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Jun 02 2017

Mamma Mia, it's a Sequel!


现在你可能已经听说过这个消息。有续集Mama Mia!(2008)来我们的方式在明年七月。发布日期将是第一个准确地后10年。是的,我们是老了!将unimaginatively标题Mama Mia: Here We Go Again, taken right from the chorus of the song. They must’ve spent all of 2 seconds coming up with that. The original wasn’t exactly a good movie, but it was a fun summer time at the movies buoyed along by everyone’s familiarity with the ABBA song catalog. More of that is definately not an unappealing prospect.

The studio announced that all cast members are expected to return. However so far only Amanda Seyfried is confirmed. If Meryl Streep does indeed sign on, 2018 will mark her first foray into sequels. And of course she’s going big with not one but two of them. She will also appear in a supporting part in that other musical sequel;Mary Poppins Returns, albeit her character there is a new one. Frankly this is not the character we would’ve liked to see her reprise. We are still waiting forThe Further Adventures of Miranda Priestly.

Which ABBA song not in the original would you like to see in the sequel?Our vote goes toWaterloofor reasons totally unrelated to Greek island shenanigans or even the famous 1815 battle. But rather tosomething that happenedin Waterloo, Iowa!


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Reader Comments (30)

Absolutely no one is waiting for this. Up until Prada I was Streep's biggest fan. Now she has become very uninteresting and a bit of a parody of herself.

June 2, 2017 |Unregistered CommenterNnnnvg

我'm excited. Watching Dame Streep belt out ABBA was a major highlight for me in 08.

June 2, 2017 |Unregistered Commenter卡尔

They should lean in to the "dry well" vibe, go all b-sides and anything with nonsense lyrics/onomatopoeia titles.

我猜这个续集是由国际市场帮助很大 - 是不是“妈妈咪呀”在英国的一个更大的交易?我知道在这个时候,他们有一些敲断片是没有看到美国的版本中,“对阳光散步”(80点唱机音乐剧)和“爱在阳光灿烂时”(普罗克莱门兄弟)。

June 2, 2017 |Unregistered CommenterDave S.

"People Need Love"!!!

June 2, 2017 |Registered CommenterChris Feil


June 2, 2017 |Unregistered Commenter齐克

The Day Before You Came , it can be very cinematic !

June 2, 2017 |Unregistered CommenterRami


June 2, 2017 |Unregistered Commenterbrookesboy

"The Day Before You Came" is certainly a great choice, and the music video is so cinematic and hauntingly beautiful.

"If it Wasn't for the Nights" is perhaps my favorite ABBA song. "As Good As New" is fantastic and underrated as well. The Voulez-Vous album has probably the best songs that were (IMO) mistakenly not released as singles.

Other picks--"I Am the City," "One Man, One Woman," "Disillusion," "Under Attack."

June 2, 2017 |Unregistered CommenterMike

Oh No! is this what nostalgia has become.

June 2, 2017 |Unregistered Commentermarkgordonuk


June 2, 2017 |Unregistered Commenter城野

Mamma Mia was a huge hit world-wide so a sequels should not be surprising except that it took 10 years
As for Streep, she is not confirmed and if she is I bet it will only be a for a short cameo :(

June 2, 2017 |Unregistered Commenter杰米

We don't need this people.
We just don't.

June 2, 2017 |Unregistered CommenterYavor


June 2, 2017 |Unregistered Commenterchris concert

As long as Pierce Brosnan doesn't sing again. I can go for another film.

June 2, 2017 |Unregistered Commenterthevoid99

我m assuming this one will follow Amanda Seyfried's character and the older ones only have cutesy cameos or show up for only one number (maybe two, if they go for a massive musical finale in which everybody sings together).

June 2, 2017 |Unregistered CommenterCarmen Sandiego


June 2, 2017 |Unregistered CommenterMike

Nobody's relieved the director changed? *lol*
A sequel... Well, why not? I feel like this is going to be a bit more serious.
我LOVE MM! and it will be written on my graveyeard. How to explain real love? I just happens. Sometimes even simple overjoyus movies can change your life and this movie did it for me.
And also for all people that think "Why Meryl, why?" there's quite a wonderful backstory to why she made MM!: In 2001 a few months after the the terror attack in NY, her youngest daughter was only 10 and still traumasized. So her mother took her and a few friends to the MM! Broadway show and they just loved it. She even wrote the crew a thank you letter!
So yeah....

我'd love to see a DWP sequel and since they gladly turned an awful novel into a really good movie, maybe they can do it again. But I doubt it will happen.

June 2, 2017 |Unregistered CommenterSonja

And I'd love to hear "The Day before you came". It's.... really interesting!
我do hope Meryl sings it. 8)

June 2, 2017 |Unregistered CommenterSonja

我loved the first movie... flaws and all. I think the time is right for a HAPPY movie to be seen and heard around the world. Our times are so horrific that a movie like this will be a welcome relief.

我hope they can get all on board and make a good sequel.

June 2, 2017 |Unregistered Commenternatalie

Hopefully the movie starts as Brosnan's funeral. They could hire Crowe to replace him.

June 2, 2017 |Unregistered CommenterPeggy Sue

Thanks for the great comments. Naked Dominic Cooper please.

June 2, 2017 |Unregistered CommenterMarie

"The Further Adventures of Miranda Priestly."

Yes, please! We want this, and we want this now!

June 3, 2017 |Unregistered Commenterwhocares

"Eagle" is also a great song with a gorgeous music video -

June 3, 2017 |Unregistered CommenterAnne

More than a sequel, can't we just hope for a REMAKE and make a good musical film out of the musical play? Because even with Streep, the first one was horrible. And it already spawned an horrible, even more akward disaster called "Walking on Sunshine", which was a so blatant rip off, that I could barely sit through its first 10 minutes when caught it at TV.

June 3, 2017 |Unregistered CommenterJesus Alonso

Possible Premise- amanda seyfried or if she's a mother her child is having a medical emergency that can only be saved by her father because seyfried ddi not inherit streepms blood type/ profile.

So first getting everyone together,
Then father revelation ,

June 3, 2017 |Unregistered CommenterRizz

我hated this movie from beginning to end- the forced cheerfulness was painful- there is an even worse rip off made in Australia which uses 80's pop songs

June 3, 2017 |Unregistered CommenterJaragon

你们不知道的乐趣。我saw the first film in theaters and the whole place was rocking like a concert. Also the cast had SO MUCH FUN filming it. All the BTS stuff bears that out. No doubt all of them will be back.

June 4, 2017 |Unregistered CommenterRyan T.

我'd rather see a sequel to 'Hairspray.'
*I can slouch through a MM sequel only if Pierce Bronson isn't in it. And aren't all the 'great' ABBA songs already used? Was 'Thank You For The Music' in the 1st one? That song is a classic!
Listening to ABBA's non-hits is really a challenge...

June 4, 2017 |Unregistered CommenterTOM

我feel like this post is a threat, rather than a treat.

我would rather pull my eyeballs out than watch Mamma Mia 2: Electric Boogaloo.

Actually, if this became a cross between Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo and Mamma Mia, I might see it.

June 5, 2017 |Unregistered CommenterCharlieG

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June 7, 2017 |Unregistered CommenterLG G7

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