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十一月 19 2017



周末票房(NOV 17-19)
W I dé
800+ screens
excluding prev. wide
1。正义联盟$ 94
1。Lady Bird$ 2.5 238个屏幕(暨。$ 4.6)REVIEW
2。Wonder$ 27.5 2。三广告牌...$1.1 on 53 screens (cum. $1.5)REVIEW
3。托尔仙境传说$ 21.6(暨。$ 247.2)REVIEW,YOUR QUEEN
3。Loving Vincent$ 403K上212米的屏幕(暨。$ 4.6)REVIEW
4。爸爸的首页2$ 14.4(暨。$ 50.2) 4。要有光554屏幕(和362美元。6.7美元)
5。Murder on the Orient Express$13.8 (cum. $51.7)REVIEW
5。The Florida Project$ 299K 217个屏幕(暨。$ 4.3)REVIEW

惊喜!手感好面部差异电影Wonder其中,朱莉娅·罗伯茨和欧文·威尔逊父小雅各特伦布莱,是一个很大的打击票房。这是Julia的7年来最好的开放,或者是16年她的最好的开幕,如果你不要因此而被出售很大程度上取决于他们的全明星合奏(如图片海洋图片或Valentine's Day)。没有任何你看到了吗?

About the actual chart topper...

“那朵彻底疯狂,我们现在生活的世界其中100百万在周末开幕总值近$表示‘翻牌’,但人民在呼唤什么正义联盟which didn't quite hit that 100 number domestically putting it behind all four previous "DC Extended Universe" in terms of its opening weekend. These things are technically supposed to build until the "team" is assembled and then it peaks (see Marvel leading up to Avengers) but that didn't happen with DC's "universe" where the second feature (Batman v Superman) was both the opening weekend peak (by a significant margin) and the largest overall grosser globally (just barely beating神奇女侠在这方面)。他们需要另一部电影,以及喜欢的神奇女侠quickly if they're going to keep doing this or the audience will disintegrate even quicker.

特定the reviews(烂番茄40%掩藏分数,直到开口)它不太可能神奇女侠's repeat business.

6。The Star$9.8 6。The Killing of a Sacred Deer$ 188K在190个屏幕(暨。$ 1.9)REVIEW
7。A Bad Mom's Christmas$7 (cum. $51) 7。我的朋友达默$162k on 75 screens (cum. $483k)REVIEW
8。Jigsaw$ 1(暨。$ 36.4)
8。最后旗帜飘扬$122k on 59 screens (cum. $411k)REVIEW
9。Blade Runner 2049$ 600K(暨。$ 89.2)REVIEW|短裤|“最好成绩” 9。Jane$119k on 84 screens (cum. $1.0)CRITICS CHOICE WINNER
10.Boo 2! A Madea Halloween$ 471K(暨。$ 46.6) 10.广场$ 109K 63个屏幕(暨。$ 632k)

= new or significant expansion

数(百万除非另有说明)从box office mojo


再往下图表Murder on the Orient Express已交付的福克斯。虽然不是一个巨大的打击,本身它的第三个周末,它已经票房亿$ 148全球在$ 55万美元的预算表明布拉纳可能会得到波洛的专营权,他这么清楚想要和他重拍结束故意戏弄......只要他可以把成本降下来。

In happy news,Lady BirdandThree Billboardshave been greeted with intense interest from moviegoers, and neither were ever sure things given their subject matter/genres, stars, and directors. They both made the actual top ten box office charts if you smoosh limited releases in with the wide ones which is quite a feat since they're they've got a couple thousand less screens then most of the big titles.

最后,它似乎非常奇怪,打开刚刚4画面的丹泽尔·华盛顿电影,但就是这样Roman J Israel Esq选择去。丹泽尔可以说是themost consistent box office commodity in Hollywood, his films nearly always grossing in the $50-$100 million range domestically whether they're dramas or action/thrillers (his two modes). Unless people just weren't aware that this one was opening, it's in trouble. We're willing to guess that people just weren't aware this one was out since he's not a "limited release" kind of star. It's the danger of the "glut" months of November and December at the movies when 6-12 movies are opening every week.


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Reader Comments (46)

Get Out and Ladybird. Really enjoyed both.

十一月ember 19, 2017 |Unregistered CommenterArkaan


But DC wanted to rush things. Instead of doing several stand alone movies (like Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, and Hulk), they did one Superman movie, then a Superman/Batman movie with cameos from Wonder Woman and others, then a Wonder Woman movie. They didn't need to make a team movie; they already had.

And to advertise a team movie and leave Superman out of it was idiotic. I had co-workers who enjoy DC movies ask me why Superman wasn't in the Justice League movie. These are people who are more interested in superhero movies than the average movie fan, and they didn't realize that Superman WAS in the movie.

This was just not thought out very well at all. The DC fans will complain that there's a massive conspiracy (evidently the Illuminati is controlled by Stan Lee or something), but the buildup to this "event" wasn't handled very well, and the decision to leave Superman out of the advertising was just plain dumb.

十一月ember 19, 2017 |Unregistered Commenter汤米

Well when your budget is $300million+ opening just under $100million is not good. It'll make its money back obviously with global grosses factored in, but I think what's more worrying for them is that it's the LOWEST opening weekend of their shared universe.


十一月ember 19, 2017 |Unregistered CommenterRyan T.

"Denzel is arguably the most consistent box office comedy in Hollywood"

I'd be very interested in watching a Hollywood comedy called丹泽尔

十一月ember 19, 2017 |Unregistered CommenterMDA

Beginning to think MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS could figure in Production Design and Costume Design award races.

继续WONDER眼睛 - 如果它变成文字的嘴一击,它可能成为黑马最佳影片提名,像盲端。


十一月ember 19, 2017 |Unregistered CommenterSteve G

WONDER gave me all the feels. Would love to see Julia Roberts emerge a Supporting Actress contender! :)

十一月ember 19, 2017 |Unregistered Commenter安德鲁·卡登

mda- uGH That damn auto-correct fixed.

十一月ember 19, 2017 |注册的评论者NATHANIEL R

我的意思是它是失败的吗?这是中sedly the movie decades in the making and the build up of everything DC and WB have been creating for the past few years with their movies. The road to their Avengers was completely different but very much their Avengers. That it couldn't muster up a $100m weekend is a pooooooor showing. Wonder Woman alone did more.

The problem here too is once again reviews aren't good, and if that's any indication of how the film will hold up (it has Coco eating its kid audience soon enough and Thor is still out for those looking for a better reviewed super hero movie) it might well barely blip the $200 mark. Considering everything the movie was supposed to be (obvious by the sizeable amount of money they spent on it) it's bad news. And could mean financial loses to the studio.


十一月ember 19, 2017 |Unregistered CommenterSteve_Man


十一月ember 19, 2017 |注册的评论者克里斯·费尔

Just now,罗科和他的兄弟们。一个必须看到的人,爱电影。

十一月ember 19, 2017 |Unregistered Commenterthevoid99

I saw Wonderstruck which was lovely and moving, but forgettable. Still, it's well worth seeing.


十一月ember 19, 2017 |Unregistered Commenterchasm301

克里斯·费尔: I saw Mudbound too. Unfortunately, I'd also argue that absolutely won't help it's chances with Oscar. Having Rob "Turk Barrett" Morgan be the consensus best in show makes it feel like an, admittedly very good, extension of the Netflix brand. Which won't HELP with Oscar.

十一月ember 19, 2017 |Unregistered CommenterVolvagia

Saw Three Billboards. McDormand, Rockwell, and Harrelson were fantastic. Hedges was also reliably good and Dinkledge and Hawkes are always welcome. Caleb Landry Jones was an unexpected standout. He is such an odd/welcome screen presence.



十一月ember 19, 2017 |Unregistered Commentercatbaskets


我也赶上了英格丽去西,原子金发,和原材料,我看着沙漠心首次在新发布的标准蓝光 - 所有太棒了!

十一月ember 19, 2017 |Unregistered Commenterthefilmjunkie

I saw Lady Bird, The Square and Battle of the Sexes. Lady Bird lives up to the hype and I hope it becomes a major player as award season progresses in more categories than just Actress and Supporting Actress. The cast is uniformly impressive and I'd especially like to single out Lucas Hedges and Lois Smith.

广场was a mixed bag with brilliant satire mixed in with the obvious and the just plain puzzling. Claes Bang is a true star.


十一月ember 19, 2017 |Unregistered Commenterken s


十一月ember 19, 2017 |Unregistered Commenter约瑟夫

Julia是在电影神话般强不伤感,含泪不流泪,由传奇球星真正的支撑性能,我们有一个新的名字添加到不断增长的S /女演员名单。


十一月ember 19, 2017 |Unregistered Commentermarkgordonuk

I saw WONDER this weekend with zero expectations and was totally shocked and delighted, not to mention moved to a ridiculous degree. It turned out to be one of the great movie-going surprises I've had in a long while. It earns its place alongside MASK, in my opinion.

The child actors are quite wonderful, and while the parents are frankly the least interesting characters in the movie, both Wilson and especially Roberts are quite good and make for a surprisingly believable couple.

我欣赏了bac时间深入研究kstories of the supporting characters. It lent gravitas to the protagonist's main story line and provided explanation and clarification to many of the actions and attitudes displayed.


十一月ember 19, 2017 |Unregistered Commenter杰夫

I saw "Murder on the Orient Express" which I enjoyed for it's classic movie feel - Branagh is like the old style studio directors -the cast was good with Josh Gad and the luminous Pfeiffer as standouts. The script had to do cartwheels in order to bring the characters up to 21st century political correct mode- so we got unnecessary racial and pro feminist touches but no token gay angle even thought at one point I thought one of the women was going to turn out to be transgender. Oscar worthy production and costumes design- might get hair and make up for Poirot's stache. The glorious Michelle Pfeiffer should get a best supporting acting nomination.

I'm not surprise the masses stayed away from "Justice League" the last movie was endless and depressing.

十一月ember 19, 2017 |Unregistered Commenterjaragon

我看到Mudbound和夫人伯德。我很欣赏美国的永久缺陷Mudbound多方位的解剖。这是名正言顺的黑暗 - 绝望 - 因为我们目前的气候通知。演员是好的,我真的不能单一的任何一个,但我想我会说凯瑞·穆里根是电影对于我的心脏。

Lady Bird I loved so much. It took my breath away in its most emotional moments. This was a film made with love and a strong antidote to so much toxic masculinity. The entire cast is impeccable, and I hope Saoirse Ronan walks away with the Oscar. Ronan is simply amazing. What range she has to go from Brooklyn to this. Laurie Metcalf is deserving as well. The whole cast deserves an ensemble award. Lucas Hedges broke my heart with his big scene and Lois Smith, Tracey Letts and Stephen McKinley Henderson were such warm presences. This is a film I will probably see a few more times.

十一月ember 19, 2017 |Unregistered CommenterRaul

我看到弗朗西斯ormand movie about the billboards and hated it. There was a fire alarm at the theater so thankfully God excused us after one of it’s many ugly moments.

十一月ember 19, 2017 |Unregistered Commenter汤姆·福特

It’s nice Julia is supporting Jacob Tremblay. I think she could do moms in her 50’s. She is mom next to Lucas Hedges and Kathryn Newton, both of whom are very likable.


I heard The Post did very well with SAG at a screening.

十一月ember 19, 2017 |Unregistered CommenterJono



It's a good movie but if it wins Best Picture it'll be the worst/least ambitious winner since The Artist.

十一月ember 19, 2017 |Unregistered Commentertonytr

You may not care for The Artist but “least ambitious” it is not. That film is ambition realized.

十一月ember 20, 2017 |Unregistered Commenter马里科

是啊,严重地马里科同意。哦,当然艺术家...在* 2011 *是黑白默片。磨机怎样的跑!因此,许多无声电影赢得了...哦等待,不,不,他们没有。


十一月ember 20, 2017 |Unregistered CommenterRyan T.


十一月ember 20, 2017 |Unregistered CommenterAdam

Finally saw The Killing of a Sacred Deer and liked it. Not as strong as The Lobster IMO, but very atmospheric, dark, and that score is Oscar-worthy as hell. Kidman and Farrell are terrific but Barry Keoghan is best in show for me. What a great breakout year he's had.

十一月ember 20, 2017 |Unregistered Commenter亚伦

我重新看了啦啦地在家里,我在电影院喜欢做得不够好,但并没有真正的爱* *。
好了,我不知道那部电影更适合亲密的正蜷缩在家里沙发上,或者如果我只是更多的心情,但无论是什么原因,那第二视野真的和我产生共鸣- 什么是神奇的,辉煌的电影。
我没有更多的补充,已不是说,但是从个人的角度来说,我永远不会认为伊莎贝尔·于佩尔当之无愧的奥斯卡 - 但现在,时间已经过去了,我在船上,为什么艾玛·斯通韩元。这是一个真正有魅力的电影明星性能。

十一月ember 20, 2017 |Unregistered CommenterJB

It was a serious movie weekend for me ...



Lady Bird. I liked it, but didn't love it. It reminded me a lot of the relationship between my own mother and sister. But it seemed like a move written by a girl in her 30s pretending to be in her teens (surprising that, no?). Thank goodness for Saoirse Ronan. She has a down-to-earth likability that makes her completely watchable. She's just amazing.


十一月ember 20, 2017 |Unregistered CommenterCharlieG


十一月ember 20, 2017 |Unregistered Commenter爱德华·L.

What I love about this blog and others re film, books, TV (when everyone is being civil) is the wide-range of opinions, and the way in which some comments make me think again about why I hated or loved something.


Adam--hmm. Maybe the world can't and shouldn't separate the art from the artist? It's too bad, really, cuz from what I've read, Kate Winslet is perfect in this role.

十一月ember 20, 2017 |Unregistered CommenterPam

It was a Netflix weekend. Saw 1922, which was a well made, solid King adaptation. No real surprises, but worth checking out if you like that kinda thing.

Mudbound was a really interesting film. I loved Dee Rees' specific style - felt aesthetic, literate and personal. Story is a mosaic of points of view, feels a bit like Malick, a bit like a Toni Morrison novel. Cast is uniformly excellent - when did Garret Hedlund become so cool? I remember thinking back in On the Road that he was trying too hard, but he's magnetic here. Mary J Blige also stands out, though it's prob too naturalistic a perfect for Oscar (no big crying/shouting/snot dripping scenes). Ultimately I thought the ending didn't quite commit to its own road, but this is a movie that really impressed me and that I'd recommend to anyone.

事实上,它鼓励我后(迪伊·雷斯登场,也对Netflix公司)观看贱民正确的 - 这是一个电影的制作精美的小宝石。迪伊·雷斯有主要的电影制作印章,我觉得我发现了一个艺术家,他的声音真的与我产生共鸣 - 所以是的,它是个好电影的周末!

十一月ember 20, 2017 |Unregistered CommenterDaniel23

@EdwardL - So true. I hope she makes a comeback and someone offers her really good work. I really meant that there don't seem to be many actresses coming up who are Dunaway-esque, who just throw every single thing at a performance. She really is one-of-a-kind.

十一月ember 20, 2017 |Unregistered CommenterCharlieG

Caught Lady Bird - enjoyed it very much! Cast was uniformly excellent - Lois Smith, Lucas Hedges and especially Beanie Feldstein provided great supporting work. Looking forward to seeing Ronan and Metcalf as Oscar nominees!! Go Gerwig!!!!

十一月ember 20, 2017 |Unregistered Commenterceebee

Lady Bird obsession week sounds good to me. Seeing it tomorrow night!

十一月ember 20, 2017 |Unregistered CommenterT-Bone

Saw MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS. Enjoyed it, even if I didn't care for what felt like pretty ham-handed attempts to pump up the action and suspense and felt like a lot of the supporting characters got lost in the background - though that's as much a reflection of the book as it is of the movie's choices. Michelle Pfeiffer was easily the MVP,

thefilmjunkie - 我想不少我们在TFE同意罗布·摩根在展示是最好的(或至少与Mary J. Blige的并列)在MUDBOUND - Murtada,克里斯,我。

JB - I really think LA LA LAND benefits from a second viewing. I had much the same reaction as you the first time, and then loved it the second time. And while I still think Annette Bening deserved the Best Actress Oscar last year (and am still mad she didn't even get a nomination), I also really liked Emma Stone's performance and think it's actually quite underrated in these parts.

十一月ember 20, 2017 |Unregistered Commenterlylee

Saw three films in the last few days because these films were the entries of their respective countries to the Academy's Best Foreign Language Film. I am endlessly fascinated how a country chooses a film that represents them even if it's only a few people who vote and not the entire nation, archipelago or peninsula.


Thelmaby Joachim Trier. Ever sinceRepriseand his two succeeding films, each different from each other, but always focuses on intense feelings of loss, I was excited to see his 4th feature. Very atmospheric, beautifully deploying quiet most appropriate for the scenes, and a beguiling premise of ordinary people needing other people. And what an excellent ensemble cast. And with Eili Harboe as Thelma, a star is born. Love the pace, the nightmarish sequence, the truly disturbing first scene and an ending that was totally believable. I hope this film sneaks in for a nomination for Norway.

120 Beats Per Minute由罗宾·坎皮。无论单独的主题和坎皮缝合观众在第一现场,以使我们更接近艾滋病活动家巴黎的日常生活方式,使这部电影成为赢家。均匀精彩的和自然的表演,具体场景的非传统的拍摄,和ACT UP成员之间的背部和往复辩论偶尔骗我以为它是一部纪录片(这是一件好事),但我却没有卖了100%。有迹象表明,并没有为我工作的电影的其他部分:一些奇怪节奏的文戏,编辑,和几个不均匀的时刻,并没有完全在感情上跟我的土地上,。这有一个机会,去年的冷落后,获得了当之无愧的提名法国Elle

Will watch一个梦幻般的女人soon.

十一月ember 20, 2017 |Unregistered Commenter猫头鹰

@CharlieG: Indeed; I figured that was what you meant really! And me too, I'd love to see Dunaway back on top where she belongs. Bonnie and Clyde, Chinatown, Network - for a nomination-to-quality ratio, I can't think of better than that! And Mommie Dearest is a rather unfairly maligned performance (that's started to get more respect in recent years).

十一月ember 20, 2017 |Unregistered Commenter爱德华·L.



十一月ember 20, 2017 |Unregistered Commentertonytr


十一月ember 20, 2017 |Unregistered CommenterSanty C.



十一月ember 20, 2017 |Unregistered CommenterGuestguestguest


Julia does have more to do than Owen, and she's very good. Tremblay is quite the find, and all of the kids are really really good.


十一月ember 20, 2017 |Unregistered Commenterforever1267

我真的很喜欢“艺术家”,直到他们开始使用音乐从“眩晕” - 我想伯纳德·赫尔曼现在已经进入现代经典作曲家神殿 - 但我认为这是错误的,用电影的真正杰作泵之一的分数情绪

十一月ember 20, 2017 |Unregistered CommenterJaragon


I think perhaps people should start considering her in the Supporting Actress category and I would be thrilled. I was really touched by her performance in a really unexpected way.


十一月ember 20, 2017 |Unregistered CommenterVanessa


The Snake Pit - deHavilland was great. The film felt longer than its running time and it was an interesting historical look at how mental illness used to be handled, but there's not much there besides the lead.

Two Women - unfortunately all I could find was a dubbed version (of course I watched it I found Amazon Prime finally added the original) but it as still pretty effective. Loren really commands the screen and gets to give a big performance with a wide range emotions that's both grounded and full of movie star charisma. The film itself meanders for a while but the ending is pretty effective.

The Heiress - de Havilland again, although she's slightly less effective here than in The Snake Pit. Plus you get to look at Montgomery Clift for a few hours, even if he's not that great in it (if I didn't know better I would've guesses this is his first film but it's not).

十一月ember 21, 2017 |Unregistered CommenterDJDeeJay


十一月ember 22, 2017 |Unregistered CommenterMiguel

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