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I'm so torn. I LOVE Laura Dern but I haven't really been that into the work she's been doing lately that paradoxically have gotten her the most widespread attention.“-Peter

It's not the BEST role or performance in her career, but it's the RIGHT role and performance for this moment in time. Those things are always personal and relative.- Gerald


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Feb 16 2016

Red Carpet Lineup: BAFTA w/ Cate, Rooney, Angela...

何塞here. London, bloody London, or rainy for that matter. It seems that as usual, it was either freezing, rainy or both at the BAFTA red carpet, and while sometimes the inclement weather makes for some truly adorable moments when actresses must accesorize accordingly (rememberMarion's cute faces trying to stay dry in 2013?) sometimes it doesn't (Kate's gigantic umbrella in 2009 was a tragedy) This year we had two beautiful ladies showing us the right and wrong way to do it. Rooney Mara took on the red carpet in Givenchy Haute Couture which she chose to cover under a shapeless black coat. Once she removed it, there wasn't much to see either, she has worn this exact same dress at least 100 times by now. She gets points for being so funny/dismissive about the red carpet game though.

No, everyone's yelling at you"

。。。she said to a reporter who asked if she liked the experience.


鲁尼玛拉X 2.神自己×2

This poses a fascinating dilemma, I adore actresses and couture, but is it really part of their job to pretend to enjoy red carpets? On the other side, Julianne Moore went for a dazzling custom Armani complete with a stunning shoulder cape. Her Holiness indeed.


Saoirse, Alicia, and Cate x 2

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't BAFTA usually a showcase for very muted colors in dresses? Why aren't people trying to spice up the London life? Saoirse Ronan looked gorgeous in Burberry, while the dress isn't necessarily something to write home for, her hair and makeup were flawless. Vikander surprised no one in yet another Louis Vuitton design (her hair screamed Versace though), and you gotta love Cate the great...everytime she knows she'll lose, she just goes all out. She donned two Alexander McQueen gowns that night, the first which I choose to believeshe selected because she secretly wants to please me,the second becausegirl loves paying tribute to herself

Kate (who won!), Stacy Martin, and Angela Bassett.

凯特·温斯莱特去了一个很清醒的安东尼奥·贝拉尔迪和范思哲发(it's一个actual事情)。总有一天我会明白BAFTA客人列表,户田拓夫y is not the day, but rather than be confounded, I'll praise them for asking Stacy Martin (Nymphomaniac)与安杰拉·巴西特出席,如果没有超过,因为他们每个人都显示出它是如何做等。马丁是惊人的天鹅绒妙妙,和安吉拉巴塞特带来了一些急需的性感(和明亮的色调!)红地毯在自定义加利亚Lahav。荣誉对于那些展示枪了。

Who were your favorite BAFTA ladies? Any theory on why nobody bothers ever wearing color to these?


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Mara's gown is exquisite. And not black. But damn, is she a miserabilist.

February 16, 2016 |Paul Outlaw

Red carpets are part of the job. Being on RC helps in promoting their films and careers, besides most of the actresses featured on this page earn a living endorsing beauty brands. Even grumpy Rooney used to shell for Calvin Klein. And most know it is part of their job and just get on with it. Some enjoy it more than others. Cate obviously LOVES to pose.

February 16, 2016 |Murtada Elfadl

I loved the Mcqueen on Cate and Saoirse's Burberry dress the most. Kate wore the same style dress she usually wears, but she always comes with a good attitude and that goes a long way.

February 16, 2016 |LadyEdith


February 16, 2016 |Hayden W.


February 16, 2016 |Ivonne

Murtada: the definition of a job is you get paid for it, usually red carpets, press interviews, Oscar season shenanigans, promos are NOT paid/part of contracts. So calling it "part of the job" is wrong because god knows many of these people would rather be at home eating ice cream and/or spending time with their families, rather than talking to E! clowns. Your Cate LOVES it, but I don't think you're being objective by calling it a "job". I love fashion when people wanna do fashion, but I find it sad that so many times people's actual work is evaluated based on unimportant things like their red carpet efforts. You know Rooney - who I adore - "loses votes" by being so nonchalant about her disdain for red carpets, when it should be about her work.

February 16, 2016 |何塞



February 16, 2016 |Paul Outlaw

When Lancôme or Armani or CK or l'oreal pays an actress to appear on red carpets to endorse their products it's a job. When red carpets increase an actress' visibility and promotes their current project leading to better paying future projects = a job.

That's what I meant and I don't think I am wrong in calling it a job.

February 16, 2016 |Murtada Elfadl


February 16, 2016 |何塞

Yeah, Kate is not reinventing the wheel, but she looked FAB. She at least wins for BEST HAIR. And then there's all the photos of her with her arm around hot men all night... Idris, Michael, Leo, Eddie... she had a great night!

February 16, 2016 |Ryan T.

I still don't get the appeal of Rooney Mara. Lovely on-screen, utterly boring/dour on the red carpet. She's approaching "dementor" status for me. I guess I need to see more interviews or something with her because she's not someone you can even get excited about. I mean, you're an actress. Pretend you're a character, do a smile and a spin and haul your ass off the carpet if it's that bad. You know you have to do a carpet on the awards circuit. Grin and bear it. Even Kristen Stewart managed to get past it and she was probably just as bad during the Twilight years.

Kate is kind of been there, done that but she was *working* it. Plus, she must have paid someone to stand with a fan because every pic of her i've seen had her hair blowing ever so majestically. Saorise looks great in closeups but from further away, the dress is kind of shapeless. Cate gets the win for me.

February 16, 2016 |Derreck.

@ LadyEdith - 我是这样在同一页上!其实我喜欢鲁尼玛拉在电影中,她能这么多,然后我们去她从银幕形象和她的酸味这样的冒失鬼,它变得真的很难过她!

@海登W. - 其实我很开心在红地毯上赛季下关之琳派克。我记得印象如何适应她在金球奖看,尽管几个月前交付了孩子,然后她在搭配礼服的SAG奖出现了,看上去像从天桥骄子那些疯狂的挑战之一,我是所有“GURL,与这是怎么回事?”,但是当它来到大日子,她居然slayed奥斯卡RC与一个美丽的红色礼服,使她看起来既性感又优雅。这是我最喜欢整个赛季的长相之一。此外,没有被提名的女主角的有一个特别壮观的2015年,尤其是朱丽安·摩尔,与Freeheld大量坦克和第七个儿子一个金酸莓标称,所以没必要单开出派克女士。



February 16, 2016 |Carmen Sandiego


February 16, 2016 |城野

何塞- When an Actor/Actress gets nominated for an Oscar, Bafta, GG's, Sag, etc. That is a golden year - for most in the profession it might NEVER happen, or just a few lucky times. So yeah - I expect nominees to show up and at least be a good sport about the public appearances involved. And some even show JOY.
Because they might just spend years not getting any recognition. So I do wish RM would lighten up and enjoy what she has.

Rooney Mara makes it clear she doesn't like the red carpet in interviews, " I’m just not that interested in that world. But it does matter, and either I can fight that or I just have to accept that it is a part of my job, and I may as well wear things that I like and that represent me.”

Which is why I wish she would just get over the angst of it all. I think if she were to wait 5 or more years for the next nomination that would change her entitled spoiled attitude.

February 16, 2016 |LadyEdith

卡门 - 感谢竖起了关之琳派克 - 人们不必是完美的每一个很有趣的或成功的在红地毯上的时间。她的红色礼服在奥斯卡颁奖典礼是一个本垒打。亚博主页

Hayden - She has "A United Kingdom" coming out this year which does look interesting. Films take time - fellow nominee Felicity Jones didn't release anything this year, but has some in the pipeline.

February 16, 2016 |LadyEdith



February 16, 2016 |Paul Outlaw


February 16, 2016 |Hayden W.

我必须在鲁尼玛拉同意 - 当我看着红地毯节目,我几乎是等着看她会怎么变味似乎这个时候。

Kate's hair is made of awesome. I wish she'd wear it down more often.


February 16, 2016 |苏珊娜

I don't think Kate's umbrella was bad at all!

February 16, 2016 |Tyler


February 16, 2016 |Claran

何塞奇怪的问题,但你在哪里找到好的照片of past awards circuit dresses? You often link to great images that I had forgotten about...

Is there some kind of, dare I say it, Master Dress Archive?

February 17, 2016 |布赖恩