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Mar 27 2015

TCM Classic Film Festival Presents The Sound Of Music's 50th Anniversary!

Anne Mariecounting up her favorite things from opening night of TCM Classic Film Fest.

The Hollywood Hills were alive withThe Sound Of Musiclast night.Turner Classic Movies kicked off the 6th Annual TCMFF with a 50th Anniversary screening of 20th Century Fox's musical blockbuster at TCL Chinese Theater.Dame Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer walked the red carpet (under umbrellas because they agree with me that it ishotout for March),before settling down for a special discussion with former Academy president Sid Ganis before the film.

It's amazing that after fifty years apart,two screen stars can still have such beautiful chemistry.Andrews and Plummer affectionately bantered.At one point,Plummer worried that the love story could have been "too mawkish,"to which Dame Andrews replied,"You made it less saccharine."(This is possibly not an opinion shared by the audience,asmanymooning sighs echoed through the theater when Captain Von Trapp sang "Something Good.")

Seeing how Andrews and Plummer are on the tail end of a whirlwind promotional tour for the film's semicentennial,fans were a little nervous that the two legends had run out of stories to tell.Fortunately,it turns out that not only could they surprise us - they could still surprise each other.While discussing his theater career,Christopher Plummer mentioned that he'd been offered the Broadway show before the movie started casting.Dame Andrews,as disbelieving as the audience,could only ask,"Really??"

After the discussion ended (to a standing ovation),20th Century Fox'snew digital 4K restorationscreened.Like last year,TCM chose a major Rogers & Hammerstein musical with a storied restoration history.The Sound Of Musichas always been treated well by the people who carefully restored it,but certain small controversies crop up.How dark is the gazebo scene supposed to be?What color is Maria's party dress?("Very dark because the actors were laughing,"and "light blue,"for the record.) Small details add up,but the army of people who worked on this latest restoration managed to have it both ways.By using the DP-approved restored 65mm print,they were able to conform as close as possible to the original look.But by adding digital technology,they were able to remove color anomalies and print fading.The result is a look so good that gazebos cast soft shadows,Maria can dance in a soft blue dress,and when she splashes in the fountain,you can actually see the drops of water.

If you couldn't make it to Hollywood to celebrate,never fear.20th Century Fox is releasing a special edition Blu Ray later in the month.And for true fans ofThe Sound of Music,the beautiful 4K restoration shown at TCMFF last night will be screened in theaters on April 19th and 20th.

For more updates from TCM Classic Film Festival,follow Anne Marie onTwitter.And don't forget tovotefor the movie you want her to cover!

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Reader Comments (6)

Anne Marie,thank you for this beautiful tribute.This film means so much to me and to the history of cinema in general.Just reading this makes me want to cry.Wonderful.

March 27,2015 | Unregistered Commenterbrookesboy

"...under umbrellas because they agree with me that it is hot out for March..."

Well,there's hot,and then there's Captain von Trapp.

March 27,2015 | Unregistered CommenterPaul Outlaw

Lovely article - it's encouraging to see a studio handle this kind of anniversary with so much care to the film and it's stars.Plummer & Andrews sound delightful,glad to see they were is such great form.

March 27,2015 | Unregistered CommenterLadyEdith

Yes,can we just show this version forever.Could we never show the Carrie Underwood version again....Except for Audra singing "Climb Every Mountain"

March 27,2015 | Unregistered CommenterChris Na Taraja

I guess Plummer is past his "TSOM"hatred in his old age.

March 27,2015 | Unregistered CommenterIan

Thanks for this,Anne Marie!

Small correction: One combines "Dame"and "Sir"either with the full name or first name,but NEVER the surname.
So it should say "Dame Julie",to be accurate!

March 28,2015 | Unregistered CommenterBenji

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