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Oct 04 2019

YNMS x 2: "Richard Jewell"and "The Gentlemen"

by Ben Miller

It's festival season,but new trailers keep dropping left and right,so let's do a couple quick Yes,No,Maybe So's staring with Clint Eastwood's latest sudden December drop,Richard Jewell.It's the true story of an innocent man put on trial by the media as a bombing suspect in the 1996 Summer Olympics.The Yes No Maybe So breakdown is after the jump...

Richard Jewell


  • If you sawI,TonyaorBlackkklansman,you'll know what a talent Paul Walter Hauser is.  He finally gets his chance to lead a film with this true story

  • The biggest buzz is actually for Olivia Wilde,and I am all for it.  Between this andBooksmart,whatever adulations people want to heap on her,you should firmly get behind it

  • Jewell as a subject is tailor-made for a cinematic treatment

  • It's always nice to have Kathy Bates back in our lives


  • Eastwood hasn't exactly had his fastball in a while.  Plus,with his political leanings,it seems pretty clear where this story could go wrong

  • Eastwood isn't exactly seen as the most subtle filmmaker.

  • Chris Feil said it better than me.


  • Does any filmmaker know how to correctly use Jon Hamm?

  • Cool,Sam Rockwellisn'tplaying a racist!

  • Writer Billy Ray does pretty well with these types of stories (Shattered Glass,Captain Phillips),but his scripts are all over the place tonally

I'm a cautiously optimistic maybe so,leaning towards yes.  Yes for Hauser and Wilde,no for Eastwood.Richard Jewellcomes out just in time for Oscar voting on December 13.

The Gentlemen


  • Guy Ritchie made his hay on a formula of British toughguys,so he seems to be returning to his wheelhouse

  • I got so worried about McConaughey doing an English accent.  Thank God he plays an American

  • McConaughey unhinged is a great McConaughey.Killer Joevibes

  • I'm trying to pick out an MVP for the trailer,and it's either the whipcrack editing,Colin Ferrell,or the wardrobe.  Oscar nominated costume designer Michael Williamson (American Hustle) is on the job for this one

  • Ritchie fills his films with great casts,and this is no different with Henry Golding,Michelle Dockery,Hugh Grant,Charlie Hunnam,Ferrell,Eddie Marsan and Jeremy Strong tagging along.

  • Henry-Golding-shooting-a-gun-stupid.gif


  • There are an alarming amount of dudes in this film.  Ritchie'sThe Man from U.N.C.L.Espread the sexual wealth,but this seems too heavy on testosterone

  • McConaughey and weed is a little played out at this point


  • Hugh Grant's accent was remarkably alarming.  I kept expecting the regular Grant voice to pop out,so that might take some getting used to

  • I've never known what to make of Hunnam. Is he a good actor?Nevertheless this looks like the most suited he has been for a role in a while

I'm excited for Ritchie to return to his genre,so firmly a yes.How about you?The Gentlemencomes out in January.

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Reader Comments (2)

Clint loves to make movies.He's 89 years old.So yes,it is a feat that he's so prolific,and it makes sense that he's in a hurry.

If Lorene Scafaria is churning out movies at 90 that attract audiences and demonstrate her insatiable love of the form,I'll give her the credit I give Eastwood.What does Hustlers have to do with Richard Jewell?I also didn't realize Hustlers was a flawless film.The argument is so intellectually bankrupt that I'm not shocked it did well on Twitter.

And no,Clint outings don't automatically confer excessive praise and prizes.He very rarely crashes the Oscar race,despite persistent apoplexy from people who hated American Sniper.What's the problem?

October 4,2019 | Unregistered CommenterJF

I can't believe I'm saying this about a Clint movie,but Richard Jewell actually looks good.

October 4,2019 | Unregistered CommenterSuzanne

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