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"Almost There"Marion Cotillard inRust & Bone

"She was incredible in this—but she usual is.The snub hurt at the time but considering she already has an Oscar and wound up swooping in a few years later as a dark horse nominee...makes it feel ok in the end." -Philip

"Best actress of the decade."- Peggy Sue


Zara Howard(Premature)
Costume Designer(Joker)
Cinematographer(The Irishman)
Songwriters(Frozen II)
导向器s(For Sama)

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Aug 25 2017

Link what you made me do

卡通啤酒it turns out the new animated film飞跃is actually a previously internationally released animated film named芭蕾舞女演员, reworked by the Weinsteins for the US with a new voice cast.The difference: the reviews are terrible this time
品种Orland Bloom to star in and produce an urban fantasy series called嘉年华行which has humans and mythological species interacting (sounds a smidge like the new Will Smith project)
守护者詹姆斯·卡梅隆 interview on Terminator 2.But the part that's getting quoted is his dismissal of神奇女侠(though he says he enjoyed it)
品种...but naturally Patty Jenkins has fired back

印第尔lots of female directors hitting the festivals this year.Here's a list of 20
Nerdist频道we haven't heard anything about that ill-advised movie remake of那些鸟儿(1963) in a while.But now there's news that another adaptation of the source novella is aiming to be a dramatic BBC miniseries
心理牙线extensive piece on the costumes of权力的游戏
男孩文化Jay Thomas of莫克和明迪and墨菲·布朗fame has died of cancer
/电影casting for the live action version of少年悍将(which will just be called泰坦) has begun with Anna Diop nabbing the Firestar role.
/电影The best recent Asian action movies you probably haven't seen
像黑客Movie Pass is suddenly seeing a huge influx of subscribers.You guys I love the service so much.If you don't have it you really should get it.It saves you so much money if you like seeing movies regularly.

大西洋组织interesting piece on Taylor Swift's persona-shifting new single "Look What You Made Me Do"
舞台Stephen Sondheim on what directors should and shouldn't do when restaging musicals
纽约客read this brilliant piece, please..."Louise Linton isn't mad.你是mad."

Ever wonder what it would be like to hang out with Madonna for a whole day on your birthday?Dennis Hensley enlisted his comedienne friend Nadya Ginsburg to play her all day and find out."C'mon" hit play.Ginsburg is a brilliant Madonna impersonator and proves it again.

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I totally agree with Cameron save the fact that I didn't enjoy Wonder Woman.It was lousy and tacky as most super heroes movies are, nothing new.Some people seem to think that box office or popularity equals quality.That said, I'm happy it was a hit since it was directed by a woman and there is some many great women directors that deserve more and better projects and a success like this can open some doors.

August 25, 2017 | 未注册的批评家LSS

詹姆斯·卡梅隆 on Wonder Woman: Look, yes, this is a step backward...From the TERMINATOR 2 version of Sarah Connor.ANYTHING would read less "tough" than Terminator 2 Sarah Connor.Katie Jarvis in Fish Tank is probably less tough than T2 Sarah Connor.Not an invalid comparison, but so broad as to be useless.Compared to the previous entries in the DCXU and the prior superheroine movies (Supergirl, Catwoman, Elektra), this IS a huge step forward.

August 25, 2017 | 未注册的批评家Volvagia

帕蒂·詹金斯 sure likes run-on sentences.

August 25, 2017 | 未注册的批评家AR

Volvagia - I've never watched Fish Tank but i've seen people commenting on Katie Jarvis and her performance and i don't understand.Isn't that film a drama?People make it sound like she is Clarice Starling meets Beatrix Kiddo.Is she really that awesome in that film?Or is it a really good drama performance?

August 25, 2017 | 未注册的批评家EvaG

EvaG: It's a really good drama performance, but one where you could actually imagine the actress as a really good action star.

August 25, 2017 | 未注册的批评家Volvagia

詹姆斯·卡梅隆 needs to be kicked in the balls for that stupid comment.

August 25, 2017 | 未注册的批评家thevoid99

Volvagia -- hmmm.your fascination with Jarvis is so consistent.but I cant say that i saw that AT ALL in her work.她觉得对我来说更像是一个非演员谁正好是真的一无所知相机(我的意思是一种恭维),并仅仅是现有的在屏幕上。我一直认为的动作明星具有非常高度的表演,激烈的在长期的思维不挑剔的方式戏剧性。

August 25, 2017 | 注册批评家NATHANIEL [R


有很多力量和WW的版本是一个在她所居住的宇宙吻合。我想/希望卡梅伦刚刚说错/没想到过 - 阅读上下文中的评论似乎更有关的令人沮丧的持续缺乏除了真棒女性角色(与我敢肯定,詹金斯和加多特同意)到自-serving“和我做了一些伟大的!” egocentric tone which was/is consistent with pretty much everything else he said/says.

August 25, 2017 | 未注册的批评家catbaskets

那是电影通提供合法的?$ 10在剧院无限的电影一个月?有什么收获!?

August 25, 2017 | 未注册的批评家


August 25, 2017 | 未注册的批评家特拉维斯ç


August 25, 2017 | 未注册的批评家城野


August 26, 2017 | 未注册的批评家Me34


August 26, 2017 | 未注册的批评家乔治P.


August 26, 2017 | 未注册的批评家格伦扣篮

我 - $ 10的事情让我感到惊讶。我加入了一段时间了,我想我每月支付$ 40,但如果你去一个星期,一旦它完全收回成本,如果你去更重要的是节省大量。

August 26, 2017 | 注册批评家NATHANIEL [R

“鸟”,如果他们回到原来的故事是暗得多比希区柯克翻拍膜 - 将工作和鸟将是完美的3 - D.所以他有权自己的意见卡梅伦一直呈现出强的女性角色。而我也爱“神奇女侠”,这是超级英雄电影最好的夏季。

August 26, 2017 | 未注册的批评家jaragon

相反,1963年的翻拍不必要的的鸟类 - 不是我们在技术状态这部电影可以在3 d发布像终结者2近期重新发布:审判日(今3-d)?

August 27, 2017 | 未注册的批评家TOM


October 16, 2017 | 未注册的批评家yesporner

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