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Jun 26 2018

Big Beautiful Losers

byJason Adams

Have y'all been keeping an eye on the ever-ballooning cast of cool cats that've joined theItsequel?This week brought one of the names that's made me the happiest - Jess Weixler,star ofTeethand Jessica Chastain BFF,has joinedIt: Chapter IIto play the wife of Bill Denbrough,aka the leader of the "Losers Club"who will be played by James McAvoy in the sequel.(Chastain herself is playing grown-up Bev,the lone girl in the Losers.) We've been clamoring for good stuff for Weixler ever since she wowed hard withTeethin 2007 but even though she's worked steadily she's remained under-the-radar.The role of Bill's wife will probably definitely still under-exploit her talents,but it'll be good to have her around all the same.

Anywayback in September Chris asked y'all to offerup casting suggestions for the adult versions of the first film's kids and y'all actually got some names right in the comments!Pat yourselves on the back!The rest of the cast besides Chastain & McAvoy (Eleanor Rigbyreunion in the house) are as follows: Bill Hader is Richie,James Ransone is Eddie (that one's my favorite),Jay Ryan is Ben,Isaiah Mustafa is Mike,and Andy Bean is Stanley.Oh and Xavier Dolan isplaying a characterthat everybody figured would get cut from the film adaptation...but I'll refrain from details to keep this spoiler-free.Plus Bill Skarsgard will be of course be back doing his Pennywise thing.What do we think of the new cast?

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Reader Comments (4)

More interested in the Dolan movie that ditches Jesse's whole narrative arc.

June 26,2018 | Unregistered Commenter/3rtful

I've always hated seeing recognizable people in horror films.I'm not the biggest fan of the genre,but in order for me to be genuinely scared,I need lesser known actors.I feel like there are too many names in this sequel for me to suspend disbelief.

June 26,2018 | Unregistered CommenterDavid

Yay,Jess Weixler!I really liked her on the The Good Wife - even though she was criminally underused,I loved what I call the "Robyn Gets Hard"episode where she had to learn to be a badass to stay employed as an investigator.

June 26,2018 | Unregistered CommenterJames from Ames

Mmm...interesting to see how this Chastain-Dolan reunion will work after the John Donovan fiasco.

June 27,2018 | Unregistered CommenterBarbara Jersey

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