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Monday,November 19,2018 at 7:00AM
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It's 97 days til Oscar so we thought it might be fun to discuss Best Actress 1997.When I askedon twitterand here at the sitewhat everyone's first Oscar ceremony was,this one came up alot.Titanic-mania was in full force in March 1998,bringing the Academy Awards many new young viewers!In fact,Titanic which had opened for Christmas had never left the number one spot at the top of the box office by the time Oscar night rolled around 14 weeks later.(Titanicspent 15 weeks at #1 in total.Can you imagine?in today's movie culture you're basically a true phenomenon if you can stay on top for more than 3 weeks - onlyBlack Panthermanaged it this year with 5 weeks)

Do you remember these gowns?And who would you have voted Best Actress that year?

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Kate Winslet wasnt winning anything (besides millions upon millions of fans),but the rest of them divvied up the Best Actress gongs.Helena and Julie were neck and neck when it came to critics awards;Bonham-Carter snagged the NBR,BSFC,and LAFCA while Christie swiped the NYFCC and NSFC.That was it for both of them because Dench and Hunt both took home Golden Globes.It was something of a nail-biter between them on Oscar night,though Hunt had the edge given her SAG win.But would they really give a TV star the Oscar (remember the TV and movie divide was so much greater in the 1990s) ???

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