大的小谎言mvp: Episode 6 "Burning Love"
Tuesday, March 28, 2017 at 9:41PM
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by Spencer Coile

In the penultimate episode to HBO's actress juggernaut, Madeline comes to terms with her affair with Joseph and discovers Abigail's secret project: auctioning off her virginity to fight against sex trafficking.Celeste adopts an exit strategy from Perry...but also breaks his urethra.The memory of Jane's rape continues to haunt her, even after realizing that Saxon Baker was not the culprit, but when she finds out there's a petition going around school urging for Ziggy's suspension, she takes matters into her own hands and reconciles with Renata.Meanwhile,Avenue Qfinally opens and musical theater fans rejoiced!

With everything coming to a head in next week's finale, there are still so many questions left unanswered.Still, let's take a moment and reflect on the genius that was "Burning Love."

Top 10 MVPs ofBig Little Lies.Episode 6"Burning Love"

How's my little champion?

10.Ziggy's Babysitter
Thirty seconds of screentime, and she made every one of those seconds count.Kind, compassionate toward Ziggy, and even offering Jane a hug, here is a brief glimpse of the humanity and warmth that exists in Monterey, however fleetingly.

09.Long Takes
Whether it is Perry standing over Celeste menacingly out of the shot (see above) or Nathan and Bonnie tinkering away in their garden, the beauty ofBig Little Liescomes from these sustained long takes, where we are afforeded the luxury of breathing in the moment with the characters.While the series also deserves praise for its quick, erratic editing to fit the messy psyches of these women, it is through these quiet and deeply intimate moments that the core of these relationships are felt.

08.Jane and Renata's Stalemate
After Jane "gauged out" Renata's eye, it was refreshing to watch these two women finally stand down and admit their faults as mothers and as women.Interestingly, neither completely admitted that they were wrong, but both understood and respected their own maternal instincts.In a series wrapped up with the careful art of concealing the truth, watching this scene unfold was surprisingly therapeutic.

07.Exit Strategies
After another charged counseling session and breaking Perry's penis urging him to threaten her life, Celeste begins to take her therapist's advice seriously.She finds a new apartment overlooking the beach-- no furnishing and still in the Monterey school district.After five episodes of watching Celeste struggle with her relational turmoil, she finally takes ownership in her relationship with Perry and looks for help.Granted, she hasn't confided in a friend yet, but she's taking the necessary baby steps.Plus, choosing to shoot this scene with the sun around Nicole's head like a halo deserves Emmy after Emmy.

Everything in life is only for now...

06.Avenue Qand "For Now"
At long last,Avenue Qhas opened!And from the brief snippet we see of the last song, it's good-- Ed even whispers this to Madeline during the show.Indeed, this should be a triumphant night for her.But as she makes eye contact with Joseph's wife in the audience, we know that she is feeling guilt, remorse, and even longing for once was.Yes, everything is temporary, but in this moment, maybe all Madeline is looking for is some stability.

05.Penises;Prosthetic or Otherwise
The scene that had everyone on the edge of their seats-- for more reasons than one.Shocking, blink-and-you'll-miss-it, this was exactly what fans needed in an already action-packed episode.And the fact that Celeste would quickly go on to bash in Perry's penis with a tennis racket was the moment we never knew we needed on television.

04.Chloe and Ziggy's Friendship
However brief the scene is, there was something so wholesome in watching Chloe and Ziggy gallavanting around Chloe's house-- playing the piano, lip syncing to music, chasing one another.This little slice of pure child-like innocence was the perfect contrast to all of the "adult" drama going on.

03."Papa Was a Rollin' Stone" by The Temptations
Serving as a central piece throughout the entire episode, it concluded with Ziggy singing this to his mother.And as she watches him adoringly, tears fill her eyes.There is so much she wants to say, that all of these characters want to say, but they can't.The irony of this should not be lost on us;these women are known for being outspoken and eccentric.But as the goings-on come to a close next weekend, only time will tell if the timidity we see at the end here will carry over into Episode 7.But it is going to be one hell of a last ride either way.

02.Renata's Eye Patch
Following up that iconic leopard jumper from Episode 3 was a tall order.But the second that Renata ascended her magnificent staircase and we bore witness to this brilliant piece of costuming...all was forgotten.There is no doubt that this fashion choice will be talked about by year's end.

Bonnie, I love this music.Is it Adele?

01.Madeline's Dinner Etiquette
瑞茜·威瑟斯彭的/已经说得够多了formance at this point, but everything about this scene absolutely worked.From her sheer ignorance about who Sade was, to her vague compliments of Bonnie's cooking and mugs, it all comes to a halt when Nathan and Bonnie disclose Abigail's secret project...prompting Madeline to vomit all over the table.Twice.But not only that, she stands up and gives a slurry speech about Nathan's improper parenting.And perhaps most importantly, this scene serves as the catalyst for her to open up to Abigail at last;about her affair, about how she is far from perfect.It simultaneously hilarious, heartbreaking, and altogether a completely Madeline moment.

With only one episode left, titled "You Get What You Need," there is still so much to explore in the world ofBig Little Lies.So buckle down, rewatch some previous episodes, and brace for impact.

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