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中号ay 19 2015

疯子 Series Finale "Person to Person"

编者按:丰富的智能电影引用了什么先提示“广告狂人在电影”系列。虽然这个系列结局没有电影引用,伟大的系列最佳剧集,地狱甚至它的小,小事化了视觉和主题有电影的丰富性。这就是说,我个人喜欢无端闪回鲍勃卡罗尔和特德和爱丽丝(1969年),一个合适的伴侣电影,看这一周,原因是多方面的:它的时间,它的困扰恋情,自我发现务虚会,尤其是它的华丽 sly double-sided satiric/genuine "EPIPHANY!" and hippie-love musical finale.这里是新的贡献琳李包裹起来,因为我们提高我们的眼镜(可乐自然),以有史以来最伟大的电视节目 - 纳撒尼尔

It’s been less than 24 hours since the series finale of “Mad Men” aired and a vigorous debate is already raging over the last few minutes of it.What, we wonder, was the meaning of the cut from Don’s closed eyes and beatific smile to the classic 1971 Coke commercial that introduced “I’d like to buy the world a Coke”?

Is this where Don’s inspiration leads – back to McCann and Coca-Cola’s signature advertising hook?Or is the juxtaposition an ironic commentary on the enlightenment he thinks he’s found?Or is it a non-ironic contrast between the enlightenment he trulyfound and the ersatz version that Coke would peddle as a substitute for the real thing?


The only definite answer is that there is no definite answer, although there have certainly been plenty of clues.We’ve seen repeated references to Coke even after Don left McCann.The commercial itself contains unmistakable echoes of his experience at the hippie retreat, from the elaborate, very “Mad Men”-ish metaphor of the refrigerator in sad Leonard’s dream to the red-ribboned braids of the hippie receptionist.Put together with Don’s history of leaving and, as Roger and Stan both point out, always coming back, I’d put the odds at ~ 75% in favor of his being the man behind the commercial (which historically was, in fact, created by McCann Erickson).But assuming that he is, what does it mean?


Don’s breakthrough vis-à-vis sad Leonard suggests recognition that he’s been looking at himself and his life the wrong way all along.Like Leonard, his fear that he doesn’t deserve love has blinded him to the love that’s actually offered him.The big question is how he uses this epiphany: to let go of his fear and become truly open to love, or to do what he’s always been best at—channeling that moment of genuine emotion into the false promise of advertising?

It’s not out of the realm of possibility that both of these outcomes could be true simultaneously.The episode, titled “Person to Person,” is structured around three calls Don places to the three women in his life.The first two show him continuing to search in vain for a sign he’s needed, as they drop not only the bombshell of Betty’s cancer but the even bigger bombshell that它改变了什么about his relationship with them.It’s not that they don’t love Don;they just don’t want anything more than what they’ve learned to expect from him.

Their rejection sends Don on his umpteenth bender and, as I predicted, one last trip to California, where he seeks out Stephanie—his last living reminder of Anna, the only woman whose love absolved him from guilt rather than adding to it.Stephanie rejects the familial gesture, but seeing his suffering, takes him to a place she thinks may be able to help both of them.However, she rejects him again when, in her most vulnerable moment, he offers her his Don Draper-patented advice to put her guilt behind her.It’s the same advice he gave Peggy so many years ago.But it rings false now, and he knows it.It doesn’t even work for himself anymore.

And that’s when he makes his third phone call—to Peggy.She doesn’t give him what he’s looking for, either, at least not at first.She doesn’t know what to make of his sins, and she’s too honest to tell him that either she or McCann needs him to succeed.But she wants him to come back and believes he has a place there (“Don’t you want to work on Coke?”).Even though it doesn’t register at the time with Don, who’s in his darkest hour, it may be the lifeline that ultimately draws him back to advertising.If so, the takeaway isn’t necessarily that Don doesn’t change.It’s more complicated than that.Don may not change, but he does learn.如果不出意外,他可能已经学会了接受自己是谁,也适用于其他人物也是如此的一个主题。

进入大结局,我一半的预期,这将是专门向唐。但我很高兴它不是。我不知道我所需要的任何其他那些最终提携,直到他们发生了。I loved the pairing of Pete’s farewell to Peggy with Roger’s visit to Joan and Kevin—both scenes richly layered with their respective histories, tinged with just the right amount of tenderness and the faintest whisper of melancholy over what might have been, yet untainted by any bitterness over what actually was.I don’t know which was lovelier, Pete’s giving Peggy the cactus (a perfect symbol for both of them) and telling her what he once wanted someone to say to him, or Joan’s expression when she gently teases Roger about finally getting his timing right.


并与麦肯,斯坦!,结束确实需要我措手不及。这是不是第一次斯坦的copped于具有佩吉的感情,但她只是似乎从来没有兴趣。说实话,我很满足于他们发展了柏拉图式的BFF动态。佩吉的浪漫尤里卡觉得像风扇服务(除了我不认为马修·韦纳确实风扇服务),而更像“当哈利遇见莎莉”而不是“广告狂人”。 But then, I’ve always loved “When Harry Met Sally,” and even if this wasn’t the ending I’d have chosen for Peggy and Stan, I can’t begrudge it to them.他们应该得到幸福在一起。








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压轴确认节目是关于沉降和接受,你的建议。它回答佩吉李的问题“是所有有?” by saying, Yes, whatever IT is, and Weiner allows his characters after seven seasons to come to terms with this fact in their own ways.它认为,因为另一种方法是不断地跑开搜索答案你永远也找不到,像唐这样做沉降并没有那么糟糕。字符学会做自己最大的努力与他们做出的选择,他们有选择。这是没有这么多,唐改变了他在到底是谁的核心,但他改变了自己的看法和他在世界上的地位。他终于与他是谁,他一直和在那里他将去在未来的和平。我认为同样适用于其他人物也是如此。


中号ay 19, 2015 | 未注册的批评家约瑟夫

最喜欢的本赛季的一些东西的工作势如破竹(Don的贝蒂,佩吉和Sally电话)等人没有那么多(除了那些三个场景,唐的场景,其余均来自该节目其余部分停产和不引人注目,也不 where I wanted to spend my time.鉴于有多少情节的投入到我给了插曲了坚实的7.5 / 10。也很高兴琼是一个喜悦。她,佩吉和罗杰肯定了他们的大团圆的结局,而皮特和唐可能已经找到临时和平,但将undoubtably渣土起来。好消息:压轴这个伟大的表演是不是一个尴尬(咳嗽*失物太空堡垒卡拉狄加),即使它永远不会理所当然地出现在任何的最佳系列结局名单。另外,是佩吉的故事在这里就像一个romcom但我微笑合不拢嘴。

中号ay 19, 2015 | 未注册的批评家Anonny


中号ay 19, 2015 | 未注册的批评家约翰Ť

我觉得最强的手机康沃是唐和贝蒂之间 - 琼斯月真的在最后两个EPS一些好东西来保护另一个艾美奖点头。


中号ay 19, 2015 | 未注册的批评家比亚




中号ay 19, 2015 | 未注册的批评家杰瑞


中号ay 19, 2015 | 未注册的批评家杰瑞



中号ay 19, 2015 | 未注册的批评家苏珊娜



我个人有斯坦和佩吉挂(没有双关语意)的东西,因为他们得到了在华尔道夫对方面前裸体会发生。这感觉就像你听到关于关于老夫妻是怎么认识的陌生环境家庭聚会的那些怪异的离题之一。我认为,佩吉的关系不好的选择一直反映她很想见到一个人在工作,但经常给男人谁太老,太脱不下来,或者其个人的利益并不真正关心她。斯坦从他的介绍作为一个傲慢的艺术总监总mensh逐渐软化佩吉下工作时,和我爱的表白是通过自己的手机关系发挥,总是让我以为他要随时告诉她,但从未想过要使其成为事实 weird.我觉得很subtextually秀总是加送东西对他们说让我不知道,比如她知道他的“性感的声音”和他的“日程”(读:与人睡觉)。然后,他们之前亲吻,虽然它不是在“坠机”最好的情况下(但善良是她曾经担心他时,他做了自己一个人的目标)。是什么把它卖了,虽然,超越伊丽莎白·莫斯和Jay R.的化学弗格森是,当她承认她有一个孩子,选择了职业生涯,他没有她的判断。佩吉只是不知道这个故事给任何人。我可以理解为什么人们喜欢他们坚持之后,but I like that she still has her goals and ambitions intact even as she is now with somebody who 'gets' her and knows her.

I love the fact on how feminist Joan ended up being.The woman who played the rules the men set and then said enough, and even after taking the money, still has the hunger to work, be her own boss and aim to get the respect she deserves.If men weren't up to her speed, too bad.She's gotten screwed over in that department too long.

中号ay 19, 2015 | 未注册的批评家CMG

And I may never get over that Don ended up telling Peggy who he really was over the phone, even if she may never realize.中号aybe she is the new Anna Draper in his life after all.

中号ay 19, 2015 | 未注册的批评家CMG


i thought the entire finale was fan service.and after seven seasons of being the most withholding show on television, i loved every second of it

中号ay 19, 2015 | 未注册的批评家par

It was a good ending.Not great, but good enough.That's the thing.

I personally loved what a fine showcase S7.2 was for January Jones.She acted the hell out of Betty and reminded me that her gifts didn't diminish after S2 and S5 (her previous bests).Kudos to Matthew Weiner for ultimately not discarding her and keeping her in focus till the very end.(Her smoking a cigarette in her last scene is just priceless and oh-so-Betty.)

Joan and Peggy both got the happy endings I wished for them.:-)

中号ay 19, 2015 | 未注册的批评家中号areko

Loved every second of it.

One of the things that MAD MEN did so well was showing the very natural way that people, places and things come and go.This was the season finale, but not the end of everybody's story (except Betty, obviously).People's lives don't crescendo into big moments, they simply continue to happen.People in our lives come and go and I didn't need every character to have a big send off (think of how many people just drop out of our lives unexpectedly) because that's not how life is.Peggy and Don didn't need to say everything they haven't said to one another, their lives will carry on.

I loved that Betty finally made Don listen to her and listen to what she wanted and what she thought was best because he understood that he'd be a hypocrite if he didn't having deserted his job and gone road trippin' at a moments notice.

I loved that Sally ultimately wasn't like either of her parents, despite what Don told her a few weeks ago.She stayed by her mother's side and showed maturity when it came to her siblings and those around her.

I definitely think it's implied that Don created the Coke commercial.I'm not sure what the confusion is.Didn't even Jon Hamm say that's what he thinks.He's still an ad man, that won't change, and sitting on that cliff having finally found somebody else in his shoes he realized that was the message.He'd fixed the coke machine at the motel, and he'd fixed himself, so put the two together and you've got that commercial.

中号ay 20, 2015 | 未注册的批评家Glenn Dunks

I am definitely seeing this January Jones nomination

中号ay 20, 2015 | 未注册的批评家cal roth

I gave a standing ovation to my TV set.
Thank you Mr.Weiner.

中号ay 20, 2015 | 未注册的批评家Peggy Sue

Cal & Markeo -- i'm seeing the Jones nomination, too, unless the large turn against Betty in general (god how people hated that character) killed any need to wish the actress well as the show wraps.But given how few episodes there were and how competitive supporting actress drama is i wonder what's going to happen since technically wouldn't Moss, Hendricks, and Jones have to all compete there (along with basically EVERYONE in orange is the new black + the Dowager Countess.They need about 20 nominations ;)

Peggy Sue -- i felt like my screening was a standing ovation since it was a big museum screening in a gorgeous theater with mad men fanatics around.

Glenn -- i agree that that's one of the best things about the show even though it's maddening because TV has trained us to expect for our favorites never to vanish.That one season where Joan basically dropped out of everyone's lives and off our screens was torture for me since she's the best character.But it was 100% what would have happened.

杰瑞 - it was mostly me until this season but i gave it over to Lynn Lee since i knew she could do it justice.Glad you enjoyed.\

Lynn --

It’s not out of the realm of possibility that both of these outcomes could be true simultaneously.



thank you and exactly.People always want to simplify complicated things.but this show stayed true to its complexity when it comes to the human character.

If you think about it Don has always behaved this way.Genius work with messy personal life followed by downturn and 'wanderings' when the work gets as messy as the personal life followed by small redemptions, trying again (at both personal and work life) and then the cycle again.He may mellow out of learn to live with himself better as he ages but he's always going to be essentially the same person.如果你看看他的表演两次婚姻,他有很多更诚实与梅根比他与贝蒂。我很喜欢这个结局给了他的方式做仍然是我们一直都知道的人物,而是建议他可以移动的针可能朝着更稳定更集成的灵魂一点点,也许他一直在做,一直以来。前进两步退一步等。

中号ay 20, 2015 | 注册批评家NATHANIEL [R


中号ay 20, 2015 | 未注册的批评家Luiserghio


中号ay 20, 2015 | 未注册的批评家Magicub

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