的东西。所以我很开心。

我做了尼尔·阿姆斯特朗的传记片通用,我在该领域做的事情。我会出去上了科幻小说或行动项目间距和我有一个关于它的轻轻一推回。我得到了,“这似乎并不喜欢你的风格,或者你的世界。” There was a little bit of that like 'This is a reallymasculine电影。我们不知道,如果你能处理它。” And I'm like, 'But you thought I could handle it enough that I could pitch on it, so that's interesting.' But it was mostly a feeling of [having a] question mark, of could I handle something like that.

当我在与Marvel Studios的股东大会上,他们提到他们有一个作家计划,他们想知道,如果我想成为它的一部分。当然我这个机会跃上的,我想在我的简历邮票。而且我也想证明,像我可以做很大的动作片,我爱的乐趣,和科幻电影。而且合作的很好,所以谢天谢地!

Yeah, clearly!The President of Marvel has stated he never thought ofGuardians of the Galaxyas movie material until he read your stuff.


So what made you chooseGuardiansout of all of the list of options for projects?


NICOLE PERLMAN:嗯,所以大约有十几个事情,他们有他们想开发的项目,这个名单上,或者他们不知道。你知道问号性能和鲜为人知的特性。而我选择Guardians因为它是最科幻的是,名单上所有的名字,也就是一个非常有趣的入口进入宇宙的奇迹,不同种类和飞船的整个世界。我想去打在那个世界。所以有这一点,那么也的2008年重启Guardians漫画书是令人难以置信的滑稽和讽刺。因此,吸引了我的。因此,那些人的原因。然而,有在名单上更好知名的性质,和我的朋友认为我是个疯子用于选择一个与说话的浣熊。[Laughs]

ANNE MARIE: Did you go back and read the 2008 and the original 70's runs?


Oh darn![Laughs]


The Marvel Universe version takes off a little bit differently from '08 or the '70s version?




So did you ever run into problems where you started writing something in the script and they were like, 'No no, we're not using that in the Marvel Universe yet.'

[Laughs]好吧,我检查。有一对夫妇的事情。萨诺斯对我来说是一个更大的角色。他是真的更参与我的草稿贝科use who wouldn't want to use Thanos?And they let me use anybody I wanted to who they had the rights to.I was allowed to use anyone in Cosmic Marvel and for most of the time I was allowed to.And then there was a sense of 'OK, we're going to do this.We're going to go explore Cosmic Marvel.' And we, as part of our growing out phases, we need to save Thanos.So he's still in it, he's just got a less prominent role.

Right.Don't roll out the Infinity Gauntlet yet.Save it for later.

Exactly, yes.

So a lot of the stuff that you do, and that you did for Marvel is adaptation.Do you find a big difference working on an adaptation versus working on original work?

Yes.It's interesting.It depends on whether the project or life story is very well known or not.I would say, y'know the plus side of writing original things is that you can do whatever you want.The downside is that you can dowhatever you want。Sometimes it's nice to have boundaries.Sometimes it's nice to know where the general arc of your story has to be no matter what.And I think that that can be a really good writing exercise.I had a friend who said that the best writing she's ever done has been from exercises where her teacher told her, "You can't use the letter 'e!''' [Laughs] You know?She's writing poems, and she can't use the letter 'e.' And sometimes having these externally imposed limitations can lead to great things...but I love the underlying source material or I'd never want to adapt it.

Having access to all that research must be so fun!

So much![Laughs] It was really fun.

Which do you enjoy more, the actual writing or the researching part?

Ooo, good question!I enjoyhaving written!


I think most writers agree that the actual writing is painful.But I love having written.

Is there a huge difference between working with Marvel, where it was just kind of like "put you in the playground and play in the sandbox" versus Cirque du Soleil?

Well Cirque is actually, I mean they're not similar, but they're both very different from what is the usual experience of writing movies in Hollywood.So Cirque is different in its own way.They're fantastic.Wonderful people.And Marvel's also different in its own way, because I was in this program and had endless amounts of time to develop one project, and that is not a usual scenario.

They're both really visual, too.

Yes!Yeah, I love that.Cirque is extremely visual, extremely colorful, and they're respectful of mystery and enigma, and the process, and they're just really fun people!And they do things their own way and it works.

So when you're watching a movie, are you able to turn off the screenwriter part of your brain and fan out about it, or are you like, "I see what you were planning there, but..."

[Laughs] My friendshatewatching movies with me, because I'll be like, "We're 22 minutes in, something's going to happen." You know?"Oh! Second act reversal! It's coming. Prepare for it!' And they're like "Shut.Up." But I do have trouble sometimes not thinking about it. And sometimes I like to be aware of it. On some movies I turn on the subtitles. While I'm watching TV I'll turn on the English subtitles on so I can be more aware of the dialogue while I'm watching it. But when I'm watching movies just for fun, I like to try and turn that writer off.

Do you consider it research?Can you write it off as research?

[Laughs] I can!I do, I write it off completely.I love it.I can write off all sorts of weird things.Don't tell the IRS.

[Laughs] Yeah!Those DVDs you see aretotallyresearch!

Totallyresearch!100% research![Laughs] It's great.

So, when you're screenwriting, do you have specific influences that you look to?

I would say it depends on the genre.You know, in science I loveContactContactis one of my favorite movies.For Cirque du Soleil,Labyrinth, Dark City,these really visual, cool, interesting movies.But whatever project I'm working on, I like to watch as many things in that genre as I can to know what's been done before, but also just get a sense for the tone, what's working, and what's not working.It's fun to sort of expose myself to different things.

I just watched this really trippy movie,Enter the Void,which is like WHOA!That movie was a trip!Afterwards I was shaky, y'know?I needed to really calm down after that.

我认为它是有趣的,我们保持对话bout all of these visual movies, though, because visual isn't usually something you associate with when you're talking to screenwriters.It's usually about much more about the written word.How do you translate the visuals to the page?

Well, I think it's part of the writing, and giving a sense of scale, a sense of tone, a sense of scope.With Cirque I actually got an artist friend of mine to do mockups of various characters and scenes, 'cause they were so out there, they were so stylistic, that I wanted Cirque to know exactly what I was going for.But usually I don't, I don't have an artist helping me.I just try to get it done with the written word.But honestly, screenwriting is a very visual medium.I went originally to school to be a playwright, and I realized that I wanted to tell a story more visually than dialogue-driven, and that's one of the reasons I went into screenwriting.

So I did want to talk to you about this: scifi as a genre and filmmaking in general aren't always known to be particularly kind to women, especially women trying to work in the field.

Um, I would say that there are a lot more women in science fiction in television, and there are women in comic books.My friend G.Willow Wilson just rebooted Ms.Marvel as a teenage Muslim girl.

Which isso good

So good!Sogood!Fantastic.And I think that those mediums are a little bit more genderblind than film is.But I think the more women we get that are writing and directing in science fiction and film, the less of an issue it's going to be.The less it's going to be noteworthy.And I look forward to that day.I look forward to it not being a big deal.

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I know they'll never reveal them, but i'm dying to know what the other 7 or so "question mark" projects were.Great interview Anne Marie.

2014年7月29日| Registered CommenterNATHANIEL R

What a delightful time you two seem to be having!This was a really fun interview to read.

这是迷人的一瞥内部的过程 of such a large machine as Marvel.It's so different from other behind-the-scenes looks I've gotten into screenwriting.

I hope that Guardians' inevitable hit status buoys her up into territory where she can work on more large-scale scifi projects.I look forward to seeing her name much more.:)

2014年7月29日| Unregistered CommenterMargaret

Nat: She said "about a dozen." I'm thinking, in addition to the Guardians, they offered:

Doctor Strange
Black Panther
Carol Danvers
Black Widow
Ghost Rider
Iron Fist
Luke Cage

2014年7月29日| Unregistered CommenterVolvagia

Probably wouldn't happen, but how amazing would it be if Marvel Studios actually adapted Ms.Marvel as a teenage Muslim girl?

2014年7月29日| Unregistered CommenterTr

Tr: That would be cool, actually.Unexplored ethnicity in an "action" context, check.Embarrasses Warner Bros over their inability to bite the bullet on an age accurate telling of the Robin origin, check.Gives them a female character with superpowers, check.But it's still likely going to be Carol Danvers first.

2014年7月29日| Unregistered CommenterVolvagia

Tr, totally with you there.The current Ms.Marvel run isincredible。But oi, we're just now getting two TV shows about grownup Marvel ladies, and no female-led film in sight yet, so I'd say Kamala Khan's chances are worse than zero.Still, a geek can dream.

2014年7月29日| Unregistered CommenterAnne Marie

Great interview.I especially like that part about how boundaries can be a good thing.Knowing where the plot points have to hit always stops me from wandering aimlessly in my writing and help me generate ideas.Some may see those thing as cookie cutter but I've always found them inspiring.

2014年7月29日| Unregistered CommenterDaniel Armour

Great interview, Anne Marie!I saw the movie at an advanced screening yesterday, and, even though it's not really my genre, I came out smiling.Much of the audience was made up of comic book professionals, and they all seemed to love the film.

2014年7月30日| Unregistered CommenterLiz S.

This was a terrific interview;thank you Anne Marie.

2014年7月30日| Unregistered CommenterMDA

Shes my former sister in law, and I'm so thrilled her career is taking off.I remember her telling me stories of geeking out when she worked at marvel with Kenneth brannagh, because she was the president of the Kenneth brannagh fan club in high school.Dreams can come true!

2014年7月30日| Unregistered CommenterZacary

great interview
about the letter e, you should mention a very famous book "La modification" by Michel Butor written in 1950's without the letter e.

2014年8月17日| Unregistered Commenterfrench

I was disappointed with Ronan.I thought he should be more than a nutjob.He is an honorable man.Also Yondu.Why depict him as a complete miscreant?I get that this is a reboot, but there are plenty of space pirate type characters in Marvel, like Nebula or Corsair.Why not use one of them?:-(

二〇一四年八月二十〇日| Unregistered CommenterJohn