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Oct 06 2019

T'was a good weekend for Pedro,Joaquin,JLo,and Renée

Weekend Box Office [Estimates]
Oct 4th -6th
= New or Expanding / ★ = Recommended
Joker Pain & Glory
1Joker$93.5 *new*REVIEW
1War$1.5 on 305 screens *new*
2Abominable$12 (cum.$37.8)
2My People My Country$865k on 70 screens *new*
3Downton Abbey$8 (cum.$73.6)DAME MAGGIE
3Linda Ronstadt...$299k on 204 screens (cum.$2.2)REVIEW
4Pain and Glory$160k on 4 screens *new*REVIEW
5It Chapter Two$5.3 (cum.$202.2)
5Where's My Roy Cohn?$83k on 26 screens (cum.$225k)
6Ad Astra$4.5 (cum.$43.6)REVIEW
6Promare$81k on 33 screens (cum.$1.2)
7Judy$4.4 (cum.$8.9)TELLURIDE PREMIERE
7First Love$60k on 40 screens (cum.$93k)

numbers on that chart are pulled fromboxofficemojo

The only thing predictable in the US these days,besides the president being idiotic / causing damage to the nation and world,is that superhero or superhero adjacent movies will open huge.If we were to attempt to explain their ever growing appeal -- the trend shows no signs of waning (if anything it's growing) -- we might conjecture that with the world falling apart around us everyone is feeling increasingly powerless to stop it.Thus the fantasy / popularity of the superpowered or super-powered adjacent.Who knows butJokereasily beat the previous October record set byVenomlast year.

In other box office news,Judywent wide after just one week in moderate release.The biopic of the World's Greatest Entertainer is quite a showcase for the long lost Renée Zellweger so good on her for making the most of it.It expanded well with the second best per screen average among the wide releases this week (first place going toJoker,naturally).

In other actress/Oscar buzzy JLo is still filling movie theaters a month afterHustlers'release and the well reviewed stripper drama is looking good to cross the $100 million mark soon.


Pedro Almodóvar's latest,the Oscar buzzyPain & Glory(reviewed) which is "auto-fiction"of his own life,opened on four screens with the weekend's best per screen average $40k per theater which is fairly typical for a Pedro opening.Pedro has been consistently popular in US arthouses since 1988's international breakthroughWomen on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown(onlyMatadorandLaw of Desirecame to US theaters before it).None of his films since have ever collected less than a million in US theaters and they're generally about five to ten times more popular overseas.Pain and Gloryis coming into its American release having already collected $28 million abroad (putting it just ahead of the global popularity ofThe Skin I Live In).Will it also score here?It's tough to say because with Almodóvar pictures,it's always about whether or not they grow legs.

Pedro's biggest hits in the US (adjusted for inflation)

  1. VOLVER (2006) $17.1
    Oscar nomination Best Actress.This is easily his top grosser overseas as well,give or takeWomen on the Vergesince that arrived before box office reporting was as thorough so we don't know.Regardless,Volver's Oscar snub in Foreign Film is still utterly mystifying all these years later given that its easily one of the great films of its decade and was very popular in the US,too.
    Oscar nomination Foreign Film
  3. ALL ABOUT MY MOTHER (1999) $13.9
    Oscar win Foreign Film
  4. TALK TO HER (2002) $13.9
    Oscar win Original Screenplay
  5. TIE ME UP!TIE ME DOWN!(1990) $8.7
  6. BAD EDUCATION (2004) $7.3
    Both of those two pictures are in the top six highest grossing NC-17 pictures of all time,both roughly about as popular as Ang Lee'sLust,Caustion(2007)
  7. BROKEN EMBRACES (2009) $5.7
  8. KIKA (1994) $4.3
  9. HIGH HEELS (1991) $3.7
  10. THE SKIN I LIVE IN (2011) $3.6

His least popular post-Womenpicture in the US,whether or not you adjust for inflation,isJulieta(2016) --no,it's notI'm So Excited(2013) though that's what you were surely thinking -- butJulietawas a modest success overseas collecting $20 million.


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Reader Comments (2)

Joker.It was unpleasant and disgusting.

October 6,2019 | Unregistered Commenter/3rtful

Small point: Almodovar's DARK HABITS also opened in the US before WOMEN ON THE VERGE.I remember seeing it in the Spring of 88 while WotV came out at the end of that year.IMDb confirms my memory.

October 6,2019 | Unregistered CommenterDaniella Isaacs

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