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一月 08 2016


Jack Fisk at the Oscars for "There Will Be Blood" with his Best Actress wife Sissy SpacekThe Revenant,刚刚入围eight (!) BAFTAS,今天开幕全国范围所以这里是我们本周的最后一次采访,以庆祝这旷野史诗。

Jack Fisk,奥斯卡提名的美术指导(There Will Be Blood)是不陌生的户外挑战。他的许多最有名的电影,由于在不小的一部分,他与泰伦斯·马利克长的合作,感受到大自然的精神拉一样谁设计他们的人。他喜欢的基础上的位置,并与该会已经存在的时候,无论什么时候电影正好发生在工具。

当他签订了关于The Revenant,·冈萨雷斯·伊纳里多给了他的塔可夫斯基的副本Andrei Rublev这是他用于规模和细节的灵感。他的长期合作者灵光“Chivo” Lubezki(摄影师)and Jacqueline West (Costumes)菲斯克 - 谁他与在许多项目中,虽然只有一次完全工作(新的世界,2005年),手头上也认识到这种残酷的拓荒者休·格拉斯(莱昂纳多·迪卡普里奥)尚存熊的攻击,血腥的小规模冲突,和佣兵汤姆·哈迪的。

我问菲斯克关于他的屏幕上生活导演的合作者,他的屏幕外生活的巨大屏幕的女演员之一,他的偏爱露天电影院。Our conversation is after the jump...

NATHANIEL: Are you aware that you're basically the envy of cinephiles everywhere.You've been part of mythmaking origin stories of so many directors and an actress, too.It's like a parade of auteurs in your filmographies.


NATHANIEL: I have a decent understanding of Production Design as a job but when a film is largely outdoors, I'll admit that I feel less certain about what it is that you.You're responsible for the entire look of a film but how do you "design" something that's primarily outdoors?



矿井设计中的主要目标The Revenant是找到一种模仿西北规模在19世纪20年代,在他的环境指示人的规模,也能说明欧洲人和土著人之间的交叉位置。

The Revenant fort set.Photo via Architectural Digest

You've worked with Emmanuel Lubeski, the Cinematographer, before.

我已经与Chivo上六部电影的工作。大多数我们一起上已经拍摄工作主要是与自然光薄膜的 - 在没有带发电机或电灯。但要做到这一点,我们有,因为我们最终在当天的最后部分的拍摄地发现,面对西部或西南地区。我们花了一天的准备和获得位置的第一部分。如果或位置不是南西南,无论多么好的是,我们会放弃它,并找到的东西,给了他所需要的光,工作,休·格拉斯的故事。


Sometimes when you're watching a movie -- particularly immersive ones like this -- you don't really think about it until you're outside the movie again.Then you're all "someone had to make that gurney that Hugh Glass is laying on!" And that very memorable boat they're running to.Do you rely on imagination or is it all heavily accurate.

你知道,一切都首先研究。然后,我尝试做的是留下的研究和工作,常识和构建与本来提供给人们当时的材料。刀,船,应有尽有。The New World(2005)被设置大约两百年前,并且端口是不同的。更大的河流和供应将来自英格兰定期今后英寸在The Revenant他们不得不去圣路易斯获得补给,并把它们备份。

And this is what you normally do?

Days of Heaven(1978年)和There Will Be Blood(2007年)我们没有任何声音的阶段 - 他们均建外。我更喜欢盖房子或一个堡垒不是试图真实的环境来模拟它在一个摄影棚。这是我最舒服。

The Thin Red Line (1998)

NATHANIEL R: Your films suggest that you're quite an outdoors man at heart!

杰克·费斯克:你知道,我尽量。我爱大自然。我住在弗吉尼亚州的一个农场。我今天在想,这提醒我,当我们拍摄的一点点The Thin Red Line(1998年)在澳大利亚。我们建立了外面的一切。有危险...不是灰熊,但咸水鳄鱼和毒蛇。在加拿大,我们有山狮子和狼和黑熊和灰熊。它让你活着,让你仿佛置身于它的参与者 - 就像你的捕手的是一个;你幸存,他们会以同样的方式。

我们创建了这个场景的玻璃被攻击 bear but while we were there shooting a hunterwasattacked and killed by a grizzly bear about 15 miles from where we were shooting.And then a hiker froze to death during one of the cold snaps.They found them frozen in an upright position.


It's a difficult working environment but it's easier to create the environment if you're actually in it.The story of Glass took place in South Dakota though we were shooting more up in the hills of the Rockies in Canada.There are a lot of similarities.

You've worked with Brian de Palma, P.T.Anderson, David Lynch, Terrence Malick.For sophisticated moviegoers these are mythic names.Do you find any similarities between them or are their sets wildly different?

They're different but not wildly different.Each one of them is an artist and passionate.It's not like a job.Terrence Malick doesn't make a movie for the money.He does it because he's passionate.I felt the same about Alejandro when I first met him.He never disappointed me.All these people you mentioned -- when they make decisions about what they want to do or shoot or cast...it always makes sense somehow.

You don't think 'Why are they doing that?!Why don't they try harder?' These guys I'm always running to keep up with.I think they feel that.I never say no.I just say 'I'll do it.' because I'm just as anxious as they are to see what they're going to end up with.

Sissy Spacek and Eric Roberts in Raggedy Man (1981)Sissy Spacek in Violets are Blue (1986)

NATHANIEL R: You directed for awhile in the 80s and 90s.

JACK FISK: I did.You know Terrence Malick went on a self-imposed hiatus for about 20 years...


...and I got into directing in that time.But sort of in my mind I thought 'You'd be a better production designer than director.' I just -- I didn't like dealing with studios and the complexity of raising money.But I loved building environments and creating worlds that you could step into.

上e night duringWater for ElephantsI was sitting in a circus tent we built and there were clowns and perfomers and animals and nothing in there told me it was 2011.For a moment you just step back in time.Sometimes I find myself aching to experience what it was like to be in these periods.

When I was young in art school I would spend my summers up in Vermont and I lived in a house up there that had no electricity and water from a spring and I just loved it.上e summer I had neighbors that had a horse-drown plough and I went over and ploughed up a little garden.I felt like i was back in another time.It was so curious to me that you can appreciate both that time and the time you're in and put those together.There's a certain comfort in that.

Sissy's first time as a nominee for CARRIE.She and Jack Fisk had been married for 3 years already.

You're married to a famous great actress.And two of the earliest films you and Sissy made togetherBadlands(1973) which you met on andCarrie(1976).Well, they're so famous *now* so I wonder what it's like to be reminded so often now of this past that was surely very personal for you.The films have become so iconic.

We just think of it as a part of our life together.You know inbetweenBadlandsandCarrieI didPhantom of the Paradise(1974) with Brian and Sissy came in and worked as a set dresser.I was short on crew - it was non-union films in those days.She came in and sewed up sheets and did stuff for me like that.We were shooting in Texas and she got all her relatives to come in and help me build dummies for the scene in the majestic theater.We just -- it's sort of an artistic life the things we do.We had children and they came to set and were in many of the films we did.Our daughter started a film in Ireland and we just went over and supported her and watched her work as a circus performer.

[Pause] It's just seems like normal life.

It's exotic to movie fans but normal to you!

You know we tell ourselves often how lucky we are and how much we've enjoyed our life.We don't live in Hollywood but we both enjoy the creativity of making films.She's doing a TV show now...


It's a different kind of experience for her but after 45 years in the business we're fortunate we're still working and having fun.

Well, all the best moving forward.I hope there are many more opportunities to come.

I'm always looking for artists to work with because it's the most fun creative process to put together a film.You know, I notice now as film develops there are more artists in the business, more people who love film;it's not just a job but a passion or way of life.

That's comforting to hear for those of who live for movies.

There are so many good films now.They're raising such a high bar for us all.

The Revenant|Production Design|interviews|Sissy Spacek




Nat gr8 article from an underrated guy,shame you used the term "Moving Forward"

2016年1月8日| Unregistered CommenterMary

Mary -- i don't get it?

2016年1月8日| Registered CommenterNATHANIEL R

I skipped ahead to the Sissy portions.Unfortunate you didn't have time to ask more questions about her.I would go so far as to say she is underrated for someone with six nominations in the lead category and one unimpeachable win.

2016年1月8日| Unregistered Commenter/3rtful

Must be my uk humour,it's a really naff over used term here.

2016年1月8日| Unregistered CommenterMary

I really admire his work in general, and was impressed with the look of "The Revenant".
He comes across as a very well grounded and thoughtful guy.

2016年1月8日| Unregistered CommenterLadyEdith

Sheesh, as if I didn't already have a big crush on him...

2016年1月8日| Unregistered CommenterPaul Outlaw

Jack Fisk, best production designer working today.

2016年1月8日| Unregistered CommenterSteven

they are such an adorable couple!

2016年1月8日| Unregistered Commentercraver

I checked the IMDB expecting to see that Jack Fisk had a couple of Oscars and additional nominations and it turns out he's got only one nomination for There Will Be Blood!How can that be?

2016年1月9日| Unregistered Commenter马科斯

马科斯,对吧?这是一种深不可测 but there it is.

2016年1月9日| Unregistered CommenterNathaniel R

Sissy Spacek is one of my favourite actresses.She's brilliant in Badlands, Carrie, 3 Women, Coal Miner's Daughter, Missing and many more.But I'm glad there weren't many questions about her, because I found Jack talking about his work absolutely fascinating.

2016年1月9日| Unregistered CommenterRobMiles

Gr8 Intw!!!

Nat u shld do a separate intw w Spacek.V low key & excellent actress...I alws thot she was robbed of a 2nd Oscar, both in 1986 & 2001

2016年1月10日| Unregistered CommenterClaran

Jack Fisk is my cousin and I am very proud of him and Sissy..Ihey are wonderful people .Jack has always been a wonderful talented person, Best of luck guys...

2016年2月16日| Unregistered CommenterJean Beaty Nixon

Great post!

2018年3月15日| Unregistered CommenterDeborah

Just saw this for the first time.A great reminder that, when the TFE team takes some time off, there is usually a nugget or six in the archives that are worth digging up.All I have to do is pick a keyword or phrase in a favorite post and see where it takes me.

2018年3月15日| Unregistered CommenterCarl