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Jul 09 2018

Beauty vs Beast: The Gump Generation

Jason fromMNPPhere with this week's "Beauty vs Beast"fun-time poll extravaganza - it feels,in the legendary words of Stephanie Tanner,HOW RUDE,to wish Tom Hanks a birthday today with what's come to be seen as his most divisive role,that of the lead character in Robert Zemeckis' 1994 Oscar-magnetForrest Gump."We hate that movie now,"screams the internet echo chamber.

Except...I kind of don't?I've always been plenty privy to its gross conservative streak - I went to film school in the late 90s,we talked about it a whole bunch,don't worry.I get that it takes a feather-lite tickle to nostalgic Boomer bullshit when a hand grenade might've been more helpful.I was always rooting for Jenny (Robin Wright) and have always found the film's liberal ladling of degradation onto its independently-minded female character,in the words of here and now,hella probelmatic.

And yet despite all that if I stumble upon the film on TV I'll always get sucked in.Zemeckis spins his fable of Straight White Americana with soda-pop commercial zeal,and everybody's so good,iconic really,in their roles.Perhaps we can one day find a middle-ground,watching the movie as an under-amber representation of a vacuum-sealed culture's last gasp;this is the way America saw itself once,lucky and dumb,constantly blundering forward into the next morass without thinking and then making a pretty story out of the good parts.

PREVIOUSLYSpeaking of curdled American Dreamslast week'sI Tonyacontestgave Tonya her gold medal at last - Margot Robbie kneecapped statue-hog Allison Janney with 68% of your vote.SaidSuzanne,echoing most of your comments since y'all still mad about last year's Oscars:亚博主页

"Laurie Metcalf should have won.(And if anyone were going to beat her,it should have been Lesley Manville.) It's Tonya for me."

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Reader Comments (3)

in response to the Kevin Spacey scandal:
"I didn't know the man.I knew the incredible craftsman that he is."

Yeah,no thanks Robin.#TeamForrest

July 9,2018 | Unregistered CommenterMallinkrodt

Team Jenny and F*ck Gump.

July 9,2018 | Unregistered CommenterRob

No vote.

I have hated Forrest Gump since it premiered,so I'm hardly a johnnie-come-lately hater.I find it manipulative,simplistic,and just plain unbelievable from beginning to end.It's got some very good performances that almost save it...but it's mostly a succession of cheap shots.I'm a boomer myself,but I was never blind to its self-aggrandizing convservatism and retrograde sexual politics.


July 10,2018 | Unregistered CommenterDoctor Strange

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