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Nov 24 2016

Jose Gives Thanks <3

Josehere.Confession: I keep a gratitude journal.Every morning I jot down a few things for which I'm grateful and more often than not,I find that they have little to do with "real life"and more to do with art,particularly film and theatre."I'm grateful for the tear that came down the actress' cheek after she sang the 11 o'clock number",or "I'm grateful for Emma Stone's eyes"...Experts say that keeping track of the good things that happen to you is key to happiness,and without being too esoteric,or GOOP,about it I can definitely say I've noticed the improvements in my own life.So hey,if you need a new project to get you through these dark days why not give it a try?In the meantime I thought I'd share a few of those entries with you.

I give thanks for…

...being alive in the era where queer films aren't tragic,but hopeful!Kudos toHenry Gamble's Birthday PartyandMoonlightfor sending me home elated,rather than sobbing.

...the fuzzy feelings Isabelle Huppert made me feel inThings to Come.I wanted to hug her for all of eternity after the film ended.

...the "burn everything down"joy of Isabelle Huppert inElle.I wanted her to recruit me for an army of badassery after the film ended. in an era where Broadway might be accessible to worldwide audiences through streaming and film!While nothing compares to a live performance,just because one can't be in NYC,it doesn't mean one should be denied the bliss of seeing Jane Krakowski do a split and slide across the stage.

...howLa La Landwas able to both pay tribute to great films while also being its own piece of art.There is a moment when Emma Stone is both the object of our desire (a laVertigo) and also the beholder doing the desiring (a la Babs inThe Way We Were) that made my heart stop.

…managing to avoid watching trailers,clips and teasers.I walked intoLa La Landknowing absolutely nothing about it,and came out floating on a cloud of pink.

...the inventive cinematography inJackie.The camera gets so close we might as well be inside the First Lady's subconscious!

...Janelle Monáe,movie star.

...Black Phillip.

...Blake Lively kicking the shark's ass inThe Shallows.

...Blake Lively and K.Stew being all Kim Novak inVertigolike in Woody'sCafe Society.

...Sonia Braga's unique brand of sexy inAquarius.Goddess doesn't even begin to make justice to her.

...the way Kate Winslet lights her cigarettes inThe Dressmaker.

...Pedro Almodóvar's love of Greek mythology inJulieta.Talk about reclaiming the epic as a "woman's picture".

...John Carney completing his trilogy of perfect little musicals withSing Street.

Jose learned how to speak English by memorizingBambiwhen he was a toddler.He has loved the movies ever since and will forever be greateful to Nathaniel for giving him his first opportunity to write for an American outlet.Upon moving to NYC he started atorrid affair with theatreand became a member of Drama Desk and the American Theatre Critics Association;however,he comes home to cuddle with the movies every night.

Read more about Team Experiencehere.

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Reader Comments (4)

Thank you for this,Jose!Lovely sentiments,and you've inspired me to start a gratitude journal myself.Happy Thanksgiving,TFE!And to Nathaniel for creating my very favorite daily destination online since 2001.It's been a constant source of joy,education and stimulation.Xoxo...

November 24,2016 | Unregistered CommenterMareko

Thanks for sharing.Has John Carney said he's switching gears?I'd like to think were getting more than a trilogy.

November 24,2016 | Unregistered CommenterDave S.

What show was Jane Krakowski in,and when was it filmed?

November 24,2016 | Unregistered Commentercash

Cash - Krakowski was in "She Loves Me",filmed sometime earlier this year.

November 25,2016 | Unregistered CommenterDave S.

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