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Jun 15 2016


Six questions that trouble me still from theWarcraftscreening last week...

What on earth does Glenn Close need the money for?"

For some reason they only hired sexy men to play these monsters

That's just one of many questions I screamed into the abyss whilst watching this expensive, silly, over-stuffed but under-nourished video game adaptation.What's more this was only one of about 7 questions I screamed to which no answers came ina single sceneof the movie.I couldn't even begin to tell you what was going on other than it was important enough to precede the climax of the movie.But I'll try.A young sorcerer (Ben Schnetzer) enters some sort of black gooey CGI cube and meets some sort of anthropomorphized supernatural force with sounds just like Glenn Close and finally looks just like Glenn Close as it solidifies and turns to camera upon which she/it/they bestow(s) on the young sorcerer some sort of magic that they've been withholding from some sort of bureaucrat mystics association so that he can return to battle another sorcerer to become "The Guardian" of the world of Azeroth where this all takes place...and that's not even the A plot!

The A plot isslightlyless confusing...

(it's basically orcs invading a new world filled with mostly humans) but with a dozen more characters and at least three male actors (Daniel Wu ofInto the Badlands, Robert Kazinsky ofTrue Blood, and Toby Kebbel of many things) whose utter gorgeousness is wasted on audiences because they're trapped in the offscreen motion capture graveyard playing these giant ugly orcs.

Good genetics don't always pay off onscreen

Why why whyyyy?

Actually I can answer that question.It only proves once again that most people involved in filmmaking are straight men and don't think it's an issue to keep wasting male beauty (see also: Idris Elba's 2016 in which he's played numerous animals and one alien but never a sexy human man which he, in fact, is).Gorgeous Paula Patton, the only orc that looks like a human (half-breed you see) gets to go without CGI because they know not to waste female beauty.

Who is narrating?

Generally speaking it's a good idea to make sure your audience knows who is narrating, whether you want to surprise them (I've been dead all along!) or let them get inside a particular character's head.I thought I knew who was narrating but that character dies with a good chunk of the movie still left to go so how could they have narrated it in retrospect without some kind of acknowledgement that they had, in point of fact, died?

Why are some actors so atrocious at the stylized acting that genre films require?

Though actors clearly do not respect the acting demands of the fantasy and sci-fi and horror genres (given the lack of awards that follow such work) all you have to do is watch a couple handfuls of genre films to know that it's not easy to do well.It's easy to survive such pictures, sure, since they are rarely "actor's films" but it's extremely difficult to ace them.Actors have to pitch their voice and their body and their emotional registers into a kind ofjust-this-side-of-realzone in order to capture whatever heightened alternate reality they're supposed to be inhabiting and sometimes it's a completely alien one.Once the actor has done this they still have to believably convey traditionally relatable emotions (often with nothing to actwithgiven that the scene partners are often computer generated).

Like many a genre picture there's a wide range of success rates, acting-wise inWarcraft。鲁思·内格加和特拉维斯·菲梅尔(既不会陌生,流派车费)是相当成功的,感觉这个特殊的想象世界中存在的话。宝拉·巴顿和多米尼克库珀略少所以但他们大多是由得。但它与巫师 - 究竟是谁拥有showiest作用,从而对爆米花的乐趣最有潜力的 - 我们遇到麻烦。福斯特理解程式化,但无论是他太认真对待这还是因为他是一个烂摊子作为土地的最高巫师“卫报”谁可能是也可能不是他的全部在他的私人山宫殿时间后Looney Tunes的他根本不把它当回事。本·施奈策(谁发现了这么多的承诺作为积极的政治头目Pride)更是雪上加霜。他从来没有一次感觉不是绿色的演员谁圆CW试点试镜后无意中发现了一个幻想集的任何其他。他没有出现,没有任何现实的一部分“神奇”,并且总是无可救药2016年

How is sex going to work between these two?

特拉维斯·菲梅尔是这个特殊的特许经营权的流氓鳏夫英雄(这样的比喻!)而且,虽然他们在战场上相遇,他显然有色迷迷的眼神对宝拉·巴顿的半兽人凶猛。她警告说,人类男人谁捕获了她,他们会他们从来没有跟她生存性(她会粉碎他们的骨头 - 并不打算委婉说法 - 她暗示这是一个兽人情况,并不仅仅因为她是一个战士)。所以,如果他们连上,但还她的獠牙来她的嘴里出来这么'69也是出于Fimmel可能会死。

Why does Hollywood think its okay for first films to end on a cliffhanger?

Warcraft有骄傲自大/愚蠢结束对一个悬念,而不是提供一个完整的故事,就好像它已经值得我们美元的2018年和2020年等。注特许经营开心好莱坞:你居然要赚取的第一个电影的普及成熟的专营地位potential系列。记住怎样The Golden Compass结束在峭壁吊钩和观众不喜欢它足够和悬念未曾解决。以来Warcraft开始作为一个视频游戏,而不是一本书编了一个非常具体的情节,有字面上没有借口make-up当你塑造比是谁已经把领先的观众愉悦的未来利润的混蛋其他故事悬念。未来的利润是很难得的,如果你在第一时间做的不是快乐的观众。

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Reader Comments (33)


June 15, 2016 | 未注册的批评家Craver


June 15, 2016 | 未注册的批评家标记


June 15, 2016 | 未注册的批评家Anonny


June 15, 2016 | 未注册的批评家夏天



June 15, 2016 | 未注册的批评家

夏 - 没有。所以我不认为他们已经发布了她的图片,她去在电影uncredited。

June 15, 2016 | 注册批评家NATHANIEL [R

我真的不敢相信谁喜欢可以将这些人写的废话?你抱怨,因为电影在A F绝岭雄风结束,但电影是根据现有的知识,你不能在2小时告诉“完整的故事”。电影。如果您没有在脸上想要一个悬念去巴掌彼得·杰克逊在环的奖学金不杀生索伦。这部电影就像标题所暗示的是“开端”。如果你的心态是低到无法理解的是,那么你应该停止发布类似的事情。你是谁需要创建这篇文章之前,做一些思考的一个。你想过吗?当然不是,只是什么在你的头脑是注意和金钱,你知道,像我这样的穷人吸盘将不能够帮助自己,并会在没有受过教育的废话点击这样是这样的。

June 15, 2016 | 未注册的批评家森sdeath


June 15, 2016 | 未注册的批评家摩根



June 15, 2016 | 未注册的批评家摩根


June 15, 2016 | 未注册的批评家Jaragon

令人失望的格伦·克洛斯在这样的电影。不过说句公道话 - 的A级演员很多拍电影这样的...通常是为了钱或者他们读这比最后一个好剧本初稿?

June 15, 2016 | 未注册的批评家贝蒂·斯特里普


June 15, 2016 | 未注册的批评家史蒂芬

吴彦祖的新好莱坞生涯是迷人的。我希望有人给他一个真正的男主角的角色 soon.There's no reason why he cannot be in a romantic comedy or an action/thriller.I mean look at him.Plus he did quite well with those roles in HK movies, even though he comes off a little stoic (wooden?) sometimes.

June 15, 2016 | 未注册的批评家kin

Glenn Close needs her honorary asap!

June 15, 2016 | 未注册的批评家/3rtful

森sdeath - It's only called Warcraft in the states, so why should Nat point out a title that doesn't have any meaning here?Also, LOTR was shot at once, so you were getting the next parts whether you wanted them or not.

Anyway, for me, Warcraft was just...meh.There's not enough about it I liked to say I enjoyed it;but there's also not enough about it that I hated to say I truly despised it.As for things in the article;I kind of get the not covering up the beautiful people thing but A) They're actors, so they have to play the role as written.B) Paula Patton looks terrible in this film and her skin was digitally turned green, so technically she didn't escape the computer's reach;and C) If you have nothing but a bunch of humans walking around in a fantasy epic about a land filled with all types of creature then that kind of takes away from the whole idea, doesn't it?

June 15, 2016 | 未注册的批评家Daniel Armour

Like Duncan said in an interview..if you didn't play the game you might not get the movie.I personally enjoyed the movie very much because I'm a fan of the franchise.I think they did a good job trying to bottle so much lore into an introductory story so that maybe people who have no knowledge of Warcraft would find it entertaining.It is pure gratuitous CG fluff cinema and that's the only way to do it.For those of you that seem to have so much vitriol about it just remember it a movie about a video game's not meant to be Oscar winning material.For the love of small animals don't hate on it if you haven't seen it.

June 15, 2016 | 未注册的批评家jscott

Glenn Close like everyone else needs a job.She was very effective in her brief scene.Yes I would also love to see her in a great role worthy of her talent.The movie is a huge hit in China which means there will probably be sequel.

June 15, 2016 | 未注册的批评家Jaragon

jscott - As someone that's never played the game, the biggest problem I thought the film had was that it just threw you into the world and expected you to make sense of it without a lot of explanation.

On one hand, that's a bold move;and with the right script that could work.Unfortunately, on the other hand, Warcraft already had a problematic screenplay and really couldn't afford to do that.As much as some might dislike this trope, you really needed a proxy character like Ellen Page in Inception or the young guy in the first Hellboy to come into the world, so that there's an excuse to explain what the hell is going on.

June 16, 2016 | 未注册的批评家Daniel Armour

I love how people who haven't seen the movie keep bashing it in the comments.By all means, keep adopting other people's opinions, why would you ever need to form your own?

June 16, 2016 | 未注册的批评家马诺斯ķ

So this is a beginning movie to a story that spans over 13 books, based on an original video game series that has been around since 1994.The story has been worked on since then, but this movie is based on the very beginning of the story.
Now, is some of the acting cheesey and bad in the film, whilst awarding all you ladies some male beauty out of my boy Ben Foster?Yes, it is.I think some scenes were very soap-opera esk, but all of the "Orc" character performances from Tobey Kebbel, Clancey Brown, Daniel Wu, and Rob Kazinsky were, not only outstanding, but a saving grace to the entertainment value of this movie.By the way, Glenn Close, who I had never heard of, because Im not old or a lesbian, is in this film for all but 30 to 60 seconds at best in a scene that is just there to bullshit the audience a little before a big event happens.All that said, this is the worst movie review Ive ever read, and Im disappointed in you.

June 16, 2016 | 未注册的批评家Sal your Pal

As I was watching this movie, thinking various "whys", I thought of "Labyrinth", the movie with David Bowie, and how this one covered some of the same territory, in a different era.

It was also a high spectacle, low stakes way for Duncan Jones to increase his skill set.

Skills added: large cast, crowd scenes, battle scenes, extended CGI in both characters and setting, satisfying an audience familiar with pre-existing material.

The actors seemed game and happy to be there, and happy to work with Duncan Jones, and hoping to work with him again.Glenn Close is now one of his go-to actresses.Great, can't wait.And it was nice to see Paula Patton with a lead role.

June 16, 2016 | 未注册的批评家adri

Warcraft is #1 in it's 3rd week!o_O
I really had no idea it could be that popular here.*lmao*


June 16, 2016 | 未注册的批评家宋佳


June 16, 2016 | 未注册的批评家宋佳



June 16, 2016 | 未注册的批评家肯小号

魔兽肯定是没有得到的续集。这件事情,有1.6亿$生产预算,看上去有一个总的是将触底反弹某处大约$ 340-350万美元。足够低,是失败的,但并非如此之低,邓肯·琼斯的流通完全像乔什·特兰克可能已被删除的任何威胁。(我刚才看到斯皮尔伯格燃烧。NICE)。

June 16, 2016 | 未注册的批评家Volvagia


格伦·克洛斯,谁,我从来没有听说过,因为我不是旧的或女同性恋,'ve stumbled onto the wrong blog if you think it's cool to not know who 6 time Oscar nominated actors, even if they came before your time.See some of her 80s classics.Or her Emmy winning role which was only 9 years ago.


Adri - 这是一个很好的角度来看,我没有想到的......如果邓肯真的把这个作为薪水的工作(虽然他没有最初看起来的类型)

丹尼尔 - 我就像被扔进故事没有很多的解释。我只是不喜欢这里,因为这个故事是这样一个烂摊子。我最喜欢的故事进入连接的媒体资源没有所有的废话博览会的例子是STAR WARS。它的工作为大家当时但那是因为执行是这么好,这个故事如此专注。如果你不打算解释你要真正做到故事扮演贯穿始终。有明显的方式太多了这里,一场电影。这感觉就像有几个关键情节缺少一个短剧。

Jaragon - 黄金罗盘是一个打击海外也并没有得到一个续集。为了证明其1.6亿的预算加上P&A魔兽将不得不做了很多更好的不仅仅是打破即使它看起来像它的当家 - 一般来说你需要像打破即使考虑2.5倍的预算工作室不要“T口袋里所有的门票钱和P&A是昂贵的,它实际上执行非常相似黄金罗盘迄今(具有相似预算)。

June 16, 2016 | 未注册的批评家NATHANIEL [R


June 16, 2016 | 未注册的批评家西格妮(姓版主)

“魔兽肯定是没有得到的续集。这个东西,1.6亿$生产预算,看上去有一个总的是将触底反弹某处大约$ 340-350万美元。足够低,是失败的,但不能如此之低,邓肯 Jones has any threat of being removed from circulation completely like Josh Trank probably has been. (And I just saw that Spielberg burn. NICE.)"


June 16, 2016 | 未注册的批评家马诺斯ķ

我希望有续集,我会支付看到它在IMAX -3 D-我希望格伦·克洛斯获得了更大ROL下一时间纳撒尼尔你应该做的电影歌剧女主角的职位聘请给类的科幻奇幻电影- 朱迪思·丹奇在(2004年)的“超世纪战警” ......弗朗西斯安妮斯在“克鲁尔”和“沙丘...

June 16, 2016 | 未注册的批评家Jaragon



June 17, 2016 | 未注册的批评家Rhalleyf

我不明白为什么批评家因此失去的时候 to the film plot, it is pretty straightforward without knowing anything about the warcraft video games maybe their attention span is really low I don't know, as you can see the only ones giving it really bad reviews are the professional critics as the movie stands at 7.6 at imdb according to user votes and it's growing in popularity though there is some bad acting but I give it more to inexperience from the actors, it has minor errors as any movie but it was a good movie.

Anyway watch it, isn't bad like the critics say and I'm not even a fan of this franchise.

June 18, 2016 | 未注册的批评家Guabaloso

You're all stupid and don't know a good movie when it smacks you in the face.300 $ million is hard to argue asia ate it up and so did i great storytelling as well as effects worthy of seeing in theatres.Go see it in theaters don't wait

June 19, 2016 | 未注册的批评家Kyle

I'm just a fan, not much worried at who's who and doing what.Just enjoy watching a film for relaxation and not think of all the drama around it.Entertaining pos thank you!

September 12, 2016 | 未注册的批评家bdk