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Weekend box office- 你看见什么了?


一个l Pacino to return to Oscar 27 years later

"I don't think there is any audience for this 3-hour Netflix film, so talking about Oscar nominations seems like a waste of time." -Huh

"一个l should have at least four Oscars. He has given some of tne GREATEST performances in film history!" -琳达


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Lulu Wang(The Farewell)
Jia Zhang-ke(灰是最纯净的白色)

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Sep 23 2018

What did you see this weekend?


While there were solid debuts in wide and limited release friday (The House with the Clock In Its Walls, Fahrenheit 11/9, Colette, The Sisters Brothers)it was a rough weekend for wide release newbies刺杀国家生活本身,两者都不管理的十大展示。但是,最好的消息是肯定的保罗·费格固体保持公司广娱乐喜剧惊悚片一个Simple Favor.你必须看到这些nutsy bold performances from both Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively for yourself. I had a blast and I'm going again with another friend soon.

(September 21st-23rd)

W I dé
800+ screens
1。THE WIFE$975K on 468 screens (cum. $4.9)评论,Poster Blurb,Glenn's Oscar
2。一个SIMPLE FAVOR$10.4 (cum. $32.5)
2。LIZZIE$ 256K 240个画面(暨。$ 325K)评论
3。修女$10.2 (cum. $100)Nun Movies
3。COLETTE$156k on 4 screens *NEW*
4。捕食$8.7 (cum. $40.4)
4。中姐妹兄弟$122k on 4 screens *NEW*评论
5。CRAZY RICH亚洲人$ 6.5(暨。$ 159.4)评论,杨紫琼,播客,Best of Summer Lists
5。JULIET, NAKED$118k on 102 screens (cum. $3.2)
6。WHITE BOY RICK$5 (cum. $17.4)
6。火焰$86k on 43 screens (cum. $451k)
7。PEPPERMINT$ 3.7(暨。$ 30.3)
7。PICK OF THE LITTER$ 66K 49米的屏幕(暨。$ 268K)
8.FAHRENHEIT 11/9$ 3.1×NEW *
8.THREE IDENTICAL STRANGERS$57k on 55 screens (cum. $12.1)评论
9.THE MEG$2.3 (cum. $140.5)评论
9.SCIENCE FAIR$18k on 5 screens (cum. $41k)
10。SEARCHING$2.1 (cum. $23.1)评论,约翰赵 10。难题$ 17K 29米的屏幕(暨。$ 1.9)


...尼姑crossed the $100 million line, another win for招魂universe
...和The Wifewill be crossing the $5 million mark any second
...和even after losing over 500 theaters this weekend疯狂丰富的亚洲人停留在前五名为连续第六周。这是艰难的不有着多年建立起来的观众青睐的非续集做。一个Quiet Place是唯一的其他原件,今年徒长招管理。目前,他们是9日(水通道蛋白)和11日(CRA)在2018年的票房最热门的电影。所有这一切击败他们的电影是分拆,前传,续集或。


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I watched and kinda loved A Simple Favor. It starts out as Gone Girl meets Bad Moms with the gloss of a trashy CW show, but somehow ends up as Clue? And also that conspiracy episode of Community where everyone double crosses each other like 5 times in a row.

September 23, 2018 |Unregistered Commenterchasm301

一个Simple Favor was fun. We liked how it was so stuffed full of plot, and just elided things you should know from movie conventions. I also admired its costumes, it’s technicolor pop, and its visual clarity.

September 23, 2018 |Unregistered Commenteradri

刺杀国家was a blast and signaled Ben Levinson as a filmmaker to look out for...yes, it's on the nose, but who cares when it's rendered so beautifully.

2018年9月24日|Unregistered Commentertonytr

Happy to know that生活本身bombed after Dan Fogelman went after the critics for trashing his film.

Only did a few re-watches this past Friday inNever Say Never Again,八爪, and.... my all-time favorite film inLost in Translation

2018年9月24日|Unregistered Commenterthevoid99

一个Simple Favor was much more fun than I thought it would be. The two leads are great ... but Henry Golding is 2 for 2 now for “pretty but bland.”

The trailer alone for Pick of the Litter already gets me misty, so I daren’t see it in the theater to spare the world from some serious ugly crying. Has anyone seen it?

2018年9月24日|Unregistered Commenter从詹姆斯·埃姆斯

I guess I'm in the minority here because I REALLY did not like "A Simple Favor" at all. I didn't think it was funny or clever.

2018年9月24日|Unregistered Commenter一个nthony

The steady art house success of Close's movie will embolden its distributor during award season.

2018年9月24日|Unregistered Commenter/3rtful

That shot of THE MEG pisses me off because it's not in the actual movie. At least I don't remember it in there.

一个lso, why didn't Michael Moore just make a movie about the Flint water crisis? A sequel to ROGER & ME of sorts would have been much more palatable than a sequel to FAHRENHEIT 9/11. And it's not like there's nothing in Flint worth making a damn movie about!


2018年9月24日|Unregistered CommenterGlenn Dunks

Re the Wife’s Distribution - in Australia it was released by Icon prior to the US and rather than receive a platform it went wide and has so far grossed $2million. I am
The platform release in the US may have been wise from an Oscar point of view but I do wonder whether they may have gotten more cash if they had shown a bit more faith and gone wide earlier. I am not saying it is a massive hit evan in Oz (infinity war is at $46million and crazy rich asians at $16million) but the multiples suggest it could have been a solid mid range hit.

2018年9月24日|Unregistered Commentermatt


2018年9月24日|Unregistered Commenter大卫

Rewatched Hany Abu-Assad's天堂此时。I like the different points of view raised in this film about nationalism and using one's corporeality as vehicle to exact vengeful acts of reprisals. Ali Suliman and Kais Nashif's naturalistic performances work well within the dramatic narrative and Lubna Azabal is a delightful counterpoint becoming an in-between of two worlds she cannot live in fully. I am awed that she played the brave and affective Nawal Marwan in Denis Villeneuve'sIncendiesin 2010.

SawKedivia streaming and there's something about the visage of cats that relaxes me. The Turkish cats featured in this doc have very distinct cat-personalities. I was given an insight why the emotional neediness of our feline is the way it is. Like what Joni Mitchell once said: "[Cats] give a home a heartbeat."


2018年9月24日|Unregistered CommenterOwl

I really enjoyed A Simple Favor and am glad you singled out Anna Kendrick as well as Blake Lively. Not that Lively isn't wonderful, but Kendrick is getting overshadowed and she has the trickier role.


2018年9月24日|Unregistered Commenter苏珊娜

I saw Colette. The reviews seem overblown; it’s a very standard, by-the-numbers biopic. There’s a part in the middle where it musters some energy but for the most part it felt weirdly arch and inoffensive. Which is not what you’d want out of this material.

2018年9月24日|Unregistered CommenterER

I also saw and loved A SIMPLE FAVOR. And met you! Thanks for indulging.


2018年9月24日|Unregistered CommenterRyan T.

Only TV. Finally caught up with Ozark. Gawd, I've missed Laura Linney. And Julia Garner is AMAZING.

一个nd BBC's Bodyguard. With Line of Duty, The Durrells in Corfu, and now this, Keeley Hawes is impressive. Great range. And she's beautiful.

2018年9月24日|Unregistered CommenterPam

ER -- totally agree. I'm mystified why it feels so safe when Colette was anything but! Not that it's bad. It's decent but could have been great. A similar thing happens with the new bio for Mapplethorpe but in that case the film is just bad.

2018年9月24日|注册的评论者NATHANIEL R

看见太太我没理THE MOVIE(我的妻子喜欢它了很多)...... GLENN非常好,HOWEVER./

2018年9月24日|Unregistered Commenterrdf

I saw Assassination Nation and I'm not at all surprised it made no money. It is a PISSED-THE-FUCK-OFF film, and it goes out of its way to insure that everyone in the audience will be upset at some point. But I actually kinda loved it - it's kinda like Mother last year in the way that it kinda deserves every grade on the spectrum, but ends up somewhere around a B+. There is one long tracking shot of a home invasion that is one of the best things I've seen in a movie this year, and there is a trans actress playing a trans character who has her own agency and gets to be a badass. It's trashy pulp with something approaching a brain, and I thought it was pretty good overall.


一个nd then I watched How To Talk to Girls at Parties since it's on Amazon Prime, and holy WOW is that a weird movie. Kidman is great fun, though, and the costumes are to die for. I enjoyed it, even if it was not at all what I was expecting.

2018年9月24日|Unregistered CommenterDancin' Dan

众议院一个时钟在墙上anyw也没做here near as well here in Australia (#9 in the box office) which is a little confusing. I saw it, and it wasn't bad. My only theory is that most of the potential audience for it went and saw the highly-hyped (and popular in Australia) JOHNNY ENGLISH STRIKES AGAIN instead (ugh).

一个lso saw KODACHROME (yuk), JIRGA (likely Australia's Foreign Language Oscar submission, but too badly edited and directed to be a real contender), the Korean film A TAXI DRIVER (not bad, but very jarring as it moves from light comedy to real-life war atrocity depictions) and the Italian film from early this century FACING WINDOWS (as part of a Ferzan Oztepek retrospective. Beautiful film.)

2018年9月24日|Unregistered CommenterTravis C


2018年9月24日|Unregistered CommenterER

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