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“IfVEEPwins I won’t complain.Really smart series that ended on a perfect note." -幸运

俄罗斯套娃可能是最影响节目我看了在过去的一年。这是辉煌的,我喜欢它 - 但是就像你说的,它的格式和语调是不是在所有友好它赢得这场。一世” -ScottC


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«‘叫我神奇队长’| 主要| 是否也许是这样的:神奇女侠»
七月 24 2016




Leslie BrowneThe Turning Point
Quinn CummingThe Goodbye Girl
Melinda DillonClose Encounters
Vanessa Redgrave七月ia
Tuesday WeldLooking for Mr Goodbar

读者是我们的最终SD节目小组成员,所以如果你想投票send Nathaniel an email在标题行和您的选票1977年。每次你看到的性能应在额定1分至5个心(1是可怕的5是惊人的) - 请记住,只为表演票,你见过!表决票进行加权,以反映每个电影的选民人数所以没有女演员有不公平的优势。

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PanelistNick Davis
Bio:尼克·戴维斯在网站上写评论和特点Nick's Flick Picks。狂热行为和长期休眠的网站的不可预知的周期与他同样在西北,是英语的副教授,性别和性取向的研究做他的研究和教学大多关注叙事电影在不同的时代,流派和国家。
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1977 is the year I personally debuted at the box office.MyStar Wars-obsessed brother says it was the second-best thing that happened that year.Sadly, I drew only a modest "B-" on CinemaScore from males 18-29, but since I mostly appealed to middle-aged and older moviegoers, I turned out to have legs.Shelley Duvall drove to the delivery ward, her skirt caught in the car door, and brought my parents pigs in a blanket and little pudding cups to celebrate my arrival.When she left, she looked a lot more like Sissy Spacek, which confused all of us.I was an odd-looking baby, but not as odd-looking as the one inEraserhead, so that was some consolation.My mom was just relieved she didn't have to be impregnated by a computer, like Julie Christie was inDemon Seed。My parents were very careful about vaccines;Han Solo gave me my shots first.When it was time to leave the hospital, Roy Scheider, Francisco Rabal, and two other guys drove us all home in trucks full of live nitroglycerine.It was a harrowing journey, especially the part on the rope bridge over a swollen river.Once at the house, we opened the door to a huge surprise party.Liza Minnelli was in the living room belting "New York, New York," with backup from the aliens of the Creature Cantina.Gena Rowlands was sozzled behind her huge sunglasses in a corner, talking to someone the rest of us couldn't see.Charles Burnett, Laura Mulvey, and Derek Jarman were all screening brilliant new footage in the back of the house, wondering what it would take to get more attention from the mainstream partygoers in the front of the house.Annie and Alvy arrived late, after a very long walk to the curb from where she'd parked.Once they'd arrived, she sang "Seems Like Old Times" from a bar stool, which was weird, because I wasn't even a day old.The party was fun until everyone got drunk and Anne Bancroft and Shirley MacLaine started pulling each other's hair.每个人都分散,此时我们都注意到了 Jane Fonda acting really agitated in her giant hat, and making strenuous excuses for why she didn't want a ride from anyone.Once we were alone, my whole family expressed gratitude for what a fantastic universe of movies I'd been born into, and then we privately screened the only one from 1977 that really, really, really matters, which isThe Many Adventures of Winnie-the-Pooh

PanelistGuy Lodge
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My grizzled countenance and cranky Twitter rants may lead people to assume otherwise, but I wasn't close to being alive in 1977 — my parents wouldn't even meet for another two years — so my picture of the year is one informed entirely through history and pop totems.(Admittedly, not always the most popular pop totems: one of my most treasured thrift-store finds remains a double-disc vinyl soundtrack to Martin Scorsese'sNew York, New York, surely that year's most persistently undervalued triumph.) It's hard没有tto think ofStar Warswhen you think of 1977, since it so comprehensively altered the blockbuster template in ways we still feel today (and not just in the ongoingStar Warsfilms!), but it's a franchise to which I've never been sentimentally attached — perhaps because I never had the chance to discover it in theaters.I know I would have been TeamAnnie Hallin that year's Oscar race, one that continues to rankle with younger generations of acolytes: perhaps, in a sense, I think of 1977 as the starting point for today's polarized fan culture?

Continue on the Meet the Panelists Pt 2

How about you dear reader: What does 1977 mean to you?

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2016年7月24日| Volvagia


2016年7月24日| 尼克Ť


2016年7月24日| CharlieG

我也想感谢SUSPIRIA和便士从天堂让我忠于杰西卡哈珀。不,我想她应该已经被提名为SUSPIRIA或任何东西(虽然便士是一个完全不同的故事,我给她的信用在SUSPIRIA做一些很不错的配音,她实际上是相当不错的整体它),但一切 about her filmography in the late 70's and early 80's is so eccentric I keep trying to find more of her movies.她是那么迷人,有才华,我希望她有得到某种事业复兴哪天的机会。也许她会适应在“谁能瑞恩·墨菲带入突出一遍吗?” question.无论哪种方式,我们需要更多的她。

2016年7月25日| 尼克Ť

尼克笔 - OMG。这就像有史以来最伟大的三重功能。请享用

2016年7月25日| NATHANIEL [R

对于我来说,有从1977年的一些优秀影片。安妮·霍尔(我相信当之无愧的最佳影片的胜利),当然星球大战,Clise遭遇(虽然最初的版本是不是我最喜欢的版本,因为它有太多的挖掘式花园的),在海底城 Me (one of the very best James Bond films), The Gauntlet (one of Clint Eastwood's best), A Special Day, and That Obscure Object of Desire.



2016年7月25日| 爱德华·L.





2016年7月25日| ChrisD

尼克*和*盖伊?已经提升提名的这个不温不火的阵容。我爱怎么他们都提New York, New York,我希望从玫琳凯广场和迪亚珊娜·艾勃特的客串获得播客的讨论几句。

1977年:Baby It's Me(戴安娜·罗斯)Peter Gabriel(独奏登场),I Remember YesterdayOnce Upon a Time(唐娜夏天)My Aim Is True(埃尔维斯科斯特洛);Aja(钢制的丹)Foreign Affairs(汤姆等待);Looking for Mr.Goodbar, Roots, Short Eyes;54工作室,第九圈,出风头,凯勒的,在Cockring,克里斯科迪斯科,阁楼,车库天堂。酪乳底;Desperate Living, High Anxiety, Annie Hall;猫王去世;Soap;鲍伊发布Low“Heroes"与宾·克罗斯比在电视上(“和平地球/小鼓手男孩”)的二重唱......

...New York, New York...


2016年7月25日| 保罗·奥特洛


2016年7月25日| 彼得·ç



2016年7月25日| 迈克在加拿大

1973年的阿基尔,上帝的愤怒终于来到了美国在1977年,这就是我所需要的,真的。也许是我最喜欢的电影的所有时间!我是爱约翰·沃特斯绝望的生活到死‘我教你唤起费!’ - favorite line of the year.也不要我不敢承认,我觉得法师II和魔法很多比他们自动冲床行声誉更好的建议?至于表演,简·方达在朱莉娅达到他职业生涯巅峰,但格兰达·杰克逊的回合为尼克松,作为一种尼姑讨厌的习惯是绝对精彩和不公正遗忘。

2016年7月25日| 肯小号



2016年7月25日| 保罗·奥特洛

@Vovagia - 对你有好处!近距离接触很容易比星球大战更好的作用,更好地做出薄膜 - (但我做了我与星战的普及和平。)

仍然低估 - 丽莎做了更好的版本的歌曲。


2016年7月25日| LadyEdith

@ken秒。- 讨厌的习惯 - 尼克松白宫的尼姑庵水门丑闻中集讽刺。我最喜欢的部分是桑迪·丹尼斯(扮演约翰·迪恩字符)在外面散步与格兰达·杰克逊,

2016年7月25日| LadyEdith

肯 - 奇怪的简·方达是真的吗?我是一个超级粉丝,这是我的一个最不喜欢的 performances of hers.She lets everyone take all her scenes from Vanessa to Meryl to whomever.Hmmm

2016年7月25日| NATHANIEL [R

Nick is such a cutie.

2016年7月25日| 未注册的批评家“ class=Lizzy

Yes, I'm really impressed by Jane Fonda in Julia, a film I otherwise can't stand, even Vanessa Redgrave, an actress I worship and adore (cross my heart) I find relatively unimpressive here.

2016年7月25日| 肯小号

I may be on the fringe but I don't think JULIA is a great film.Having seen it again recently, it feels dated (even for a period piece), the performances are not the lead actors' best, the pacing is slugglish, and the story that's presented onscreen barely reveals what the plot is supposed to be about.MVP for me is Jason Robards, who, IMO, is the only one who deserved an Oscar nom.

Go ahead and laugh--1977 was all about Saturday Night Fever, Smokey and the Bandit, and Close Encounters.

2016年7月25日| 未注册的批评家“ class=Pam

Guy, as a kid I bought the double LP of the New York New York soundtrack when it came out, and I played the hell out of that record.This is Liza's greatest performance in a criminally underrated movie.She would have been my No.6 that year, which was a terrific one for actresses.The fact that I had to leave out Liza, Julie Christie (Demon Seed) and Gena Rowlands (Opening Night) points to how great an Oscar year this was.I consider this Best Actress lineup and the one for 1939 to be the only times AMPAS got it exactly right.Keaton, Mason and Bancroft gave performances for the ages.Fonda and MacLaine were really wonderful, though I would place them lower.

2016年7月25日| 未注册的批评家“ class=brookesboy

On a completely unrelated note: Marni Nixon RIP

2016年7月25日| 肯小号

@ brookesboy

See //

I'm totally with you about Liza's performance, but as I said in the comments to the above post:

Diane Keaton (Looking for Mr.Goodbar)
Marsha Mason (The Goodbye Girl)
Liza Minnelli (New York, New York)
Romy Schneider (That Most Important Thing: Love)
Lily Tomlin (The Late Show)

2016年7月25日| 保罗·奥特洛

Pam: I forgot Smokey and the Bandit.Great film!

2016年7月25日| 爱德华·L.

Does anyone know where I can see The Turning Point?Since it left Netflix Instant Watch I can't find it anywhere!I wanna see them all to participate!

2016年7月25日| 未注册的批评家“ class=abstew

Paul, wow, I have never heard of that Romy film.Now I got to track it down!She had such a sad life.

2016年7月25日| 未注册的批评家“ class=brookesboy

I think Jane Fonda's mystique is built on witness and testimony.She's a surviving connection to Old Hollywood, 60s counterculture, cultural legends—in addition to being a great actress in her own right.Lillian Hellman plays the same role in Julia.Jane Fonda understands when she's the story and when she's merely a vehicle to pass the story into the future—to bear witness and testify.

In that respect, I think Julia perfectly encapsulates one dimension of Fonda's legend.The ways in which a rather humble, ordinary person found herself in extraordinary circumstances among extraordinary people.

2016年7月25日| 未注册的批评家“ class=Hayden W.

Lying in bed Jet lagged reflections:

1977 - Year I was born so a special film year for me :-)

七月ia is my favourite film from that year - I am always mesmerised by it, although knowing the Hellman made most of it up somehow diminishes it a bit for me.

女配角 was rather weak that year, perhaps the only competition comes from Dillon.

Nick - definitely looks a hottie in that American Beauty with DVDs picture!

2016年7月25日| 未注册的批评家“ class=Adam Lewis

I don't know.Ever since Guy tweeted that gelato is always inferior to ice cream, I don't think I can take any of his opinions seriously.

2016年7月25日| 未注册的批评家“ class=DJDeeJay

Hayden -- that's a really interesting take on Fonda.

2016年7月25日| NATHANIEL [R

Can Nick Davis make out with me already

2016年7月25日| 未注册的批评家“ class=Ibis

Am I the only one who prefers Teri Garr to Melinda Dillon in Close Encounters?It's a far more memorable performance.

I love Tomlin in The Late Show, what an interesting character.

2016年7月25日| 未注册的批评家“ class=Suzanne

@Nathaniel—I mean, proof enough of Jane Fonda's legend is hearing her say "I was in an acting class with Marilyn Monroe. She was painfully shy but very talented." Or whatever.Her proximity to greatness is as important as her own greatness.What would On Golden Pond be today without Jane's Hepburn/Fonda anecdotes, or those deathbead stories she tells about her dad?

2016年7月25日| 未注册的批评家“ class=Hayden W.

People are seriously underestimating and undervaluing Tuesday Weld up in here!

2016年7月25日| 保罗·奥特洛

Paul, ITA.If it's Tuesday, it must be breathtaking.

2016年7月25日| 未注册的批评家“ class=brookesboy

Can Nick Davis make out with me already

Wait your turn.I have my own demands.Although mine don't require physical contact.Please start your new version of the Best Actress section.

2016年7月25日| 未注册的批评家“ class=/3rtful

提示:brookesboy,她是我的选择ive actual nominees that year.

2016年7月25日| 保罗·奥特洛

Paul, I gave Tuesday and Vanessa 4 hearts.Everyone else ranked lower.

2016年7月25日| 未注册的批评家“ class=brookesboy

Suzanne, I totally agree.Garr did it way more for me than Dillon did.What smart casting.

Paul, Tuesday is so my runner-up right now, even if The Goodbye Girl is waiting for me right now.She's kind of marvelous, and is such a miracle worker in the part.

2016年7月25日| 尼克Ť

So glad everybody is excited!

@Nick T: Enjoy the holy hell out of that triple feature.

@Paul Outlaw: Your 1977 sounds exhausting, yet electrifying!

@Ken S: Nasty Habits was one of many DVDs I couldn't quite squeeze into the frame while snapping that selfie, but I promise it was in the array.

@Ken: You know I always love your alternate ballots.Have to check out Roseland.

@Pam and Ken and others who mentioned Saturday Night Fever: I really didn't jive with that film the one time I saw it, but I suspect it had to do with expecting something very different.Will try to rewatch before the podcast.

2016年7月26日| 未注册的批评家“ class=Nick Davis

@ Nick Davis:

I guess you could just sum that year up in a song: Odyssey's“Native New Yorker,"which was recorded in 1977 and entered the Billboard Hot 100 in November of that year...

2016年7月26日| 保罗·奥特洛

Looking for Mr.Goodbar is a laughable film, but it deserves watching: it's as if Teresa (Diane Keaton)'s dad directed and wrote the film and tried to be hip.Any film that presents itself as a cautionary tale against the currents of the time is a cultural landmark.

I could barely watch Weld, to be honest.She's been more effective elsewhere.

2016年7月27日| 未注册的批评家“ class=Alfred

@DJDeeJay: What is this slander?I tweeted no such thing, because gelato obviously isn't inferior to ice cream.I think you're confusing me with Joe Reid.

2016年7月28日| 未注册的批评家“ class=Guy Lodge

@Guy - ah yes, sorry!The tweet was a while ago and even as I was typing my comment I was wondering "wait, WAS it Guy who said this?" But i didn't have time to go back through both of your tweets.So sorry!

2016年7月28日| 未注册的批评家“ class=DJDeeJay

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2016年9月22日| 未注册的批评家“ class=Elmer

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2019年7月23日| 未注册的批评家“ class=gurudissertation

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