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4月 27 2018



什么一个字,你会用它来形容的第一个赛季使女的故事?黯淡,内脏,愤怒......及时。任你选 - 它们都适用。并返回其第二个赛季,它变得非常清楚,该系列并不回避其困难题材了。

Set in Gilead, a dystopian future where only a handful of women are capable of conceiving children,使女的故事(based on Margaret Atwood’s novel of the same name) is a grisly yet empowering exploration of femininity and feminism in a time when women’s bodies are viewed as mere vessels. Season one was righteous, searing, and highly acclaimed earning eight total Emmy Awards and a place in the cultural zeitgeist. Can the second season keep the momentum going?


There is nothing holding the creators back from expanding this world and opening it up to possibilities unexamined in the shorter source material. This freedom offers a lot of potential for future seasons, but also places a heavy burden on them. How to follow season one?

Season two’s opener, “June” picks up immediately where the first season left off: June, or her handmaid name Offred, (Elisabeth Moss) is whisked away by unnamed officers. Are they a part of Mayday, the underground resistance movement, or are they there for more sinister reasons? The questions don't linger long. The creators obviously have a clear vision in mind for how this season will progress because in a matter of minutes into "June," we are introduced to new characters, environments, and twists waiting around every corner.

And the stakes only get higher.

This starts with the revelation that June is pregnant; a miracle to her overseers. After all, nothing is more sacred than bringing new life into the world. The politicization of women’s bodies came through in the first season and now there's even more to dig into. Until this point, we only ever witnessed the degradation and humiliation that came from being a handmaid. However, with June's pregnancy (not to mention the show's flashbacks to her role as a mother),使女的故事画的是关于母亲和大约长度人会去,以便对随时复杂的叙事。

虽然小说只集中在六月的角度来看,该系列产品的功能更合奏一块 - 允许其许多剧组成员的光芒。从莉迪亚大妈对亚历克西斯布莱德尔的同情艾米莉·安·德的流氓写照,这些妇女有很大的缺陷,但丰富的细节。或许,有时候从一个线索女子监狱,其中不同的情节focus solely on one character to help us understand their past, season two offers this up Emily, right away. We only spent brief (albeit devastating) time with her in the first season. With any luck, the lookbacks with different characters will continue to develop as season two progresses.


Near the end of "June," its leading character makes a pivotal (not to mention bloody) decision that will change the course of the series. While season one was contained and suffocating, it seems clear that season two is looking to build the world into something more expansive. Only time will tell if this narrative push will be successful or not, but in the meantime, let's celebrate that one of television's most exciting and bold series is taking risks.






4月il 28, 2018 |Unregistered CommenterBrian

Things that we read in the book and see in the tv show are happening to women around the globe. Or even worst. The nightmare is real for these women.

4月il 28, 2018 |Unregistered CommenterMelchiades


4月il 28, 2018 |Unregistered Commenter乔伊

it took me a scene or two to recognise marisa tomei and before i could fully enjoy the fact she was joining the cast....


4月il 28, 2018 |Unregistered Commenterpar

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