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可能 01 2017

There's a link in my soup

这只是我的脸到货了NPRGabourey Sidibe has a book out, now "This is Just My Face: Try Not To Stare" (great title). It's about her rise to fame, body image, and being confused with her fame-making character inPreciouswhich she finds both frustrating and powerful
时间纽约publishes its own TONY* nominations. Get it, their initials are TONY. Not to be confused with the actual Tony Award nominations which are due tomorrow to honor the best of Broadway. Consider this their "should be nominated" article
复古套装着眼于新纪录片Mifune: The Last Samurai,narrated by Keanu Reeves, and now available to stream on Netflix. Can't wait to watch this.

最后期限再版的建设的一个有趣的历史沉默的羔羊. I didn't know that the project started with Gene Hackman who was going to directstar.
品种shared a really good interview with Geena Davis. I love what she says about the gender neutral movement with some awards bodies, combining male and female actors into the same category. It's a terrible idea and Geena eloquently explains why
Playbill赤塔里维拉flashes back to her梦断audition in the 1950s, the show that put her on the map
每日奖励looks at the prospects for Limited Series Actor... a far more shallow field than its Actress counterpart this year but at least that means its looking good for Riz Ahmed and Ewan McGregor
Playbill来自客场, a new Broadway musical that's expected to do very well in tomorrow's Tony nominations, is getting its own documentary feature called来自客场: From Gander to Broadway. It's the true story of a group of strangers diverted into a small town after the 9/11 terrorist attacks grounded airplanes.

Interview已凯特·哈德森采访她的妈妈戈尔迪·霍恩。它开始有滋味愚蠢和家族,但深进入“正念”。戈尔迪几乎回到屏幕上(抢走) after a 15 year retirement (that they're somehow calling a "hiatus"). Love this bit about how therapy (which she started around the time of笑在)帮助她保持清醒,尽管成为她20岁出头一个家喻户晓的名字:

我意识到,人们看到我,作为一个明星的样子,无关我。这就像一个罗夏测验,像我的东西,他们能够认同,学会爱,学会恨,学会怨恨...但我还给了他们。所以,如果有人对我说,“哦,我爱你!” - 这让我很高兴看到他们开心,但我不会把它当做东西,建立我的自尊心。这就是我如何稳定自己。

Have a lovely Monday, everyone. How do you plan to "stabilize" yourself this week?



Reader Comments (11)

单从观看银河体积的监护人来到剧场出来。2 ...喜欢它。同样的乐趣第一次,但更多的心脏和性格发展论坛......我的丈夫鸡舍几度落泪,我几乎没有相同的。喜欢人人参与,并得到了它的“帝国反击战”,以卷的感觉。1


Fave Stan Lee cameo yet. Stay tuned for the FIVE post credits scenes.

5月1日2017年|Unregistered CommenterJesus Alonso

I love the Goldie/Kate interview (one of my favorite mother-daughter pairs in Hollywood), particularly the bit about them both being at Heathrow when they won their Oscar nominations.

5月1日2017年|Unregistered CommenterJohn T


Kate Not so much.

5月1日2017年|Unregistered CommenterK

So many people hastily wrote Gabby's career epitaph afterPrecious发烧偃旗息鼓。我很高兴,她继续在行业内稳定工作,并保持可见。

有人电动车er care about Actor in a Limited Series/TV movie? I can't recall a time when that category was "where it's at."

5月1日2017年|Unregistered CommenterTroy H.


5月1日2017年|Unregistered CommenterMe34


5月1日2017年|Unregistered CommenterPam

I met Gabby a week or two ago. I'm rarely affected when I encounter celebs, but I could really see myself being BFFs with her, so I didn't really make eye contact lol. Just told her she's awesome. She was really sweet.

可能2, 2017 |Unregistered Commenter菲利普·H

我以为爱说话西迪贝是固体(但仅此而已)贵金属和掩盖了一半投(莫妮克和宝拉·巴顿作为MVP的) - 我只想说,我从没有获得奥斯卡奖提名。

这就是说,它使我很高兴,她继续找份工作(很像詹妮弗哈德森,我有时想,不管她是如此漂亮,有些人投她不管“能力验证” - 没有错,要么)。

可能2, 2017 |Unregistered Commenterkermit_the_frog


可能2, 2017 |Unregistered Commenter索耶

I'm so happy for her to work so much. I loved her in The Bg C:
"Meryl Streep should play me. That b*tch can play everything."

可能2, 2017 |Unregistered CommenterSonja

你知道,如果在有限的系列男主角类别较少的竞争手段,伊万·麦格雷戈最后赢得大奖,这并不一定是坏事。他一直这么好这么久,他从来没有赢得 - 甚至被提名* - 任何东西。


可能2, 2017 |Unregistered CommenterDJDeeJay

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