HBO的LGBT历史:Stranger Inside (2001)
Wednesday, July 15, 2015 at 6:30PM
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Last weekwe looked at the master-class in acting that is如果这些墙壁会说话2:1961which was oddly followed by two other short films that, had I not written about them, most of you would not have remembered.Yes, all you need to know is that Vanessa Redgrave is resplendent in that initial segment.This week we look at precisely the type of experience that Ellen DeGeneres-produced lesbian PSA skirts.We’re headed to a female prison with陌生人里面and director Cheryl Dunye is quite the guide.Guys, this might be the best new find in this whole rewatch series.

Dunye’s film is a powerful and affecting film, timely even all these years later.About race.About guns.About feminism.About violence.About the prison system.About motherhood.About religion.About hypocrisy.About white supremacy.Why more people don’t talk about this film is beyond me (especially with女子监狱having conquered pop culture the way it has).Let’s begin fixing that now...

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Directed by:Cheryl Dunye
Written by:Catherine Crouch & Cheryl Dunye
Starring:Yolonda Ross, Davenia McFadden, Rain Phoenix, Ella Joyce, Conchata Ferrell and Emily Kuroda.

The film opens with a celebration: it is Treasure’s (Ross) birthday.With a cigar in her mouth, Treasure watches as her fellow inmates jubilantly celebrate.One fellow inmate dancing provocatively for Treasure alone.There is a lived-in intimacy to their stolen glances, and when the party gets shut down by a CO and Treasure is called away to be informed she’ll be moved to a maximum security prison, we see Treasure and her friend exchange a brief moment of closeness that suggests more than just your regular prison-wife relationship.This is what’s wonderful about Dunye’s filmmaking, those small fleeting moments that encompass an entire history that would make a fascinating film in it of itself (if you haven’t seen西瓜女人, you definitely should, if only to read frequentTFE podcastguestNick Davis’s lucid take on it).

As it turns out, Treasure herself is behind her transfer.The maximum security prison she’s headed to is the place where she’s been told the mother she never met is locked up for life.All she has of this woman is a name (Brownie) and a faded photograph but she’s intent on recreating in prison what she was denied outside: a family.As she looks for Brownie (McFadden) and then later finds increasingly dangerous ways of getting close to her and prove her worth, Dunye is able to paint a sympathetic (though not quite unapologetic) picture of the ways systemic oppression sustains the very self-perpetuating circle of violence that leads so many women to prison.During Treasure’s mandatory group sessions, Dunye shoots Ross and the rest of the cast in a shaky, documentary style, further underscoring the authenticity that the entire film depends on.陌生人里面 is not unlike the photographs Treasure’s friend shoots with a DIY old-school polaroid camera throughout the film: a document of a fleeting moment that hopes to imagine a way out.


Prison, of course, proves itself to be as tricky a place to escape because of the way it becomes a state of mind.This is a place with rules of its own and gangs, “families,” and equally unstable support networks that depend on illicit (if not outright illegal) dealings are what keep the women alive.Indeed, Brownie’s newfound “family” emerges as the biggest obstacle between Treasure and her mother.It makes the inevitable violent ending (and its subsequent aftermath) all the more heartbreaking.

在布朗尼(谁拥有一所监狱的妻子她自己)和宝物,Dunye创建定义并超越像“女同性恋”,“虎豹”,甚至“母亲”和“女儿标签两枝鲜艳的字符画像”。 The rhetoric of family, of community, and of (homo)sexuality is not easily parsed, it’s a fascinating entry in our increasingly varied list precisely because it is an LGBT-themed film that doesn’t flaunt but also doesn’t downplay its own tricky interest in queer characters.它可以让他们生活,呼吸,他妈的甚至,没有叙事性要求他们考虑为自己的行为或成为臣服于它。它也是伟大的电影制作在其中心两位天才的线索,好,这是附近神奇。其他人看到呢?你跃跃欲试?

有趣的奖项事实:Not a big awards player outside of festivals,陌生人里面nevertheless was nominated for three Independent Spirit Awards (you know, back when they were actually Independent), including Best Director.Dunye lost to a鲜为人知的人who went on to direct a behemoth of a trilogy about a certain dark crusader.But really, I just wanted to highlight the embarrassment of riches in LGBT media in 2001: at the San Francisco Film Festival, Dunye’s film shared the Best Narrative Feature Audience Award with海维和恼怒的英寸.That’s a stellar double feature right there, emblematic of the exciting work of queer filmmakers at the turn of the century.

下周:我们已经做了一个进站,并谈到了同性恋题材的剧集是HBO于1998年播出,但是这不会是有线网络的LGBT历史,如果我们没有给六英尺下自己的条目。因此,我们将谈论“私生活”(观察上HBO GO),这在2001年秋季播出该系列的第一个赛季的倒数第二的情节。这是一个小插曲的地狱和配件切入点费舍尔家族的同性恋关系争论不休。

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