Judy by the Numbers: "The Judy Garland Christmas Show"
Wednesday,December 7,2016 at 8:38AM
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Anne Marie has been chronicling Judy Garland's career chronologically through musical numbers...

Full disclosure: I am in the middle of finals hell,wherein I have to write roughly 45 pages and grade exactly 48 exams before I can finally collapse at home for the holidays.So this episode is an especially selfish choice on my part.Since it's been a rocky year,I thought the best choice would be to post the entire episode,so that we could come together over a warm Christmas computer and spend the holidays with Judy.

The Show:The Judy GarlandShow Episode 15
The Songwriters: Various,arrangement by Mel Torme
The Cast: Judy Garland,Mel Torme,Liza Minnelli,directed by Dean Whitmore

The Story: Call me a sap (and I am),but I cannot watch Judy Garland sing "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas"while she and her children watch fake snow fall out of a studio set window.In a season that seems to demand yearly special televised events,The Judy Garland Christmas Showranks as one of the most special Like every episode ofThe Judy Garland Show,there are some nasty rumors that have risen to the level of legend: that Judy and Mel were fighting,which caused her to flub his name and two song lyrics,that Judy refused to rehearse,that she was high,etc.But somehow the backstage antipathy doesn't diminish the near-camp joy of Judy and co.sitting around a mid-century fireplace singing the songs that she made famous.Much of it has to do with her kids: as the Luft siblings and Liza make appearances,their improvised bits may be stagey,but their affection for their mother is real.Gaffes,bad jokes,and creepy Santa dancers notwithstanding,The Judy Garland Christmas Showremains a classic staple of holiday television.

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