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Nov 29 2017

I'm Your Biggest Fan!- Reeves,Gerwig,and Chance

BySalim Garami

What's good?Apologies because I don't have much to say or talk about this week,except remark on how I'm still in a pretty pleasant mood moving out of Thanksgiving weekend and into the holiday season.

And part of what prolonged my pleasant mood was to find an admittedly 2-year-old video of movie star Keanu Reeves on promotional tour promotingJohn Wickin Japan discussing his admiration for martial arts film legend Sonny Chiba (ofThe Street FighterorKill Billfame),influencing his physical choreography and style.Lo and behold,Chiba was in the studio ready to meet with Keanu.TheMatrixstar is suddenly starstruck tond begins waxing rhapsodic over Chiba's work.Seeing a household name in the industry be taken aback by the presence of figure that certainly isn't as well-known internationally as Reeves brought a smile to my face...

It also reminded me of the pleasant news that had been spreading since a week ago...about how Greta Gerwig,for her feature directorial debutLady Bird(which has been gaining a lot of goodwill and recently dethronedToy Story 2as the best-reviewed movie on Rotten Tomatoes),wrote letters to Justin Timberlake,Alanis Morrisette,and Dave Matthews gushing about the influence their music had on her life and particularly the song she'd request rights to use forLady Bird("Cry Me a River","Hand in My Pocket",and "Crash into Me"respectively).

It's an attempt at formality that can't help feeling open-hearted and sincere about what their music means to her as a person and an artist,probably doing more to secure their place inLady Birdmore than any stuffy "Please and Thank You"letter would have done.

And then the announcement of the Grammys' nominations for this year while these moments were stirring in my mind brought recollections of the time Grammy winning hip hop artist "Chance the Rapper"Bennett was photobombed in the middle of an interview at the MTV Video Music Awards last year and his absolute lack of calm when he realized who just posed for a photo - Beyoncé,not only another Grammy winner but probably one of the biggest names and faces in the world,so it's understandable how easily Chance would start hopping in excitement like that and humbling how even someone as big as Beyoncé admires the still-green-but-already-brilliant Chance's work.

These stories are more than just wholesome moments in an industry that thrives on support and cheer for artists to get ahead.They're also reminders that they're people just like us who totally have their own darlings and icons that they look up to on a poster aspiring to rival them in their accomplishments.They're the sort of things that energize and inspire their work,the love they have for other art shaping what they look for in creating their own.In any case,do you have a favorite moment of an artist fangirling over another artist?

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Reader Comments (6)

The Sarah Paulson pic when she saw Madonna at the Met Gala is pretty cool.

November 29,2017 | Unregistered CommenterSawyer

That Yoncé moment was so precious.A shame that Nat doesn't really like her.

My favorite moment has to be when Anne Hathaway geeked out over being next to Mariah Carey while trying to maintain her cool in an interview.

November 29,2017 | Unregistered Commenterbeyaccount

Sawyer -- oh yeah.that was a goodie.

Bey -- i dont *dislike* her.I just dont remotely feel the universal obsession everyone else does.It's lonley at times but what can you do.No artist does it for every single person.;) As for music divas I am far more likely to hop up and down like Chance whenever i see Missy Elliott or Madonna or...well,I guess those are the only two for which i nearly *always* get that excited.Lady Gaga and Bjork and others bring only intermittent squeals.

November 29,2017 | Registered CommenterNATHANIEL R

The video of Beyoncé and Chance always puts a smile on my face.

November 29,2017 | Unregistered CommenterJess

Keanu Reeves has aged so beautifully!My God he is a handsome man :-)

November 29,2017 | Unregistered CommenterDAVID

I *love* that Anne Hathaway/Mariah Carey red carpet moment!She was so much more composed than I would have been.

It's so goofy,but Sarah Paulson is a big fan of The Real Housewives of New York and Dorinda Medley came out during an episode of Watch What Happens Live and she totally geeked out!And then she and Elisabeth Moss played Dorinda and Bethenny in "Clubhouse Playhouse"(when actor guests re-enact Housewives scenes).It was a very enjoyable half-hour of television.

I love when Barbra Streisand comes out at the end of the "Coffee Talk"sketch with Mike Myers,Madonna,and Roseanne,because only Myers knew that she was going to be there.

Even though Oprah hates surprises,the moment when Mary Tyler Moore surprises her is TV MAGIC.

November 29,2017 | Unregistered Commenterjakey

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