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Is it finally Thomas Newman's year with Oscar?

"I was SO SHOCKED to find out (years later), that Newman has NOT won forAmerican Beauty!I mean… how????It's so iconic..." -Sonja

"I think Thomas Newman has a 30% shot to win, but I suspect Hildur Guonadottir (Joker) is going to take home the trophy." -Cash

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11 2016

艾美奖FYC:喜剧类女配角 - 唐娜琳查普林在“疯狂的前女友”

Emmy nomination voting begins Monday.For the next week or two we'll be sharing FYCs of some kind.Here'sDancin Dan...

让我们一两件事出的第一方式:Crazy Ex-Girlfriend值得艾美奖提名的几乎每一个类别中,它的资格。金球奖得主雷切尔·布卢姆今年给了最无畏的,一贯出色的性能在电视上丽贝卡束,来自纽约的律师谁有神经衰弱,搬到西柯汶纳,CA从夏令营她的前男友追(文森特 Rodriguez III, taking a bland character and shading him just enough to make him more and more worthy of Rebecca's obsession).布鲁姆和阿莱恩·布罗什·麦肯纳创建的音乐喜剧流派的球迷已经动辄等候,巧妙地挑战的期望,同时保持了在体裁躲避电视的其他企图质量的一致的水平(抱歉,GleeSmash)。

但是,如果节目只能获得一项提名,一个我希望的最 - 除了布鲁姆,谁就会得到,直到提名公布值得很多这样的文章 - 是唐娜·林恩普林为最佳女配角。普林起着保,办公室经理丽贝卡的新律师事务所。在试验情节,保变得痴迷与丽贝卡的丽贝卡是约什...

但她也摇摇谁丽贝卡了她疯狂的一个 - 至少,同时一点点。问题是,保拉是不是有点疯狂的自己更。

的角色“疯了,但可爱的最好的朋友”的情景喜剧任何一只股票部分的东西,但我想不出任何已经得到的特异性和深度葆具有的水平。保拉的婚姻就像是”The Walking Dead”,丽贝卡·乔希的追求不仅给了他r something to do, but something to root for. She becomes Rebecca's best friend, confidante, partner in crime, and surrogate mother. That's a lot of different roles to play, especially when you factor in that she's also a wife, mother, amateur sleuth, most competent person in her workplace, and collector of all sorts of fabulous animal jewelry. Champlin not only makes sure that Paula always believably fills these roles, but somehow makes this very made-for-TV character feel recognizably real, and really likable despite all her questionable antics (hacking numerous email accounts, breaking and entering, spying... and that's just for starters).

The degree of difficulty onCrazy Ex-Girlfriendis higher than any other comedy on TV, walking a tightrope between satire, romantic comedy, and Judd Apatow-style improv-filled raunch.And on top of all that, it's a musical.And boy does Champlin shine in that light, too, able to perfectly parody any genre not just with her voice, but with her whole body.

So, Emmy voters, face your fears - of the CW, of new shows, of hour-long comedies - and give this woman an Emmy nomination!It's Donna Lynne's turn!




Totally agree, Champlin delivers fantastic moments in S1, and her Rose's Turn-esque scene in the season finale is nothing but brilliant

2016年6月11日| Unregistered Commentereduardo

Like Bloom, she gives a primarily comic character surprising depth.Any scene they share is captivating.Champlin deserves an Emmy for the last scene in the party bus episode alone.

2016年6月11日| Unregistered CommenterBiggs

Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes.Please make this happen.

"...while maintaining a consistent level of quality that has eluded TV's other attempts at the genre (sorry, Glee and Smash)." Yes, you nailed it, and I only just realised this.Finally a musical show that didn't drop it's bundle halfway through Season 1.

2016年6月11日| Unregistered CommenterTravis C

Agreed so much!And I just saw her in Shakespeare in the Park yesterday in the all-female cast of Taming of the Shrew.She's a hoot!

2016年6月12日| Unregistered CommenterRyan T.

She needs to take down Allison Janney at this year's Emmys pronto, with Rachel Bloom toppling JLD simultaneously.Both of them are brilliant, hilarious and downright gutsy.Her Amy Grant-esque "Face you Fears" to the ferocious "After Everything I've Done For You" are just some of the highlights of her role.

2016年6月12日| Unregistered CommenterBluemoon02

lmao -- i totally forgot that face your fears number.Brilliant.

2016年6月12日| Unregistered CommenterNATHANIEL R

Yes!I've loved Donna Lynne Champlin from the premiere.She absolutely deserves an Emmy for this season.

My favorite scene of the whole season is the scene where Paula and her husband recite the show's theme song in dialogue form.

2016年6月12日| Unregistered CommenterSuzanne

Suzanne - I think she (and the show) deserves the Emmy for that scene ALONE.

2016年6月12日| Unregistered Commenterdenny

Yes!Co-signing all of this.

@Suzanne - Yes!Before that happened, I said out loud to my bf, "hmmm, no theme song this episode. Are they not doing that anymore?" And then 5 minutes later that happened and it was perfectly integrated into their conversation.

2016年6月13日| Unregistered CommenterDJDeeJay