LAFCA Winners (Plus: NYFCO Madness)
Sunday,December 6,2015 at 3:00PM
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With today's announcement of the Los Angeles Film Critics Associations winner the die is set for critics awards.People can argue until pigs fly about whether and how and to what extend critics awards affect Oscar voters but here is a fairly universal consensus among people in the know: these things only matter to the extent they convince voters to attend that particular screening or put that specific screener on top of their to-watch stack.And the two critics groups that voters hear most about and are thus most likely to be influenced by are the two most prestigious coastal giants,LAFCA and NYFCC (who already announced withCarolwinning big).

Will Oscar voters take MAD MAX: FURY ROAD seriously or just think "action film"

LAFCA 2015 Winners
FilmSpotlight(ru:Mad Max: Fury Road)
George Miller,Mad Max Fury Road(ru: Todd Haynes,Carol)
Charlotte Rampling,45 Years(ru: Saoirse Ronan,Brooklyn)
Michael Fassbender,Steve Jobs(ru: Geza Rohrig,Son of Saul)
Supporting Actress
- Alicia Vikander -Ex Machina(ru: Kristen Stewart,Clouds of Sils Maria)
Supporting Actor
- Michael Shannon,99 Homes(ru: Mark Rylance,Bridge of Spies)

More and a very cool bit of trivia after the jump via Joe Reid...

ScreenplayJosh Singer & Tom McCarthy forSpotlight(ru: Charlie Kaufman,Anomalisa)
Production Design
-Colin Gibson forMad Max: Fury Road(ru: Judy Becker,Carol)
-John Seale forMad Max: Fury Road,John Seale (ru: Ed Lachman forCarol)
EditingHank Corwin forThe Big Short(ru: Margaret Sixel forMad Max: Fury Road)
Score- Carter Burwell forAnomalisa&Carol(ru: Ennio Morricone forHateful Eight)

Documentary-Amy(ru:Look of Silence)
Animated Film-Anomalisa(ru:Inside Out)
Foreign Film-Son of Saul(ru:The Tribe)
New Generation- Ryan Coogler (the director ofCreed)

The most fascinating thing about LAFCA's final results is that given the way they fell we have a pre-season like maybe none other.People have been saying that this season feels far more in flux than it usually does at this point and that's totally true.Joe Reid gets a lot more specific and makes this awesome realization about how special this open race really is...

Such great variety from NBR/NYFCC/LAFCA this year.Picture: Mad Max / Carol / Spotlight Director: Scott / Haynes / Miller ...

— Joe Reid (@joereid) December 6,2015

...Actor: Damon / Keaton / Fassbender Actress: Larson / Ronan / Rampling ...

— Joe Reid (@joereid) December 6,2015

S Actor: Stallone / Rylance / Shannon S Actress: Leigh / Stewart / Vikander

— Joe Reid (@joereid) December 6,2015


The last time the three organizations split on everything was was way back in 1988 over 25 years ago.

New York Film Critics online,not to be confused with the venerable NYFCC,first launched in 2000...just before the avalanche of new groups began to fall (at last count there were well over 30 and the US doesn't needthatmany critics groups doing the same thing).By 2015 it's gotten so insane that we decided last year to stop following any group that arrived post 2001.New York City is our home base and we love a few members but...

Today's release oftheir finalist listwas so horrifying that it's now difficult to take them seriously at all.In short,whoever voted for Cate Blanchett AND Rooney Mara assupportingactresses inCarolshould be banned from internet connectivity until the end of time.Listen people are confused these days about what "supporting"means (even though it's not super difficult) but it sure as shit does not mean "protagonists".

If we don't laugh about it we'll cry so let's play along...

This just in.Category Fraud Reveal: Kyle Chandler is actually the lead of's all just Harge's girl-on-girl fever dream.

— Nathaniel Rogers (@nathanielr)亚博足彩yabo214 December 6,2015

NYFCO Winners
Tom McCarthy,Spotlight
Animated Feature
Inside Out(ru:Anomalisa)
Foreign Film
Son of Saul(ru:Mustang)
Amy(ru:Look of Silence)
Paul Dano forLove and Mercy(ru: Johnny Depp forBlack Mass)
ctressBrie Larson forRoom(ru: Saoirse Ronan forBrooklyn)
Supporting Lead Actress
Rooney Mara forCarol(ru: Kate Winslet,Steve Jobs)
Supporting Actor
Mark Rylance forBridge of Spies(ru: Mark Ruffalo,Spotlight)
Breakthrough Performance
Alicia Vikander forThe Danish GirlandEx Machina
CinematographyMad Max Fury Road
Debut Director
Alex Garland,Ex Machina
Use of Music
Love and Mercy

4 prizes for SPOTLIGHT today from NYFCO...and every Best Picture prize today from NYFCO,BSFC,and LAFCA

Top Ten
45 Years
The Big Short
Bridge of Spies
Mad Max: Fury Road
Steve Jobs


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