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婚姻物语- 那大场面

"I喜欢这个场景,并同意在上下文of the film as a whole, it's an understandable explosion of emotions and feelings. But I also felt it revealed a couple of the film's limitations" -Edward

"I'm sure the "set-piece-y" or slightly stagey quality is intentional. This is a film about show business people, one of them from the theater world, negotiating and processing personal discord, so scenes are dramatized through an aesthetic lens that reflects that."- Jonathan


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May 01 2016


不,不是civil war. Movies weren't invented yet.

下周末好莱坞转向完全清除Captain America: Civil War上four trillion screens. Nobody's even trying to counterprogram but just conceding Disney/Marvel's complete dominion over pop culture. Unless of course you are talking arthouse where the sexiest quartet imaginable will be f***ing around in一个更大的飞溅。So before内战destroys the box office whilst simultaneously ushering in summer movie season尴尬的怪异专题双前身Dawn of Justice, here's a look at where the box office for the year stands in four categories along with links to reviews if we did them (though we've been doing a ton more reviews of late the biggest hits seem to have eluded us in most categories).

How many of these pictures have you seen and what did you take in this weekend?我去了基努which rustled up just 9 million this weekend. I was sad to feel shruggy about it since I love kittens and Key & Peele but you can only tell the same few jokes so many times...

02蝙蝠侠超人v: Dawn of Justice$325+评论
04The Jungle Book$252+
0710Cloverfield Lane$ 71+
08发散级数:的Allegiant$ 65+
09London Has Fallen$ 65+
10Miracles From Heaven$59+

02Miracles From Heaven$59+

03The Boss$56+评论
0413小时:班加西的秘密战士$ 52+

05How to Be Single$46+

07The Boy$35+
08Dirty Grandpa$35+
09Gods of Egypt$31+Reviewish
10Hail, Caesar!$30+A Secret Musical?

01美人鱼$ 3.2(中国)
02Ip Man 3$2.6 on (Hong Kong)

03卡普尔父子 - 自1921年以来$2.6 (India)
04Compadres$ 2.3(墨西哥)

05我正在寻找帕拉的Novio弥指数Mujer$1.7 (Mexico)

06Fan$ 1.6(印度)
08Embrace of Serpent$1.2 (Colombia)评论|面试
09Wazir$1.1 (India)
10文&嘉$ 1.8(印度)

TOP 10部纪录片
01凡入侵下一页$ 3.8Glenn's Review,Manuel的评论
02Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus$.9

03City of Gold$.5


06Vaxed: From Cover Up to Conspiracy$.1
08Colliding Dreams收美元(Colombia)
10Los Sures收美元

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Reader Comments (19)

There's nothing in theatres grabbing my attention, but that's fine, because I could give all the time I want to Lemonade, as is my duty to the Queen (although I took a time out to watch Rust & Bone when I needed a Schoenaerts fix.)
As far as the charts go, I've been weirdly obsessed with tracking Zootopia's progress in overtaking the Batman movie. Should pass it next week, which I will consider a minor victory for some inexplicable reason.

May 1, 2016 |Unregistered CommenterMike in Canada


Also ended up seeing PURPLE RAIN at an AMC theater. First time seeing the movie actually. It was... fine. Actually, it was quite bad. But the song is amazing as always.

May 1, 2016 |Unregistered CommenterRyan T.

Tammy is a better movie than The Boss. The next time McCarthy wants to employ Kathy Bates make space for her in one of your movies directed by a real director and written by a real writer that means you and your husband are frauds in that department.

May 1, 2016 |Unregistered Commenter/3rtful


The middle third aside I thought it was an interesting study of dealing with grief in a disconnected world - however that middle third was incredibly grating.


Oh, and did I mention Jake shaves his pecs... repeatedly?

5月2日2016 |Unregistered CommenterBJT


5月2日2016 |Unregistered CommenterRaul

Went to see PURPLE RAIN at a sold out 1200-seat cinema that ended up like a rock concert. It was great. Cheering and dancing and whistling and it was wonderful.

5月2日2016 |Unregistered Commenter格伦扣篮

At the movies I saw Cap America v Iron Man-and it was great fun with som actual brains! Already psyched for the next Spider-Man movie since he was among the best things in this movie.

At home: Grandma, I´ll see you in my dreams-two small gems-and finally James White, devastating but very good.

5月2日2016 |Unregistered Commenterhaajen

If Francophonia is the Sukorov film Francofonia, it's not a documentary.

5月2日2016 |Unregistered Commenterken s

IFFBoston happening. Man, I love short film and doc screenings at festivals--and if the filmmakers are in attendance, they seem SO HAPPY to be there! Also, saw a muscle-ly, half-naked Matthias Schoenaerts in an entertaining yet forgettable French thriller. TFE fav Melanie Lynskey has two films: seeing The Intervention on Wednesday but missed the screening of Folk Hero & Funny Guy, also with Wyatt Russell.

5月2日2016 |Unregistered CommenterPam



It was also a nice reminder from the Da Vinci experts that really smart people have great enthusiasm and are interested in everything.

5月2日2016 |Unregistered Commenteradri

Just looking at these Top Ten lists, it's quite discouraging to see how far behind we already are this year in quality. Guess they'll be releasing 20 Oscar-bait films on New Year's Eve. Sigh.

5月2日2016 |Unregistered Commenterbrookesboy

This week I saw;

CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR I love LOVE the big battle scene. The Russos are great at balancing seriousness and comedy. I don't know how they did it but it's fun without feeling like a fake-out fight. MVP for me is definitely Ant-Man. Paul Rudd is friggin' hilarious. Spider-Man segment gives me so much hope for the reboot. Then I realize the director is Jon Watts who did nothing for me in Cop Car. Great ensemble.


THE WITCH Genuinely scary. Everytime the screen cuts to black, I'm like, do not stop pleaseeee. Like a kid who was scared of frightening ghost stories but couldn't get enough of them. So glad to see it in theatre.

Great week for me Cinematically.

5月2日2016 |Unregistered CommenterJija

Saw SING STREET, loved it. Such a sweet crowd-pleaser of a movie, but with darker notes that save it from being overly saccharine. And musically glorious - I've never been a fan of the '80s, but it's such a great tribute to the era I'm considering getting the soundtrack.

5月2日2016 |Unregistered Commenterlylee


看了“小狐狸”的第一次,并在但像它更在回顾了深刻的印象。该工艺及概念比看它的实际经验强 - 这个故事是无所谓,但他们一定付出努力做出高质量的生产出来。

5月2日2016 |Unregistered CommenterDave S.

I saw Five Million Years to Earth, a British movie from 1968 about an alien invasion. It was interesting, better than I expected.

5月2日2016 |Unregistered CommenterPedro

这是一个音乐和电影周对我来说 - 在樱桃月亮之下,紫晴,柠檬水(并不完全是“电影”,但在视觉上使满足)和星街,这是那种在它的故事轻微但真的很好玩观看。

5月2日2016 |Unregistered Commenter圣FranCinema

Steve Jobs平直的Outta Comption, each about a subject that changed the cultural landscape but still very different films. I can't say which I enjoyed more, but there is much to appreciate about both. I haven't seen that much fire in a Winslet performance in ages, and the more I see of Giamatti, the less I want to see of him.

5月2日2016 |Unregistered Commenter特洛伊H.


5月2日2016 |Unregistered CommenterVolvagia

@Volvagia That's an interesting assessment. Let's hope 70% of Watts and Scott Derrickson give us something wonderful.

May 3, 2016 |Unregistered CommenterJija