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Nov 13 2019

文档角: Five Highlights from the 159-deep Documentary Longlist

ByGlenn Dunks


As I suspected, Peter Jackson’s他们不会变老is not on the list. It is also worth noting – as I have done all year – thatAmazing Grace同赔率赌在排位赛去年和可悲的是没有做到这一点。当时只有几部电影,我们在文件角落写,要么没有提交或没有资格包括Vision Portraits,The Raft,是自然的:Untold Story of Alice Guy-Blachéand Beyoncé’s家comingwould be the best of that lot.

All the big titles that we have long expected to show up, however, did. Box office hits like阿波罗11号,The Biggest Little Farm,MaidenandLinda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voicesit next to streaming heavyweightsAmerican Factory, The Edge of Democracyand打掉楼(Netflix),一个孩子国家and市民ķ(亚马逊),Gay Chorus Deep South(MTV),The Apollo(HBO) and big-name specialty titles like西部明星andDiego Maradona有嗡嗡声,低调的冠军等待猛扑像Advocate,Honeyland,该信星,5BandRoll Red Roll

We still have many of the movies featured on there to watch and (hopefully) get the chance to discuss. But we’re going to cheat and use this as a moment to play catch-up with some short paragraphs on some of the titles featured on the long list.

The Apollo

从奥斯卡获奖导演罗杰·罗斯·威廉斯历史悠久的阿波罗剧院哈勒姆没好气的编辑历史课(Music by Prudence,Life Animated) that smartly doesn’t just give us the chronological facts as if its makers are reading Wikipedia on the go. Rather, it weaves these stories of its famous performances through the more personally affecting story of the black history that gave The Apollo its live and vitality.The Apollois more about what it means to a community, spinning its arc around a live theatrical performance ofTa-Nehisi Coates’ acclaimed世界和我之间(安杰拉·巴西特!普通!)有关的是非洲裔的当代现实。因为阿波罗是从这些生活经历尽可能多的inseperable,因为它是音乐。这对于一个电影,既娱乐和凄美容易原谅它的一些档案影片的粗糙度。


A documentary cousin to八年级。Small-town nobody Austyn Tester is young, handsome and has a knack of conversing with strangers online (er, not like that). He wants to be an influencer, travelling the world and earning big money to be himself (or is it?) to hordes of screaming teenage girls. Truly, a horror movie of a different breed, Liza Mandelup’s下巴highlights the very alarming reality for many of today’s youths who see no other way out of lower-class suburbia than through the screens of laptops and phones as they use social media to build fanbases around seemingly nothing but their looks and ability to string a few nice words together about loving yourself and following your dreams. A harsh reality check that should be compulsory viewing for high schoolers.


Set on a delightfully rustic farm in Greece where the farmers play Wagner over their fields of tomatoes, Marianna Economou’s short and sweet documentary (it’s only 72 minutes!) has a charm that would make it immensely popular if not for the subtitles (we know how western audiences go with those these days). As these traditional farmers battle through the sands of time to stay in business as the world turns to health food fads that threaten to leave them penniless, it’s impossible not to hope for their success. It’s hardly surprising that at the Q&A I attended, it seemed everybody just wanted to know they could buy their jarred tomato and cous cous meals. They looked delicious!

The Biggest Little Farm

I came to John Chester’sThe Biggest Little Farmabout a couple attempting a new life as farmers with a healthy dose of scepticism. But like the番茄above, I was won over by sheer goodness. Sometimes you just really need to watch something that doesn’t make you feel like the world is a dumpster fire and that we should all just die and get it over with (I watched this one on a particularly rough day followingtwo关于圣纪录片*五个B *安* N,所以你可以想像我的心情)。当然,任何人以农会知道,在这里作为拥护新发现的福音交易的所有招数丝毫的知识,但并不意味着电影本身不起作用。是的,这就是生活kumbayah的都非常圆,我们大多数人可能从未想过,甚至尝试它,但我对我的脸的那一刻起一个笑容,他们开始种植这些树那么,真的,我不关心?如何实际的农民没有谁是自己的资源的效益将查看它,但是,我不知道,而且取景器是一种低价抢它并不需要。但他们觉得自己与电影,让我觉得好幸福次要狡辩。


If you get the chance to see this in a cinema, then do so! It felt somewhat of a waste to watch a mere Vimeo screener on my home television, but I can still appreciate Midge Costin’s lively exploration of the – as the title says – role sound plays in film. I liked that it gave noted attention to names, particularly women, that another filmmaker of another gender (ahem) may not. Costin wades evenly through film clips, technical how-to and in-the-know industry revelry, and it should be required viewing for anybody who year in year out still can’t figure out the difference between sound mixing and sound effects editing at the Academy Awards.

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Reader Comments (10)

当西红柿会见瓦格纳-- title of the year?

November 13, 2019 |Unregistered Commenter佩吉苏


November 13, 2019 |Unregistered Commenter佩吉苏

I'm rooting hard for American Factory, one of my favorite films of the year!

I'm glad to see you mention Roll Red Roll, though. While it is a little rough around the edges, it packs a big emotional punch.

November 13, 2019 |Unregistered CommenterSuzanne

苏珊,我会给予雕像于或一个孩子的国家 - 假设他们双双入围,当然。我个人最喜欢的是民主的边缘,但它是一个忙碌的一年和Netflix都在比赛中如此多的马匹。

佩吉苏, it's quite a title isn't it?

November 13, 2019 |Unregistered CommenterGlenn Dunks

I know it’s not a great doc, but I hope Linda’s film gets nominated. What a nice follow up that would be to the Kennedy Center honor. Great lady.

November 13, 2019 |Unregistered Commenterbrookesboy

Great piece, Glenn. I felt the same way about The Biggest Little Farm, which I avoided seeing for a while since it didn't sound all that enticing.


二零一九年十一月十四日|Unregistered CommenterAbe

JAWLINE sounds really interesting. Thanks for pointing out.

二零一九年十一月十四日|Registered CommenterNATHANIEL R

Of all the music documentaries the Ronstadt film was indeed the most captivating. While the filmmakers were straightforward in style, that very basic approach enhanced the music and the story of Ronstadt's journey. Clear, powerful, feminine, authentic and heartbreaking just like her voice. . Perhaps surprisingly made grown men cry and folks applauded.

二零一九年十一月十四日|Unregistered CommenterEvan

Abe, I'm less a fan of THE INVENTOR, but I will seek out AT THE HEART OF GOLD on your recommendation.

November 16, 2019 |Unregistered CommenterGlenn Dunks


November 16, 2019 |Unregistered CommenterCiccon-E

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