Equals Poster & Teaser
Monday,February 15,2016 at 10:00AM
Manuel Betancourt in Drake Doremus,Equals,Kristen Stewart,Nicholas Hoult

Manuelhere.After premiering at Toronto last year,Drake Doremus's (Like Crazy) sci-fi romanceEqualsis headed our way soon via A24.And perhaps as a way to dispel the mixed-reaction this Kristen Stewart/Nicholas Hoult flick got at the busy Canadian festival,we've been given two beautiful pieces of marketing: a gorgeous one-sheet poster (with the nevertheless corny tagline,"Find your equal") and a Chromatics-scored teaser trailer that shows us the sleek and slate future Doremus has cooked up.

In case the beautifully bleak futuristic visuals don't give it away,the film centers on a dystopian future where human emotions have been eradicated...or have they?There really is only one way a plot like that develops but it'll make a nice addition to this growing romance-deconstruction-via-sci-fi genre to which Spike Jonze,Alex Garland,and Jonathan Glazer have treated us in these past few years.

Check out the teaser below and discuss with us whether anyone could really resist Hoult's cheekbones,even or especially,when told not to.

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