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Mar 三十 2016

Q&A: Artists in Movies and Uninspiring Best Pic Lineups

在这几周的问答中,我要求一个艺术主题来庆祝文森特·梵高和弗朗西斯科·德·戈雅在这一天的共同生日!So we'll start with a few art-focused topics before venturing to rando questions.


I vastly prefer non-traditional biopics so I'm susceptible to stuff that piques curiosity rather than gives you a greatest hits.So I like bios likeThirty Two Short Films About Glenn Gould(1993).I have some problems with我不在那里(2007) which is my least favorite Todd Haynes film but I respect the hell out of it conceptually.关于画家的电影,我对弗朗西斯·培根更感兴趣Love is the Devil(1998) and not just because of Daniel Craig in the bathtub!I already cared aboutCaravaggiobefore seeing Derek Jarman'sCaravaggiobut I hope people see that one,也是。

BRIAN:如果你不得不推荐一个初出茅庐的影迷一部基于艺术家的电影,a work of art,或者艺术主题是什么?

Hmmm.很多关于绘画的电影都不是很好(看一个人的绘画比看一个人的写作更有趣)。So let's do "artistic"主题和答案很容易阿玛丢斯(1984年)。这是一部非常有用的电影,可以用两种常见的方式来引用(“太多的注释!”)深思熟虑(有能力的熟练工人和真正的天才有什么区别?).One of my other favorite "art"movies isHigh Art(1998年)

还有8个问题after the jump

But my interest in that one is mostly due to the interpersonal complexities and Oscar worthy acting within its  riangular affair (Radha Mitchell,Ally Sheedy和Patricia Clarkson)


The important thing to note straightaway is that Hollywood has a very limited perception on what biopics can be.只要从主题上讲,你的生活可以是有趣的,而且传记片是非常有重点的,你就不必一定过着超戏剧化的生活。我希望,例如,that弗里达(2002)更专注于一个时间框架,因为它有几个强大的元素,但作为一部完整的电影,它并没有真正加起来太多。

The right director could make a greatCindy Shermanfeature but it would have to be prismatic and identity-politics based like an我不在那里拼图。There'sAna Mendietawhose earth-body performances would lookgreatonscreen.她过着一种有趣的生活,从一个著名的古巴家庭到一个移民到美国,然后一个神秘的高层坠落到她的死亡,有些人认为这归因于自杀。其他人和她的新丈夫吵架。I thinkJenny Saville肥胖的女性裸体,her willingness to pose herself,and her fascination wtih plastic surgery could all make for something interesting and provocativelly charged and feminist for the big screen.I think Tracey Emin is controversial enough in the "but is it art or narcissistic provocation?"kind of way that someone could wring a decent movie out of her rise from“和我睡过的人”to  "My Bed"

Obviously Yoko Ono but only as long as the film understands her as a lead and doesn't become just another Beatles picture.Diane Arbus is fascinating enough that there's every reason to give her a real biopic rather than a fictional one (皮毛).And I remain sad that Michelle Pfeiffer never adamantly pursued her desire to do a Georgia O'Keeffe bio.

CRAVER:Shamefully I have never seen any movie from Japan's golden age.I intend to begin with Kurosawa.Which of his movies do you think I should watch first?

I am not the greatest fan ofRashômon(1950)我不得不承认,但我确实认为这是绝对必要的观看,因为它被如此频繁地引用,并被证明对叙事电影的制作如此有影响。但在你看过之后,加入我们Throne of Blood(1957)既然我们是为了用你最好的一击打我!

KEISHA:Who are your favorite Best Actor and Actress winning pairs,either based on merit or for superficial reasons (As I was thinking about this,I realized that had Judy Garland won in 1954,当马龙·白兰度获得最佳男主角时,她和女儿莉莎·明尼里都将获得最佳女主角。

哇!That Liza/Judy what if blows my mind.So having established that we're talking "sets"by year rather than co-stars,I must confess that I'm almost never okay withbothof the winners in a given year so my favorite pairs are for other reasons entirely.I love those moments when a pair who wins one year happens to co-star the next like 53/54 Audrey Hepburn & William Holden (Roman Holiday/Stalag 17Sabrina).My favorite same film winners are Colbert/Gable in 1934'sIt Happened One Night,easily one of the greatest romantic comedies ever made.我真的很喜欢1990年的凯西·贝茨/杰里米·艾恩斯(Misery/Reversal of Fortune)因为它的非典型性质;that's the only time (I think) when both winners were villains.And the 1995 wins to Susan Sarandon / Nicolas Cage (Dead Man Walking/Leaving Las Vegas) have always been a curious pleasure because it's the only time in Oscar history where I would have awarded the exact same two films both leading prizes...only in reverse.I was Team Sean Penn/Elisabeth Shue that year.

DAVID: Have you ever seen the 1993 noir filmRomeo is Bleeding?I think Lena Olin is deliciously over-the-top in it as the Russian hitwoman tormenting dirty cop Gary Oldman.你是莉娜·奥林的粉丝吗?

我不能说“fan”但我记得她在那部电影里开始时很好/很疯狂。She's the only thing I remember about it (Ithink我讨厌这部电影?)她在其他一些电影里也非常出色(Unbearable Lightness of Being / Enemies: A Love Story / The Reader).

It's weird that her career never exploded given how consistently vivid she was for a few years.Let's blame her husband Lasse Halström because it's fun to blame him for things.老实说:巧克力is THE.WORST.


Hmmm.我们只能回到5位提名者的时代。I'm trying to think of a year where none of the Best Pictures made even my top ten list.Generally speaking one of the nominees at least works like gangbusters for me (likeMilkin 2008...otherwise that Picture liszzzzz).我想我的答案是1989年。Driving Miss Daisy,出生于7月4日,Dead Poets Society,Field of Dreams,My Left Foot.那张单子有nothing为了我。1970年光荣(不光彩?)提及:Patton,机场,五件简单的,Love Story,M*A*S*H型.很好,尤其是奥尔特曼,但它们都不是“最爱”从本质上说,我想回到。

SONJA: What was the very first movie made you REALLY love movies? (thinking back it was小美人鱼and爱德华剪刀手for me)

噢,那些电影肯定重新点燃了我的。It hurts my heart that I can't remember the first movie I ever saw but my mom claims I was always obsessive about them.This will date me but you all know I'm in my 40s (ugh) so whatever.My first vivid movie-related memory is my family driving past Livonia Mall (the movie theater I went to the most as a kid) and seeing a worker removing the tiles spelling来无影去无踪(1978)从大帐篷。I was heart broken because nobody knew that the VCR would soon rescue movie fans from never seeing movies again that they loved.But the movie I cite as the one that changed me wasThe Purple Rose of Cairo(1985) because I suddenly understood that the size of my love for movies was not "normal".I was a Cecile and most people aren't.Their loss,OBVS!

乔尼:考虑到自世纪之交以来,我们在电影音乐剧中看到了巨大的复兴,包括最近几次桑德海姆改编,what do you think of a movie adaptation ofSunday in the Park with George?Do you think that the bifurcated time period structure could work on film?

桑德海姆的音乐剧和舞台剧一样完美,如果没有天才的导演(因为某种原因音乐剧永远得不到),很难想象他们在屏幕上正常工作。Sunday in the Park with George是天堂,但我不确定它会在屏幕上工作,除非你缩写第二幕。在第一幕相当忠实的改编之后,它更像是一个结语或第三幕。

Mr W: You can pick one play by Shakespeare that deserves yet another adaptation for the big screen,你可以选择导演和演员

NOoooooooooo!Moratorium on Shakespeare for 10 years in theater and film.The whole would would benefit from the renewed experimentation of artists all over the world.There areso manyother playwrights worth adapting.我的意思是想象一下,如果在接下来的十年里,我们能从其他几个作家那里得到一部电影改编,而不是我们可能得到的接下来的12部莎士比亚。Imagine a riff here on there on classics from Williams,契诃夫,Shepard,Kushner,Albee,布莱希特,停止,or,好,还有人吗?It'd be so exciting!


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Reader Comments (29)

Even if they made Yoko Ono the lead in her own biopic,I shudder to think which white actress they'd get to play her and how they'd "make"她的亚洲人。

March 30,2016 | Unregistered CommenterSteph Bello

Thanks for the recommendations.

I agree completely on no more Shakespeare for a while.别误会我,我喜欢莎士比亚,我喜欢改编电影(也讨厌一对夫妇)。but there are so many wonderful playwrights that deserve some attention.I would love an adaption of Tony Kushner's明亮的房间叫白天就个人而言。My only worrys with adaptions of plays is how they will be directed and how well they get translated from stage to screen.The adaptions that work can be amazing,while the others feel like a shell of what the play was.

March 30,2016 | Unregistered Commenter布瑞恩

Nat你确实注意到你提到的所有剧作家,none of them are from anywhere near Shakespeare's era,所以,如果你对另一个莎士比亚改编的10年如此执着,你想在舞台或银幕上看到那个时代的其他剧作家(克里斯托弗·马洛,本·琼森,etc.)?It feels like a cheat to call for a moratorium on Shakespeare and then only suggst contemporary playwrights,a few of which are still alive and even writing screenplays...

March 30,2016 | Unregistered CommenterRichter Scale

I would still love a musical adaptation of a Shakespeare play written by Joss Whedon.Let fellow Wesleyan graduate Lin-Manuel Miranda co-write it even.I would die quite happy I think.

March 31,2016 | Unregistered Commenter瑞安T.


The first movie I *remember* going to see was DICK TRACY because,apparently,my mum knew of my burgeoning Madonna obsession (yes,even at that early age).尽管人们很容易忘记这部电影是针对年轻观众的,尽管暴力和30年代的时代背景,我怀疑当时我或许多其他年轻人理解。

I'd really like to recommend Paul Cox's VINCENT.It uses Van Gogh's letters as narration of images of paintings and visits to the locations of where they were painted.它美丽、平静、神圣。

March 31,2016 | Unregistered CommenterGlenn Dunks

I was shocked looking through the Best Actor and Best Actress winners each of year how much I too always had issues with one of the winners.

If I had to pick some of the best in addition to some you've mentioned:
Marion Cotillard and Daniel Day-Lewis (easily my favorite of paired Best Actor/Best Actress performances,though I know you weren't big on Cotillard in La Vie en Rose)
Jane Fonda and Gene Hackman
Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster

如果我们不考虑他们赢得的实际表现,there have been tons of incredible winning pairs.

March 31,2016 | Unregistered CommenterSteve

谢谢你的建议,Nat.I'd try to get my hand on a copy of Rashomon and Throne of Blood,hopefully soon.
It always warms my heart to know that Mandy Patinkin has such an amazing singing voice.I'd literally die if he suddenly has a musical number on
杰里米·艾恩斯被低估了,but my favorite pair is of course Hopkins and Foster from Silence of The Lambs,with Network's Finch and Dunaway as runner up.

March 31,2016 | Unregistered CommenterCraver

I love Elisabeth Shue in Leaving Las Vegas,但我仍然觉得奇怪的是,即使是梅丽尔·斯特里普的粉丝们似乎都不承认她有史以来最出色的表演,in The Bridges of Madison County.

March 31,2016 | Unregistered Commentercal roth

These were a really good set of questions (and answers!)



March 31,2016 | Unregistered Commenter佩吉苏

Emma Stone as Yoko Ono,显然。

March 31,2016 | Unregistered Commenter迈克在加拿大

When Blanchett and McConaughey won their Lead Oscars.亚博主页I remember discussion here was about them sharing a birth year and being the same age at the time of their wins.贝茨和铁也可以这样说。

March 31,2016 | Unregistered Commenter/3rtful

Elisabeth Shue was EVERYTHING in Leaving Las Vegas...roles like that come along once in a lifetime.很高兴她能在沉溺于像CSI这样的电视垃圾前如此明亮地发光。

March 31,2016 | Unregistered CommenterDAVID

Elisabeth Shue is perfect in Leaving Las Vegas except for one scene (her Oscar clip).

March 31,2016 | Unregistered Commenter佩吉苏


March 31,2016 | Unregistered Commenter纳撒尼尔R

Mike in Canada: That casting in Aloha will never not be stupid.

March 31,2016 | Unregistered Commenter瓦基亚

As for uninspiring Best Picture lineups how about:

1955: Marty,罗伯茨先生,野餐,The Rose Tattoo,Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing.Zzzzz

1963: Tom Jones is passable,Cleopatra (especially the first half) is underrated,but Lilies of the Field,How the West Was Won and America,America are pretty useless

1978: By being a forgettable mediocrities,天堂可以等待,一个未婚女子已经比回家那样虚伪的垃圾堆好了,Midnight Express and The Deer Hunter -- the most undeserving Best Picture winner of all time

and (fanfare please)

2014!!!: Grand Budapest Hotel,塞尔玛和万物论并非完全没有价值,but Boyhood,鸟人,The Imitation Game and American Sniper are grossly overrated,and Whiplash is downright vile

This year my 7th choice was The Revenant.我会在2014年对它进行排名1或2

March 31,2016 | Unregistered Commenterken s

Nathaniel和Peggy Sue-

是她用筷子吃面条或其他东西的夹子,and she was begging him to stop drinking...然后她把筷子扔到碗里,沮丧地说:“我给了你很多自由意志,本,你可以为我做一件事”lol

March 31,2016 | Unregistered CommenterDAVID

Ken S -- i considered 55 for that answer but i have some affection for rose tattoo and a little bit for Picnic however dated.


March 31,2016 | Unregistered CommenterNathaniel R

几年前我看过开罗的紫玫瑰,很快就爱上了它。Might be my favorite Woody Allen film.

TBH I personally rank Bridges of Madison County as #5 of Meryl's best performances of all time.
Nothing tops Sophie's Choice and I really think Miranda Priestly is her second best performance ever.(3-自适应,4-A Cry in the Dark)
That she won absolutely NOTHING for Bridges is a crying shame though....
But I really love the 1995 line up.Any of them would have made a deserving winner imo.

Kathy Bates is one of my most favorite Best Actress wins ever,but I was not so impressed with Irons...
2007 might be the best winning pair overall,但是作为一个品味不好的人,I really like the 2011 pair as well.Sorry Nat...(and everyone else)

March 31,2016 | Unregistered Commenter索尼亚

我记得在剧院里看到的第一部电影是《黑釜》。我记得被它弄糊涂了。I saw it once more as an adult and I was still confused by it,所以我想有些事情在5到30岁之间不会改变!

March 31,2016 | Unregistered Commentercash

顺便说一句,我很高兴我小时候没看到奥兹的大风雪。Would have crept the hell out of me....

March 31,2016 | Unregistered Commenter索尼亚

Lena Olin is amazing.Wish she worked more.It's hard to blame Lasse Hailstorm for Chocolat when he also gave me What's Eating Gilbert Grape.

March 31,2016 | Unregistered Commenter比格斯

谢谢你回答我的问题!Aside from the couple that I mentioned in my question,another random pair I like is Spencer Tracy and Bette Davis in 1938 because they have the same birthday (which they share with Gregory Peck).我也喜欢1945年的雷·米拉兰和琼·克劳福德,因为他们赢得了更多的角色。The Denzel Washington and Halle Berry pairing in 2001 is great too,though neither were my favorites in their categories.

But yeah I'm with you,it's rare that my favorite male and female performance of the year (of the ones nominated) goes on to win,因此,仅仅根据优点来挑选一双最受欢迎的鞋是很困难的。

March 31,2016 | Unregistered CommenterKeisha

Five Easy Pieces is one of the Greatest.电影。曾经。Made.

That is all.

March 31,2016 | Unregistered Commenter戈兰



"If you had to recommend a budding Cinephile a movie based on an artist,a work of art,or has artistic themes what would it be?"


"Shamefully I have never seen any movie from Japan's golden age.I intend to begin with Kurosawa.Which of his movies do you think I should watch first?"

伊基鲁orHigh and Low

Best Oscar Winning Pair: Hmmm..Fredric March和Olivia de Havilland(1946年),Alec Guinness and Joanne Woodward (1957),Gregory Peck and Anne Bancroft (1962),Sissy Spacek和Robert de Niro(1980年),Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins (1991),Adrien Brody and Nicole Kidman (2002)

Lena Olin: She was awesome on Alias too!

Best Picture wise: No 2006 nominee made my top twenty.1988年也相当糟糕。1956年很糟糕。


有时候,I view Sunday in the Park With George as the greatest musical of all time.我希望它能在电影中发挥作用,但需要一个完美的导演。


Shakespeare: Gotta say,not being in New York or London I don't get to feel that the world's greatest dramatist is overdone.但不是莎士比亚,我们来评论一下纳撒尼尔提到的剧作家

Tennessee Williams: Maybe Not About Nightingales.
谢泼德:你知道,I really (really) don't care for Sam Shepherd,so I'll pass on this one
Kushner: Hmmm...Homebody/Kabul would be fascinating
Albee: Nope.很棒的剧作家,but outside of Virginia Woolf,a little too stagebound.Wouldn't scoff at The Goat,虽然
Brecht: Not on screen.
斯托帕德:哦,选择太多了。Arcadia is the obvious one,but Rock N Roll or The Invention of Love ("I would have died for you but never had the luck!") would be beautiful

March 31,2016 | Unregistered CommenterArkaan

回复:布莱恩的问题,《天堂电影院》是一部让我陷入纯粹的电影狂热的电影,我认为它对生活如何影响艺术有一些说法,反之亦然。However,Amadeus was right behind it.You're right that it's an art-lover's dream,stylized,情节剧,在它的反英雄萨利里,instantly relatable.

April 1,2016 | Unregistered CommenterEvan

My Fav Best Actor/Actress winning pair: Winslet (The Reader)/ Penn (Milk) in 2008.总是想知道为什么温斯莱特因为获胜而受到如此多的仇恨。至少这一次不是猫诈骗。

Oh I luv Purple Rose o Cairo!Mia Farrow shld've been nom for that!Its sad tt she was never nom for an Oscar,even after being Woody's leading lady for so many good pix


April 1,2016 | Unregistered Commenter克拉伦

David - Exactly!She's totally off in that particular scene

April 1,2016 | Unregistered Commenter佩吉苏

我非常喜欢黑泽明,我很高兴你能继承王位。I would recommend Ran,which is just visually incredible.Both of those are based on Shakespeare though so...

I want to say I would love for them to move on to everyone doing a riff on Albee or Brecht.Wouldn't that be something?布莱希特的经济问题将格外突出。我喜欢把莎士比亚带入不同的时代和角度,but that could work for so many playwrights.

4月2日,2016 | Unregistered Commenter玛莎·梅森

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