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Apr 05 2015


CinemascopeAri Folman (Waltz With Bashir) is working on a stop motion animated film about Anne Frank.Yes,that Anne Frank
The Stakehas a great piece on Tina Fey's firestarter comedy,especially its willingness to constantly poke at our racial discomforts
Playbillhas fun making Stephen King's books into stage musicals
Pajibahas seen (well the first ten minutes) of a porn parody ofGuardians of the Galaxywith characters named Star Load,and Bonin
EWshares the 20 best episodes ofMad Men.Great choices overall - I'll be furious forever that Jon Hamm and Elisabeth Moss didn't win Emmys for "The Suitcase"
MNPPI missed Matthew Goode's birthday but this is the perfect gif set with which to celebrate

Women and Hollywoodthe annual Crystal Awards for women in film are here and this year's honorees are Nicole Kidman and Ava DuVernay
Boy Culturecelebrates the one and only Buster Crabbe with some pre-code footage
Deep Dishcelebrates Bette Davis on her birthday with lots of clips from TV & film
The Guardianraves about Carey Mulligan's career and artistry.She is currently playing Bill Nighy's ex-lover on Broadway at the moment in Skylight.Yes,Nighy.He is 36 years older.
Theater Maniayes,it's true.Catswill be revived on Broadway
SalonMichelangelo Signorile writes about the bleak state of gay characters on TV,usually sexless even in shows where their straight counterparts have plenty of physical intimacy (this is especially sad to read afterLooking's cancellation though the article doesn't mention that)
Comics Alliancethe superhero craze has officially jumped shark?anAvengersinspired menswear line is upon us.No,not a boys underoos line,a menswear line.Kind of brings us back to that gender doublestandard discussion again,right?
Huff Post Comedyspeaking of double standards read this great piece on the headlines that would follow Madonna if she did the same things celebrity men her age or older did
Maria Shriver's Blogalso has a piece on ageism and sexism via the prism of Madonna
i09proof that awards are always political -- and it isn't just Oscar that's perpetually under attack -- in this investigative piece about a very weird two years for sci-fi's "Hugo"Awards
TV Line"The Muppet Show"will be returning to ABC at some point.Let this serve as your reminder that they tried to revive it one other time in the 1990s and Michelle Pfeiffer was a guest!Here is video proof.(Yes,I was very excited that night)

Unfortunately,as inThe Muppets(2011) they thought it wise to invent a new Muppet character that wasn't even a tenth as good as any of the originals.Why does this keep happening?I'm all for shaking things up lest one be fossilized in nostalgia but if you can't come up with a good character DONOTsteal screen time from the good ones!

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Reader Comments (9)

How unfair to only celebrate Bette Davis when every actor born on this date is bound to achieve stardom and win at least one Oscar.Consider this:

Born in 1883: Walter Huston (Best Supporting Actor Oscar for The Treasure Of The Sierra Madre)
1900: Spencer Tracy (Best Actor Oscars for Captains Courageous and Boys Town)亚博主页
1901: Melvyn Douglas (Best Supporting Actor Oscars for Hud and Being There)亚博主页
1908: Bette Davis (Best Actress Oscars for Dangerous and Jezebel)亚博主页
1916: Gregory Peck (Best Actor Oscar for To Kill A Mockingbird)

Only Nigel Hawthorne (1929-2001) had to settle for a nomination (Best Actor for The Madness Of King George).

Spencer Tracy's Oscar wins have interesting connections to two of the other Oscar winners he happens to share a birthday with:

He won his first award for playing foster father to Freddie Bartholomew whose biological father in Captains Courageous was played by his twin Melvyn Douglas.
Tracy won his second award in the same year his former co-star Bette Davis also won her second Oscar which means that the lead acting awards for 1938 were won by twins.

What's even more astonishing: The four male winners born on this day (Huston,Tracy,Douglas and Peck) all won their six Oscars in total for playing a father figure (sometimes in the literal sense) to the main character of their movies.亚博主页

April 5,2015 | Unregistered CommenterWilly

Love all the links.That Anne Frank movie sounds fascinating,especially since I loved Waltz with Bashir.

April 5,2015 | Unregistered CommenterWendell

That Muppets Show episode is INSANE.Michelle does a Muppet dating game???My mind is exploding,thanks for sharing!

April 5,2015 | Unregistered CommenterTB

That Buster Crabbe clip is from a pre-code called Search for Beauty that is full of scantily clad men and women throughout including an unbilled Ann Sheridan in her screen bow.That blonde with the pencil thin eyebrows in the shower at the end is Ida Lupino believe it or not.

April 5,2015 | Unregistered Commenterjoel6

So many of the musicals being revived on Broadway seem to have never left:Cabaret,Les Miserables,The Color Purple,and nowCats.These shows have found constant life in national tours and regional stages,so,other than the prospect of generating more green,why bring any of them back?

April 6,2015 | Unregistered CommenterTroy H.

Troy - i so wouldn't be sad if there weren't so many great musicals that are consistently being ignored in their favor that people would actually love if they were more familiar with them.

April 6,2015 | Registered CommenterNATHANIEL R

I would love to see a revival ofParadeor maybeOnce on This Island,both of which are gorgeuous pieces of theatre.

April 6,2015 | Unregistered CommenterTroy H.

They could make a jukebox musical of his books.Carrie and Firestarter Charlie travel in Christine to meet Aunt Annie Wilkes and Cousin It at the Overlook Hotel!

April 6,2015 | Unregistered Commenterforever1267

Nat: On the Carey Mulligan stage show,it's not like Bill Nye is that much closer.Or even a professional actor.I mean,who else can you really phonetically confuse Bill Nighy for?

April 6,2015 | Unregistered CommenterVolvagia

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