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Nov 14 2016

The Latest Trend Sweeping the Cinema is Tentacles

Chrishere with something you may not be noticing at the movies lately. Whether they freak you out or make you giggle (or even a little of both), tentacles are so in right now. With the growing presence of squirmy appendages in world cinema and blockbusters, you'd think we'd get a Cthulhu franchise by now. Let's take a look at some of the examples:

Arrival- Dubbed in the film as Abbott and Costello, the alien heptapods are going oninthis tentacle thing considering their leg-like tentacles also end in hand-like tentacles. Their bodies are clearly inspired by squid but they have a sturdier form like some kind of an invertebrate, so you could say that Abbott and Costello are the most tentacularly innovative - they've come to Earth on a mission to meet Princess Giselle, vape, and change the tentacle game.

The Handmaiden- Park Chan-Wook can't even resist placing a slippery sea creature in this stately but kinky period piece - but no spoilers as we suspect most of you haven't caught up to the film yet. Rest assured, it's icky. So instead of spoiling its twisted reveal, consider The Handmaiden an octopus of sexual fascinations with these eight limbs: S&M, lying, role play, corsetry/costuming, dolls, "cute" nipples, furtive glances, and death. Did I miss something or... ?

Finding Dory- WithFinding Doryout on Blu-ray/DVD this week, you can get your tentacle fix right at home. Amusement park octopus Hank is one of the many new characters in the sequel and easily the surliest. Special skills include: camouflage, survival instincts, and perplexing you on his frustratingly familiar and unplaceable voice (it's Modern Family's Ed O'Neill).

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Reader Comments (5)

a Cthulhu franchise? DON'T GIVE HOLLYWOOD IDEAS.

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