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Dec 18 2018

100 Most Popular Foreign Films of 2018 + the Oscar Hopefuls!

Our year in review party begins TODAY.A different list each day!Here's Nathaniel R...

Time for an annual look back at subtitled fare in cinemas.As with 2017andthe year beforeIndia,China,Mexico,and South Korea dominate with a smattering of Oscar contenders and random other countries faring much less well in the American marketplace.Much of the imbalance is due to dedicated distributors who saw a underserved market and focus specifically on it.Here in Manhattan,it's interesting to watch how this plays out.Generally speaking some big multiplexes reserve one or two screens for super specific distributors (Bollywood and mainstream Asian features for example are often at the Empire in Times Square which has 25 screens).Meanwhile the traditional "arthouse theaters"continue to rely on the decades-long practice of programming festival hits,docs,and arthouse style cinema which leans heavily European with a few buzzy Asian titles thrown in;in other words they're Oscar-aligned in their tastes.

For the purposes of the following list we skipped documentaries and animated films to keep the list more focused (and avoid arguments about dubbed versions or whatnot).The numbers are pulled fromBox Office Mojo.

Domestic Box Office Grosses Only - FINAL TOTALS

The $1 Million Plus Club
(The Success Stories)

01Padmaavat$11.8 (India) Jan 25th
This lux nearly 3 hour medieval epic is about an ambitious Sultan who becomes obsessed with a beautiful Queen.Available tostream on Amazon Prime.

02Sanju$7.9 (India) June 29th
Biopic of a famous controversial actor.Available tostream on Netflix.

03Cold War$4.5 (Poland) Dec 21st
Pawel Pawlikowski's tragic romantic drama about a singer and a musician having a long affair across Europe in the 50s and 60s.It became an even bigger that Pawel Pawlikowski's previous Oscar- winnerIda[REVIEW|NATHANIEL'S TOP 20 LIST|OSCAR NOMINEE 2018]

04Ya Veremos$4.1 (Mexico) Aug 31st
Family drama bout a young boy determined to reunite his separated parents before his surgery.

052.0$4.1 (India) November 30th
A sci-fi Bollywood thriller.

06Shoplifters$3.3 (Japan) Nov 23rd
Hirokazu Kore-eda's outstanding humanist drama about a makeshift family living on the margins of society won the Palme D'Or at Cannes is now a nominee for Best Foreign Language Film.It's still expanding into additional markets each week so GO SEE IT  as soon as you can. [INTERVIEW|CHRIS FEIL'S TOP 10 LIST|NATHANIEL'S TOP TEN LIST|PODCAST|OSCAR NOMINEE 2018.]

07La Boda de Valentina$2.7 (Mexico) Feb 9th
A romantic comedy about a Mexican-American woman whose boyfriend proposes to her.

08Bharat Ane Nenu$2.6 (India) April 20th
A drama about a university graduate who returns to India to fulfill a promise to his mother.Available tostream on Amazon Prime.

09A Fantastic Woman$2.0 (Chile) Feb 2nd
After a one-week qualifying release in 2017 (in the hopes of a longshot Best Actress bid for Daniela Vega) this Oscar favorite emerged properly in February to strong box office,buoyed by its charismatic star,its popular director (Sebastian Lelio,ofGloriaandDisobediencefame) and of course the Oscar nomination and subsequent win.[REVIEW|REVISIT DEEP DIVE|ON THE SCREENPLAY|OSCAR WINNER 2017]

10Detective Chinatown 2$1.9 (China) Feb 16th
A buddy comedy sequel was a massive global hit,earning half a billion worldwide.The US gross was just a blip in its fortunes but still a good size blip given the market in America for non-English features.

11Race 3$1.6 (India) June 15th
A heist movie.2018 sure had a lot of those.Available tostream on Amazon Prime.

12Pad Man$1.6 (India) Feb 9th
Believe it or not this movie is a biopic about a man who provides inexpensive sanitary pads to women in rural India.

13Capernaum$1.6 (Lebanon) Dec 14th
Nadine Labaki's brilliant look at homeless refugees in Lebanon and children who grow up way too fast.[INTERVIEW|NATHANIEL'S TOP 20 LIST|OSCAR NOMINEE 2018]

14Operation Red Sea$1.5 (China) Feb 23rd
A who's who of Chinese hotties star in this action film from Dante Lam (Unbeatable).The film was a massive hit in Chinese-language countries.[OSCAR SUBMISSION 2018]

15Thugs of Hindustan$1.4 (India) Nov 8th
An 18th century set action adventure film with Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan (ofLagaanfame) and the enduring 1970s Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan.

16102 Not Out$1.3 (India) May 4th
Another Amitabh Bachchan picture,this time playing a 102 year old man in a dramedy.Available tostream on Amazon Prime.

17Baaghi 2$1.3 (India) Mar 30th
An action thriller starring Tiger Shroff,who is allergic to clothing.

18Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days$1.2 (South Korea) Aug 1st
A sequel to last year's hit,a fantasy about guardian angels and the afterlife.

19Anhadhun$1.1(India) Oct 5th
A thriller about a blind pianist who was "witness"to a crime.Available tostream on Netflix.

20Nothing to Lose$1.0 (Brazil) May 11th
A biopic of a Brazilian evangelical.

21Raid$1.0 (India) March 16th
An action drama about a fearless tax officer pursuing powerful men's tax frauds.

22The Insult$1.0 (Lebanon) Jan 12th
Lebanon's first ever Oscar nominee is a courtroom drama about a feud between a Lebanese Christian and a Palestinian refugee.It's currentlyavailable to stream on Amazon Prime.[OSCAR NOMINEE 2017]

Just under the $1 million mark
Performed well given the marketplace for subtitled features.

23Kedernath$901k (India) Dec 7th

24The Cakemaker$874k (Israel) June 29th
This LGBT drama is about a German pastry chef who becomes involved with his dead lover's widow in Israel.She was not aware that her husband had a boyfriend.This grief-ridden drama was a sleeper hit in US arthouses this past summer and its English language remake is currently in development. [INTERVIEW|OSCAR SUBMISSION 2018]

25Let the Sunshine In$866k (France) April 27th
This Juliette Binoche led romantic comedy proved to be the great auteur Claire Denis' most successful release in the US since her debut featureChocolatway back in 1989 -- it was thrice as popular as her last succcess d'estime at US arthouses,White Materialstarring Isabelle Huppert in 2010.Caveat to that stat: I've never been able to find numbers on my favorite Denis film:Beau Travailreleased in the US in 2000 or her disturbing vampire flickTrouble Every Dayin 2001 both of which I saw IN movie theaters so I know they actually played for the paying public.[REVIEW|CHRIS FEIL'S TOP 20 LIST|SOUNDTRACK DISCUSSION]

26Sui Dhagga - Made in India$790k (India) Sept 28th
A comedy about a man whose wife encourages him to start up his own tailoring business.

27Border$771k (Sweden) Oct 26th
This hard to describe but highly memorable whatsit (part police procedural,part sexual awakening drama,part mythological fantasy) is a deserved inclusion inOscar's finalist list for Achievement in Makeup nominationsbut sadly it already got the boot for Best Foreign Film.It was probably a bit too strange for Oscar voters but it's been a sucess in specialty theaters and it's hard to imagine this film not developing an enduring cult following.It's still in theaters soGO SEE ITwhile you have the chance.[REVIEW|PODCAST|BEST MAKEUP OSCAR NOMINEE 2018]

28How Long Will I Love U$746k (China) May 25th
A romantic time travel fantasy.

29Burning$718k (South Korea) Oct 26th
Lee Chang-dong's fascinating enigma about a young man's new friendship with a lost soul and her rich mysterious boyfriend (Steven Yeun in an Oscar-worthy performance) is highly memorable.If nominated this will be South Korea's first honor in the category which is hard to believe given that country's not-so-small collection of classics and genius auteurs.It's still in US theaters so go see it before it leaves (which will be any second now).[REVIEW|CHRIS FEIL'S TOP 20 LIST|PODCAST|OSCAR FINALIST 2018]

30Monster Hunt 2$706k (China) Feb 16th
This fantasy from China is one of the year's biggest global hits with $361+ million worldwide.Didn't catch fire in the US though.(I didn't know Tony Leung Chiu Wai was in it until just now.Must find it to watch now.)

31The Island$670k (China) Aug 10th
A man becomes stranded on an island with his co-workers.

32Foxtrot$618k (Israel) March 2nd
Our favorite Israeli movie star Lior Ashkenazi stars in this drama about a family that finds that something went wrong at their son's military post.  [OSCAR FINALIST 2017]

33Husband Material (Manmarziyaan)$567k (India) Sept 14th
A romantic love triangle about a spirited young woman,her boyfriend,and her fiance.

34Loveless$566k (Russia) Feb 16th
Is Andrey Zvyagintsev's Russia's best working director?The evidence suggests the answer is an emphatic YES.He's made five films:The Return(2003),The Banishment(2007),Elena(2011),Leviathan(2014),andLoveless(2017) and ALL of them have been critical darlings and international award winners.The two most recent were also nominated for the Foreign Language Oscar.If you haven't seen this film,get on that.[REVIEW|PODCAST|OSCAR NOMINEE 2017]

35A Cool Fish$551k (China) Nov 16th
A comedy about a botched robbery.

36The Spy Gone North$500k (South Korea) Aug 10th
A spy drama about political conflicts and a man caught between powerful people in North and South Korea

Under $500,000
They didn't quite cross over to ticket sales or larger awareness.

37The Great Battle$472k (South Korea) Sept 21st
A historical action epic set during the Tang dynasty.

38Bag of Marbles$411k (France) Mar 23rd
WW II drama of little Jewish brothers escaping Nazi-occupied France

39Warrior (Soorma)$390k (India) July 13th
A biopic of a famous athlete who makes a comeback after a near-death experience

40Believer$365k (South Korea) June 8th
A crime drama about a detective and a drug cartel.

41Hiccup (Hichki)$330k (India) March 23rd
A Bollywood picture about a woman with Tourettes syndrome.Available tostream on Amazon Prime.

42Golden Job$285k (Hong Kong) Sept 28th
Another heist movie!

43Detective Dee: The Four Heavenly Kings$262k (China/Hong Kong) July 27th
This franchise hasn't caught on in the US but it's popular overseas.I've only seen the second one (Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragons).It was too cheap fx green screened for my taste (I miss the old absolutely lux-looking Chinese action films) but it was inarguably bonkers and that has its own appeal if you're in the right mood.

44Back to Burgundy$257k (France) March 23rd
A drama about an estranged family and their winery.Currentlyavailable to stream on Amazon Prime.

45Batti Gul Meter Chalu$249k (India) Sept 21st

46Swing Kids$222k (South Korea) Dec 21st

47Agent Mr Chan$208k (China/Hong Kong) Feb 23rd

48The Guilty$207k (Denmark) Oct 19th
Hollywood,the suits therein at least,really dug this thriller which takes place in one room as an officer tries to help a kidnapped woman;the director has already signed with an American agency on the mainstream genre strength of his tight 85 minute debut.Though it's "modest"compared to other Oscar finalists this year I woudn't necessarily count it out.Denmark iscurrentlyOscar's favorite foreign country having been nominated 5 times this decadealready![OSCAR FINALIST 2018]

49Zama$200k (Argentina) April 13th
Though yours truly did not enjoy Lucretia Martel's confounding movie about a Spanish officer on an existential wait for a transfer that will clearly never come,other critics were just besotted.[REVIEW|CHRIS FEIL'S TOP 20 LIST|OSCAR SUBMISSION 2017]

50Gauguin: Voyage to Tahiti$200k (France) July 11th
Vincent Cassel stars in this biopic about the painter Gauguin's affair with a Tahitian woman

51The Monkey King 3$187k (China/Hong Kong) Feb 16th

52Goldbuster$186k (China/Hong Kong) Jan 5th

53Summer 1993$183k (Spain) May 25th

54Caravan (Karwaan)$182k (India) Aug 3rd
The oft internationally-employed actor Irrfan Khan stars in this road trip comedy.Available tostream on Amazon Prime.

55Last Letter$180k (China) Nov 9th

56The Accidental Detective 2: In Action$179k (South Korea) June 22nd

57Buybust$178k (The Philippines) Aug 10th
An action thriller about a drug bust in the slums of Manila.

58The Guardians$177k (France) May 4th
Nathalie Baye stars in this drama of women left to tend the farm during World War I.

59Default$174k (South Korea) Nov 30th
A drama about an impending financial crisis.Currently in theaters and featuring Yoo Ah-in (who headlines the Oscar finalistBurning)

60Double Lover$167k (France) Feb 14th
François Ozon's graphic erotic thriller stars his regular uninhibited players Marine Vacth and Jérémie Renier plus 70s sex symbol Jacqueline Bissett.Despite a lot of pre-release hoopla at its festival debuts it didn't really catch on in theaters but Ozon films are nearly always worth seeing.I'm eager to see this still and alarmed that I haven't yet done so.Apologies to Ozon![INTERVIEW|PRODUCTION DESIGN DEEP DIVE]

61Rampant$167k (South Korea) Oct 26th

62Museo$148k (Mexico) Sept 14th
Gael García Bernal stars in this fine fascinating flick about a man who robbed from an anthropological museum but didnt know what to do with the goods thereafter.It was released by YouTube who are trying to produce and distribute films now,too,like everyone else.CONTENT.CONTENT.CONTENT.[REVIEW]

63The Young Karl Marx$125k (France) Feb 23rd

64Til the End of the World$118k (China) Feb 2nd

65Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum$115k (South Korea) April 13th

66The Negotiation$110k (South Korea) Sept 21st

67The Captain$108k (Germany) July 27th
A WW II action thriller about a German soldier who impersonates a Nazi captain when he finds a uniform.

68In Between$107k (Israel) Jan 5th
A drama about three Palestinian women sharing an apartment in Tel Aviv. [INTERVIEW]

69Becoming Astrid$105k (Sweden) Nov 23rd
A biopic about the author of the famed children's books involving Pippi Longstocking starring Alba August as the author.Two awesome Scandinavian actresses (Maria Bonnevie and Tryne Dyrholm) co-star.

70Detective K: Secret of the Living Dead$104k (South Korea) Feb 16th

71Memoir of War$103k (France) Aug 17th
France no longer has great Oscar luck whether they choose their Oscar submissions well or not (witness the horrible recent fates ofElleandBPM,both completely worthy of nominations and shut out even from the finalist lists!).Though this year,we thought it was a strange decision for France to submit this film about Marguerite Duras during WW II since it didn't seem to excite anyone.[OSCAR SUBMISSION 2018|CESAR NOMINEE 2018]

72Happy Phirr Bhag Jayegi$103k (India) Aug 24th

73Ishmael's Ghosts$102k (France) March 23rd

Under $100,000
Underseen but it's tough out there for foreign films in the current marketplace.

74Champion$97k (South Korea) May 11th
Sports drama about a Korean American arm-wrestler

75El Angel$94k (Argentina) Nov 9th
A homoerotic true crime drama about a teenage thief and murderer (Lorenzo Ferro) and his new partner in crime (Chino Darín).[PODCAST|OSCAR SUBMISSION 2018]

76Golden Slumber$94k (South Korea) Feb 16th

77Let the Corpses Tan$93k (France) Aug 31st
A thriller about a group of eccentric characters and a load of gold bullion.

78The Third Murder$87k (Japan) July 20th

79Lobster Cop$85k (China) June 22nd
A crime comedy about police officers and their lobster restaurant (a front to catch criminals)

80Big Brother$85k (Hong Kong) Aug 31st

81Custody$83k (France) June 29th
The film most critics hoped France would submit to the Oscars this year.亚博主页Critically acclaimed but unfortunately little support in theaters.[CESAR NOMINEE 2018]

82Claire's Camera$83k (South Korea/France) March 9th
Kim Min-Hee and Isabelle Huppert star in this Hong Sang-Soo film about a friendship between a photographer and the woman she photographs who was recently fired from her job.

83Godard Mon Amour$82k (France) April 20th

84On the Seventh Day$79k (USA) June 8th
A drama about undocumented Mexican immigrants from the indie filmmaker Jim McKay (Girls Town,Our Song,Everyday People).

85The Princess and the Matchmaker$78k (South Korea) March 9th

86The Brawler (Mukkabaaz)$75k (India) Jan 12th
Sports drama about a boxer from the lower caste.

87Keys to the Heart$75k (South Korea) Jan 26th

88The Last Suit$73k (Argentina) March 23rd
An old Jewish tailor seeks out the man who saved him from the Holocaust

89Bye Bye Germany$72k (Germany) Apr 27th

90Helicopter Eela$71k (India) Oct 12th

91Namiya$70k (China/Hong Kong) Jan 5th
Jackie Chan plays the title character in this fantasy about three runaway kids who find a supernatural correspondence to the man who used to run the abandoned store they're now living in.

92Parchi$69k (India) Jan 12th

93Namaste England$67 (India) Oct 19th

94Under the Tree$67k (Iceland) July 6th
A grotesque black comedy about warring neighbors,fighting over a tree in their backyards.[OSCAR SUBMISSION 2017]

95Fengshui$64k (South Korea) Sept 21st

96Bhavesh Joshi Superhero$57k (India) June 1st

97Django$56k (France) Jan 5th

98I Am Not a Witch$50k (UK) Sept 7th
This drama about an 8 year old Zambian village girl accused of witchcraft was a critical darling last awards / festival season before its tiny low profile US release nearly a year later (why not strike when the iron is hot?I'll never understand these year-later theatrical releases).It won the BAFTA last year for "Outstanding Debut by a British Writer,Director or Producer"[OSCAR SUBMISSION 2018]

99Racer & Jailbird$46k (Belgium) May 4th
Matthias Schoenaerts is the jailbird and Adele Exarchapolous the racer in this romantic drama.[REVIEW|OSCAR SUBMISSION 2017]

100Rodin$44k (France) June 1st
Vincent Lindon starred as the famous artist in this biopic.

Some noteworthy titles outside the list.
Brief theatrical releases which didn't register with moviegoers at all.*sniffle*

Western$41k (Germany) Feb 16th
Valeska Grisebach wrote and directed this mesmerizing drama about a German work crew in the Bulgarian countryside.It gets my personal vote for the highly specific category of 'year's best film that no one outside of festival audiences saw' [REVIEW|NATHANIEL'S TOP 20 LIST]


What Will People Say(Norway's Oscar Submission 2018)
No Date No Signature(Iran's Oscar Submission 2018)
Good Manners(Italian lesbian werewolf movie)
November(Estonia's Oscar Submission from 2017)Reviewed
Mrs Hyde(Isabelle Huppert in a French riff on the Jekyll and Hyde story)Reviewed
Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts(Indonesia's Oscar Submission 2018)
Beauty and the Dogs(Tunisia's Oscar Submission 2018)
La Familia(Venezuela's Oscar Submission 2018).


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Reader Comments (21)

Great list!!

Roma has made around $1.2 million according to Indiewire.It's probably more,but who knows.

I've watched 7/9 - I'm still missing Germany and Kazakhstan.They are both playing at the Palm Springs Film Festival.Wish I could go.All 9 films are actually playing at that festival as well.

I had no idea that Zain from Capernaum is illiterate and a Syrian refugee,who was living in Lebanon.He's now living in Norway.Such a great story and a fantastic movie.

December 18,2018 | Unregistered CommenterRod

"good manners"is Brazilian and pretty great!

December 18,2018 | Unregistered Commentermarcelo

My favorite foreign film this year was A Ciambra from Italy,which was co-produced by Martin Scorsese,which made it eligible for the Indie Spirits,where it got a couple of nominations last year.It's an excellent film about the interactions between two groups of outcasts,gypsies (the title is the name of the gypsies' colony) and African immigrants,and their dealings with the Italian authorities.Outstanding,well worth seeking out.Summer 1993,I Am Not a Witch and Loveless were also favorites of mine.Just can't wait so see Shoplifters and The Guilty.

December 18,2018 | Unregistered Commenterken s.

So it's basically Mexican comedies,Bollywood and the Oscar winner.Disappointing,but what can I say?Even Europeans don't go see their own cinema.

Surprised that Un beau soleil intérieur did well.It's not an easy film (and it's a bit disappointing).

The Guilty is so watchable.It should be higher.

December 18,2018 | Unregistered CommenterPeggy Sue

My favorites (so far) are Double Lover and Zama,and among the better known titles I can't wait to see Burning,Museo,and Capernaum.Thanks for putting this together.Helps me know what to look for among lesser-publicized releases.

December 18,2018 | Unregistered CommenterScottC

Huppert starred in WHITE MATERIAL,not Binoche.;)

December 18,2018 | Unregistered CommenterRoger

Well-Go-USA's rollout for Burning has been absolute garbage.They'd skipped right over some really major markets seemingly at random and haven't been very transparent about when or where it's opening.I still haven't gotten it here and may have never seen it if I hadn't happened to be traveling recently.

December 18,2018 | Unregistered CommenterMJS

Roger -- yup.i know that.just had a brain far while looking at the picture of Juliette.Fixed.

December 18,2018 | Registered CommenterNATHANIEL R

Yeah,I am blessed with a fantastic local art theater that has gotten any number of these titles (most recently Becoming Astrid) but still no Burning.I asked them about it recently,and they said they are trying to get it,but they have no news on it.Frowny face.

December 18,2018 | Unregistered CommenterSuzanne

I don't understand what's keeping Custody off every critic's Top 10 list.The last 20 minutes are more intense than any horror film this decade.

December 18,2018 | Unregistered Commentergoran

What @goran wrote: I think the same!!!

Picture,directing,actor,actress,screenplay,editing,sound: should be nominated for every category!

I will watch till the end of the year:

The Wild Pear Tree

Hope to see soon as possible:

Woman at war
Never look away

By the way...Foreign language movies >>>> English language movies this year.

Awarding Black Panther,Bohemian Rapsody,A Star is Born is signal of mediocre times on critics and movies professionals.

December 18,2018 | Unregistered CommenterJon

Goran - If you liked Custody,have you seen Just Before Losing Everything,Legrand's short on which the film is based?It's even more tense!

I'm praying that Ayka gets a hurried Film Forum or Film Society of Lincoln Center release before Oscar season is over.

Re: the Top 100 List - Maybe it's a thing with all Chinese blockbusters,but Operation Red Sea (which at last check was the 11th highest grossing film worldwide) was one action cliche after another with poorly defined characters and almost completely void of plot.It's the worst movie I've seen this year by a long shot.

December 19,2018 | Unregistered CommenterEvan

Your coverage of the foreign film field is incomparable.Meaning,no one else even tries.

For those of us not in a major market area,Netflix,and occasionally Amazon,are our only savior when foreign films are in question.I grew up in a small southern city,and even Seven Beauties came to my local theater.Those days of diverse theatrical choices are dead for most Americans.

So thank you for continuing to give us guidance.

December 19,2018 | Unregistered CommenterDan

My friends and I started a monthly gathering called Foreign Film Friday.The rules: it's always a foreign language (non-English) film,we always watch it in a movie theater,and we always go out together afterwards to discuss it.(It's almost always on a Friday,but that's not the important part!)

In general it's difficult finding movies of substance during many months of the year.They're just not in theaters long enough.But it's been super rewarding putting this focus on our movie-going.We see stuff that we might otherwise miss.

Your post reminds me how minuscule the box office is for these films.I wish more people made a concerted effort to widen their viewing habits -- to become enthusiasts for foreign language films rather than apologists or underminers.

Case in point: I've been dismayed to hear two different podcasts in the last week talk about how it's difficult to recommend Roma to people because (among other reason) it's subtitled!Really?Like reading words on the screen is so very difficult?Thanks,Nathaniel,for keeping the torch lit.

December 19,2018 | Unregistered CommenterSan FranCinema

"It's difficult to recommend Roma to people because it's subtitled"

And black-and-white,too!!!

December 19,2018 | Unregistered Commenterken s.

San Fran -- i love it!your group i mean.The thing that i cant figure out about american audiences in regard to subtitles is that in the past 15 years subtitles became FAR more common on television and sometimes on very popular shows as shows became more ambitious and cross cultural diverse,and sometimg globe hopping.Nobody seemed to bat an eye.You'd think people would be totally used to reading by now.Texting anyone.American is hardly averse to reading words to follow a conversation.

December 19,2018 | Registered CommenterNATHANIEL R

and another thing one of my proudest things ever is recommending CROUCHING TIGER HIDDEN DRAGON to a ton of people when it was out (before my life was being a movie blogger) guy came up to me later...kind of accusatory

."so i saw that movie you kept talking about.You didn't tell me it was in another language!"

"I didn't?must've slipped my mind.It was good though,right?"

"I was like this is subtitled.I was really confused at first.why didnt he tell me."

"It was good though right?"

"Yeah,it was great.ONCE I GOT USED TO IT."

December 19,2018 | Registered CommenterNATHANIEL R

Yimou Zhang's new film,Shadow,is quite outstanding,but I've literally heard no one speak about it!Strange,considering Yimou has been nominated a couple of times,and though he has lagged for a few years recently,he has an incredible body of work (Raise the Red Lantern,To Live,Red Sorghum,Ju-Duo,House of Flying Daggers,Hero,Not One Less,etc).

December 20,2018 | Unregistered CommenterIshmael

Sorry for "Beauty and the Dogs".Totally,underestimated.Best Film of the year,IMHO.

December 20,2018 | Unregistered CommenterIlia

Ishmael --I SPOKE ABOUT IT.I loveShadowand I hope it's a success here when it opens next year.

December 20,2018 | Registered CommenterNATHANIEL R

Nathaniel - I totally agree.Everyone's reading all the time (and on tiny screens with tiny typefaces).I think the whole idea of subtitles being difficult or something "to get used to"is related to American culture at large.English speakers are discouraged from having to learn other languages,which are treated somehow as "less than"our globally dominant tongue.A film can be set somewhere else than America,but if it's not in English,it's automatically difficult.Like the story with your friend and "Crouching Tiger,"people feel entitled to be warned that they might not feel comfortable right away!

December 20,2018 | Unregistered CommenterSan FranCinema

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