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Apr 03 2015

四月的雨:琼·克劳馥&“勾引人d Hollywood"


The danger of“最佳拍摄”系列is that sometimes the film consumes me for a whole week when I need to be focusing on other articles and behind the scenes duties (Oscar Prediction Charts快来了!) But let's washMommie亲爱的(1981) out of our systems with one last post by way of kicking off April Showers, our annual misadventure of gawking at shower scenes.

Mommie亲爱的does practically begin with one.And not just any shower scene.It's funny.It's weird.It's glamorous.It's expensive.It's monogrammed.It turns wildly inappropriate during the dismount!

Surrender to Joan's pink后跳...

We first gawk at Joan Crawford's ginormous monogrammed bathroom and multi-headed shower in the opening credit sequence as we observe the movie star's intense morning beauty ritual.

A few minutes later we enter that pink palace after an unintentionally funny exchange downstairs in the foyer when Crawford's boyfriend Greg (Steve Forrest) is forced to remove his shoes due to her OCD cleanliness.He wonders if he should remove his socks, too?Cue a hilariously drawn out wordless shot of Faye Dunaway's Joan as she pauses, walks to her mark near the camera slowly, lifts her chin and finally responds "I can handle the socks".It's one of the weirdest come-ons in the movies, but you know it is one because Forrest looks like he just popped a boner and Carol Ann, the hired help (Rutanya Alda) gets a 'where do I look?' eye-flash reaction shot, as they ascend the stairs to her boudoir, that's held for an inexplicably long time as if she just witnessed something very scandalous indeed.


Discuss in the comments.

Two of the Best Shot contributors, Abstew ("这是怎样的明星阵雨") and Dancin Dan focused on this shower scene. Here's a snippet from Dan's that throws out his smart thesis about filters on "true" stories like this (he chose that foggy glass shot)...

Mommie亲爱的,我们没有看到琼·克劳馥,因为她是。我们看到她通过几个过滤器 - 她的女儿,女儿的书,电影剧本,达纳韦的表现,导演的眼光 - 足以层像磨砂玻璃...

But hopefully you've read all those articles, already.Now back to the shower...

She can handle the socks, Gregg, get in there!

How great are these image of barrel-chested Steve Forrest, manly man actor, in pink "Joan" towel (hee) surrounded by all that decadent exquisitely decorated 'her colors are pink and pink' lady trap bathroom?The movie star is like a siren luring him into the water.Mainly by ignoring him and just getting off on the water itself.All the great stars are autoerotic.

The movie takes the time to show him tightly wrapping himself in a towel only to have him whip it off 2 seconds later.Heh.

They begin to laugh, moving in for the nude wet embrace.

CUT TO: Nuns with Joan at the orphanage.LOLZ

This has to be one of the most inappropriate edits in a movie.Surely intentional but to serve what purpose other than a laugh?But usually the movieintentionally comic.=

For what it's worth the casting ofMommie亲爱的is actually pretty strong from a looks perspective.Though Faye circaMommie亲爱的(1981) was the exact same age as Joan circa欲海情魔(1945) she pulls off older Joan better, I think.The other characters are pretty well cast too, looks wise, particularly the little girl who plays young Christina.It's almost eery how much she looks like the photos.

But let's talk about this Gregg/Greg person.在 "琼·克劳馥,实质传" by Lawrence J Quirk an William Schoell they write:

他们的关系大多数编年史(包括女儿克里斯蒂娜)油漆琼为坏女人,与她的本意是expecations Bautzer俯伏拜她的,是她的奴隶和执行她的每一个奇思妙想。事实是,Bautzer,像大多数男人琼见面,预计琼屈服于他的将作为事物的自然秩序:男人是老板,女人照他们被告知。这肯定不会与像琼·克劳馥一个独立的女性坐好。故事一般无二琼boooted Bautzer了她的生活 - 事实上,她的车 - beause他在派对上付出太多关注年轻女性,这方面很可能是真实的。但大多数琼厌倦了与Bautzer,谁把它作为他的男性perogative是在任何时候控制不断地努力争取“。

Gregg Forrest, Crawford's lawyer boyfriend early in the movie is a fictional character, one assumes to avoid litigation from the real "Lawyer to the Stars," he was obviously based on, Greg Bautzer, who was still alive when the movie came out.According to biographies, he ran hot and cold with Crawford for years and was在好莱坞相当花花公子与A女演员名单。There's even a book about him "该名男子谁诱惑好莱坞" since Ginger Rogers, Lana Turner, Dorothy Lamour, were just a few of his other conquests...


I'll have to pick up that book and try to square it with the film version of the man.

你接受过Mommie亲爱的你的系统了吗?If you've been putting it off, Jesus Christ, it's right there on Netflix for your instant watch gratification.

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Reader Comments (4)

I don't think I'll ever be able to get this movie (especially the shower scene) out of my system and that is just fine.

April 4, 2015 | 未注册的批评家Henry

My two cents:

April 4, 2015 | 未注册的批评家里克·古尔德



April 4, 2015 | 未注册的批评家3rtful

影片的第一部分是阵营heaven-它失去蒸汽一旦克里斯蒂娜成长 - 是啊,这一幕淋浴很性感...

April 4, 2015 | 未注册的批评家Jaragon

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