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"Almost There"Marion Cotillard inRust & Bone

"She was incredible in this—but she usual is.The snub hurt at the time but considering she already has an Oscar and wound up swooping in a few years later as a dark horse nominee...makes it feel ok in the end." -Philip

"Best actress of the decade."- Peggy Sue


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Cinematographer(The Irishman)
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«蒂姆的Toons:Auteurs和动画| 主要| 复古'95»
七月 31 2015年


谁与我同在缺少杰森的美容与兽栏?他这个月已经下线了很多。所以这里有一个Beauty vs Beast在他的荣誉,培训独一无二的杰克·吉伦哈尔我们的眼睛。或者说,在杰克Gyllenhaals因为他的多才多艺。

这里就存在着扭曲。这一切都 - 美丽杰克(Brokeback MountainLove & Other Drugs)与美丽&兽杰克(Donnie DarkoJarhead)与全兽杰克(SouthpawNightcrawler)。谁得到你的票呢?Ready?你总是准备杰克。去啊...进行投票和评论。英镑键盘这么辛苦,你醒来杰森了,他下周返回美国继续他的系列。

Beautiful Jake
Beauty *and* Beast Jake
Beastly Jake
Poll Maker

Previously on Beauty vs Beast...








2015年7月31日| 未注册的批评家自命不凡知道这一切


2015年7月31日| 未注册的批评家RobMiles


2015年7月31日| 未注册的批评家宋佳


2015年7月31日| 未注册的批评家城野


2015年7月31日| 未注册的批评家圣FranCinema


2015年7月31日| 未注册的批评家佩吉苏



2015年7月31日| 未注册的批评家约翰Ť


2015年7月31日| 未注册的批评家汤姆·福特


2015年7月31日| 未注册的批评家rickgould



2015年7月31日| 未注册的批评家布赖恩Zitzelman


2015年7月31日| 未注册的批评家菲利普·H

布莱恩 - 但是你必须。我认为,有选择的东西在所有三个领域这就是为什么我做到了。

2015年7月31日| 注册批评家NATHANIEL [R


2015年7月31日| 注册批评家NATHANIEL [R

他最好的表演可能在beastiful响了e, but gosh he does beautiful so well.Hated the film, but Jake in Love & Other Drugs?WOW.

2015年7月31日| 未注册的批评家Glenn Dunks

I compromised and picked Beauty and the Beast.But really all three.

I still don't understand, though, why he needed to shave that lovely chest for "Southpaw".Are boxers more manly with shaved chests?

2015年7月31日| 未注册的批评家forever1267

Fine Nathaniel.I pick Beaustiful.

2015年8月1日| 未注册的批评家BrianZ

Any Jake any day, Really.^^ are also a sweet friend.Cute post.

2015年8月1日| 未注册的批评家Mingy

Although undoubtably overrated on this blog (he's not THAT amazing), Jake is still a very fine actor, especially in the right role.

2015年8月1日| 未注册的批评家Anonny

"Brokeback Mountain" is one of those movies that I will only see once because how utterly depressing it is, and I felt that way even before the tragic passing of Heath Ledger.That said, the shot of Jake driving away in the pick-up truck quietly sobbing is one of those scenes that always stick with me.I remember at around the same time Anna Nalick was hot for two seconds and she had a song called "Wreck of the Day"

Driving away from the wreck of the day
And the light's always red in the rear view
Desperately close to a coffin of hope
I'd give anything just to be near you

Ugghhh that movie breaks my heart.

Also, I loved when he hosted SNL and he was in the first ever 'Bronx Beat" sketch! I could watch it over and over.

2015年8月1日| 未注册的批评家jakey

I'd take all three and convince them to triple penetrate me.

2015年8月1日| 未注册的批评家Chanteuse

城野, that's a poor excuse to push Jakey into cable gay porn.Y'know the reason is the same for non-tentpole Gosling and Phoenix: The budgets are so low, and/or overseas reap enough.

2015年8月2日| 未注册的批评家Katz

P.S.城野, you "really like Jake" yet keep pulling the same "Reynolds=Gyllenhaal" narrative as on Datalounge, to camouflage your animosity for not being able to "out" the man from years of hyperbolic gossip (none of whose hate-stan "writer-bloggers" brigade, suddenly have Any New Tea -- now that Jakey is living in their actual neck of woods?Is it because these writers have no access to the socialites circle, or won't rescind on their long-held stance as highly reductive and agenda-serving wank material?)

"Headline that many films": as in Maguire, Portman, Hathaway, Witherspoon aren't even saddled with the boxoffice results, when they had higher/co-billing than Jake in the worst flops?Is being exposed to Bullock and Denzel's huge fanbase, the same as putting Pena and Ledger into driver's or shotgun seat?Did Jake keep at RIPD, even Self/less (nevermind a Child 44), after Green Lantern?Or pack it up and stick to <10M budgets (involving roles that alienate BOTH the gays and fraus, simply by not retreading the same uncomplicated ingenues always available in online streaming?)

Why pretend to compare him to a woman at all, when most of his career before Southpaw, were mostly of a white man at mercy of women, his fellow men, and only lately explicitly malevolent or deeply dysfunctional white men in 4 roles of the last 3 years - endangering minorities and all who surround him?How are his role choices protecting the status quo of screen male ideals?

You have continually taunted Jake for not upholding heterosexist values in his "appeal" as an image-commodity, then turned around accusing him as beneficiary from heterosexism (to veil your homophobic edict-fantasy of "closet shaming", when not shaking a fist along with Mark Harris' lazy generalization), despite:

1) his budgets are already B-list if not lower (and still the profit ratio are in different tier from Kidman's!);

2) few of his roles are clamored for by shining white knights like Wahlberg, Pine;nobody's continuously measuring those guys IN EVERY NEW ROLE THEY TAKE, against the "feminized bottom" Jake is pigeonholed with from both gay and straight -- the same notion even gays in this comment section extol in their idealized, "romantic" vision of Jake G as Ledger's/Mine-Too "cum receptacle"!

What Grantland really needs, is a think piece on the complicated, steps forward/back endless "tango"-cum-character assassination (whether in real life or onscreen), of the Image Persona/Commodity that is Gyllenhaal, by both straight and gay since 2005!And yes, that means October Sky, The Good Girl, non-shirtless End of Watch, and his theater work (which received a curiously effusive praise from a long-time Jezebel commentator last month, about 2002 Jake!) or anything not explicitly "gay bottom" would be irrelevant (or as Richard Lawson always tweeted, any DEVIATION from the "gay bottom", must be taunted, mocked for not adhering to his bathroom wank material!)

2015年8月3日| 未注册的批评家Katz

"are boxers more manly with shaved chests?" is another example of the "Question the Fag/Gay Bottom".

拳击手从电影的历史和现实生活(anybody gay watch the MayPac fight?), are seldom questioned about shaving their body hair.But Gyllenhaal is head to toe a fetish serving the gay id and gaze ('Thanks Ang Lee' shoulda been a meme!) Anything and everything becomes a question of Jake's "authenticity" (or lack of) in HETERONORMATIVE sexuality, masculinity (*must* be inborn unlike femininity can be freely PERFORMED, CREATIVELY REINVENTED), and identity (or plural) as a contentious public property of "discourse" (the cottage industry of gossip, and social media standing-festooning, notwithstanding.)

2015年8月3日| 未注册的批评家Katz