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Nov 16 2016

Today in Showbiz History: Oklahoma!,Martha & Missy,JLaw's Ascendance

On this day in history as it relates to showbiz...

1873WC Handy famous musician is born in Alabama.The first credited use of his music in a movie was in the originalScarface(1932).That same song "St Louis Blues"is his most popular with Hollywood and has been used in dozens of movies since includingThe AviatorandThe Great Gatbsyrecently.But Blue Jasmine got all feisty and went with "Aunt Hagar's Blues"instead.
1889Playwright George S Kaufman is born.He wins two Pulitzers and his work has been adapted to films many times including classics likeYou Can't Take It With You,Dinner at Eight,The Man Who Came to DinnerandStage Door.
1907Oklahoma becomes the 46th State...

Happy 109th birthday Oklahoma.Given how deep red that state is politically,though,do they really desrervethe joyful musicalOklahoma!?They probably don't even appreciate it!On this day Burgess Meredith is born.He works consistently for several decades and classic roles include The Penguin on "Batman,"and Mickey Goldmill in theRockyfilm series (Oscar nomination) and Harry Green inThe Day of the Locust(Oscar nomination).

White Parade1922The great novelist José Saramago is born.Film adaptations of his work includeEnemyandBlindness.
1928Clu Gulager is born.He specialized in westerns and then horror films.He's still with us so happy 88th birthday,Clu!
1934The White Paradestarring Loretta Young which is about a nursing school,opens in theaters.Later it's nominated for Best Picture and Sound
1942Donna McKechnie the original "Cassie"inA Chorus Lineis born

1945The Lost Weekendopens in theaters.On this same day a new theatrical short opens called "The Friendly Ghost"introducing Casper to the world.

1954Allison Anders is born.One of the early women to challenge Hollywood's "all male"take on who should sit in the director's chair.Her breakthrough wasGas,Food,Lodging(1992) and her next film is the TV remake of Beaches with Idina Menzel in the Bette role
1957Serial killer Ed Gein kills for the last time and is captured soon thereafter.Gein's case will inspire Alfred Hitchcock'sPsycho(1960) three years later and other serial killer movies thereafter.
1958Marg Helgenberger ofChina BeachandCSIfame is born.Also had a key supporting role in Erin Brockovich (2000)
1959The Sound of Musicopens on Broadway and will be nominated for 9 Tonys,winning 5 of them including Best Musical.Six years later the beloved film version will be nominated for 10 Oscars winning 5 of them including Best Picture.亚博主页

1960Clark Gable,'The King of Hollywood,' dies of cardiac arrest at age 59.The Misfits(1961) would be his last film.After his death the public would learn that he fathered a child with Loretta Young (the child she'd always claimed she adopted).His only other child,a son,would be born to his widow Kay Williams four months after his death.
1964Harry Lennix is born in Chicago.His career though he works a lot is not what we thought it would be after that intense breakout inTitus(1999).
1965Valeria Bruni Tedeschi is born in Turin Italy.Key films include5x2(2004),Human Capital(2014),A Castle in Italy(2013 with then boyfriend Louis Garrell) and her César winning role inNormal People are Nothing Exceptional(1993)
1967Lisa Bonet,eldest "Cosby Kid"is born.Later briefly attempts movie stardom withAngel Heartand then eloped with Lenny Kravitz.Currently she mostly does TV guest work and has babies with her husband,Aquamanstar Jason Momoa

1970Martha Plimpton,who the nation first fell in love with as a feisty smart teenage actress (The Goonies,Mosquito Coast,Running on Empty) and girlfriend of River Phoenix,later became a respected stage star with multiple Tony nominations,and now a very funny sitcom star (Raising Hope,The Real O'Neals) - so many acts in that career!
1972Funny girl Missi Pyle (Spring Breakers,Gone Girl,The Artist,Captain Fantastic) is born.If you've never readher awesome guest posts here,please do.
1977Insanely talented Maggie Gyllenhaal is born in New York City.Key works include:The Honorable Woman,Secretary,Happy EndingsandSherrybaby

1981Merrily We Roll Alongopens on Broadway for an unexpectedly short run abruptly ending the string of hits that made Sondheim a household name.There's a fine documentary  about this production calledBest Worst Things That Ever Could Have Happened...opening Friday.More on that soon
1984Just the Way You Arestarring Kristy MacNichol opens - anyone remember that one?
1990Milli Vanilli are stripped of their Grammy Award when news surfaces that they didnt sing at all on their Grammy winning hit "Girl You Know It's True".Home Alone opens in theaters

2007Beowulfopens giving us demonic nude Angelina Jole in animated form
2012Future Best Picture nomineeSilver Linings Playbookopens in limited release part of the 1-2 punch alongsideThe Hunger Gamesthat made Jennifer Lawrence the #1 female star of this particular era.In all the excitement she'd win the Oscar (quite prematurely if you ask us!)

What were you feeling at this particular moment?

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Reader Comments (19)

When she won I knew instantly Chastain was the Glenn Close of the 2010s.

November 16,2016 | Unregistered Commenter/3rtful

Merde!I should have stayed home.

November 16,2016 | Unregistered CommenterEm

Martha Plimpton is also the daughter of Keith Carradine,one of those actors who won an Oscar but not for acting.


Michael Bowen is also in the Carradine family,and Barbara Hershey was Carradine-adjacent.

November 16,2016 | Unregistered CommenterBrevity

martha maggie missi margeopened on this day

November 16,2016 | Unregistered Commenterpar

Blindness has Julianne Moore's most underrated performance.Can't believe she hasn't garnered any prizes for that arresting work.

November 16,2016 | Unregistered Commentercal roth

lol.If Jessica Chastain were the "Glenn Close of the 2010s"she'd be getting her fifth Oscar nomination by now.And have one or two culturally iconic performances under her belt.

November 16,2016 | Unregistered CommenterHayden W.

par - i love you.

November 16,2016 | Registered CommenterNATHANIEL R

I watched The White Parade and sat there thinking "They nominated this for Best Picture"?It was very standard stuff so it must have either had a big push from its studio or caught some emotional zeitgeist of the moment.What I noticed most was what terrible condition the print was in for something with a Best Picture Oscar nomination.

I love the stage show and particularly the movie of Oklahoma,Shirley Jones & Gordon MacRae are just so perfect together,but the actual state you can have.When I traveled through the people were very unfriendly.

I do remember seeing Just the Way You Are but not much about it outside of Michael Ontkean.

When Jennifer Lawrence tripped I thought "Poor thing,get yourself together,make a joke about it and get up there and pick up that Oscar!"

Happy Birthday Missi Pyle!!

November 16,2016 | Unregistered Commenterjoel6

I'm pretty sure Lisa Bonet (Denise) wasn't the oldest Cosby kid.The oldest was a different daughter named Sondra.

November 16,2016 | Unregistered Commentercash

Helgenberger was actually pretty great in Erin Brokovich.I wondered why she didn't do more movies - she's stunningly beautiful but also just slightly generic-looking enough to fit a lot of roles.After playing Dennis Quaid's wife in In Good Company she's pretty much just focused on TV.But hey,I bet the money is great!

November 16,2016 | Unregistered CommenterDJDeeJay

You children are so damn literal.Glenn Close represents acting excellence while being ignored for tarts and novelties.Hence Chastain rightfully fits into that narrative of denying greatness for something else there.

November 16,2016 | Unregistered Commenter/3rtful

Who is the tart and whom is the novelty

She lost to Lange,Hunt,Cher,Foster,Ashcroft & Streep

I wouldn't describe any of those as that.

Sometimes it's better not just to say stuff for controversy without doing your homework.

November 16,2016 | Unregistered CommenterMARKGORDON

amy adams is the glenn close of this genaration

November 16,2016 | Unregistered Commenterelroy

Linda Hunt and Cher are novelties.Lange and Foster aren't actually tarts but their sex appeal helped with the majority male voter bloc.Ashcroft was old.And Streep's 3rd was never going to be pretty.

Amy Adams has an inflated nomination count.She's closer to Streep than Close.

November 16,2016 | Unregistered Commenter/3rtful

Hunt is no novelty she still acts today,Cher is simply Cher whose persona often disguises the fact she is a fine actress,Lange's sex appeal had almost nothing to do with her win,she was double nominated and had to win somewhere but she was no tart in either of her 82 movies,Foster's never been a sex symbol and it was Streep's time for a 3rd not that I agree with her win,regarding Ashcroft are we adding old age as things to hold against women now.

November 16,2016 | Unregistered CommenterMARKGORDON

I always confuse Clu Gulager with Hal Holbrook.And I always will.

It has never struck me how young Clark Gable was when he died.The lifestyle of that era really took it's toll on men.

Had no idea Keith Carradine was an Oscar winner!...And after consulting IMDB I see why.

Martha is fantastic.

November 16,2016 | Unregistered CommenterGena

A short run ofMerrily We Roll Alongis being presented in LA soon at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts in Beverly Hills.

"Michael Arden,who brilliantly re-imagined The Wallis' production ofSpring Awakeningthat received rave reviews on Broadway,directs this rarely staged Stephen Sondheim musical...Featuring: Whitney Bashor,Wayne Brady,Aaron Lazar,Saycon Sengbloh,Amir Talai,Donna Vivino"

November 16,2016 | Unregistered CommenterPaul Outlaw

And I'm going on my birthday.

Merrilyopened in 1981 on the 92nd birthday of George S.Kaufman (see above),who wrote,with his partner Moss Hart,the original play the musical is based on.

November 16,2016 | Unregistered CommenterPaul Outlaw

That trip she did was so staged.She is so full of it.If she steals Scarlett Johansson's Oscar,Scar-Jo 3:16 will lay a can of whoop-ass on her with a Scar-Jo Stunna!!!

November 16,2016 | Unregistered CommenterSteven

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