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Dec 30 2019

Near Misses: Emma Thompson in "Saving Mr. Banks"


一个s we know,the precursors don't always matter. Many an actor was Oscar-nominated without a SAG, Golden Globe or BAFTA nod to recommend them. Of course, for every surprise inclusion, there's a shocking snub to contend with. There are those performers that seemed like near locks up until nomination morning. When they failed to stick the landing, predictors were surprised and fans thrown into paroxysms of outrage. These near misses can be precious jewels of acting that were unforgivably shortchanged, while, other times, we can count ourselves spared a nomination for mediocre work.

在2013年,艾玛·汤普森被提名为SAG,金球奖,英国电影学院的,评论家选择奖,甚至赢得了评论奖的全国委员会为她的表现作为P.L。在特拉弗斯大梦想家. The Academy, however, ignored her. Compared to some of the actual Oscar nominees, Thompson's work is, at the very least, an impressive achievement and deserving of recognition…

While大梦想家众所周知,许多由迪士尼公司怀旧宣传的工作,实际的影片更趋于观点,比其成名建议。它讲述的玛丽阿姨的作者是如何被人欺负到放弃她的工作由鼠标,她如何与创作团队不断地战斗,锁定喇叭与迪斯尼自己对她的魔法保姆的遗产之家电影改编的故事。这部电影可能最终成为迪斯尼的身边,理所当然的是1964年的Mary Poppins是一个杰作,但Travers的身边的故事不一定轻视。事实上,大部分的脚本是由倒叙笔者在澳大利亚的童年,显示了观众她年轻的生命的创伤如何告诉她的文学作品的创作。

There's an active attempt to do justice to Travers, even though the remembrances of youth are大梦想家'worst aspect. Part of that comes from the fact they are utterly needless. Emma Thompson's performance as the embittered Travers tells us everything the flashbacks do with dramatic economy. She has the mastery and precision of a performer capable of spinning storytelling gold out of a meaningful pause or a change of posture. The role may not offer the actress many challenges, but she executes what's given to her with virtuosity. She modulates what could have been monotone and makes the role of a curmudgeon into a fun entertaining presence.

艾玛·汤普森even complicates the material. Her default expression is always a mask of superiority that seems to have been worn so often it became aa personal tick. This icy composure makes her into a line of rigidity in busy scenes full of fluttering motion as people try desperately to please her while still arguing their points. When she melts and lets herself be electrified by the looseness of the other performers, it's a joyful sight that transcends the saccharine sentiment the film is going for. Less generous viewers might say Thompson is too good for the film she's stuck in, but one can as easily conclude her performance elevates the production.

特拉弗斯易怒的性格不会完全由迪斯尼打磨过的奇思妙想,即使是在电影果酱含泪幸福在这样美好的结尾程序的现实生活中的故事没有结局。当迪斯尼的威严哭Mary Poppins,汤普森的作者并没有失去她咬总是有酸味和酸度的含糖甜食的电影制片人的一记重拳试图堵塞下观众的喉咙。剧本和表演者之间的这种动态,意图和执行之间是肥沃的地形中叙述矛盾绽放的花。艾玛 - 汤普森大梦想家into a much better film than what one may expect and she deserved an Oscar nomination for it.

如果你提名汤普森在2013年,其中的the actual Best Actress nominees你会冷落?

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Reader Comments (45)

For a moment I thought the question of which actress to bump off the 2013 nominations would be hard, but, um, no, actually super easy.

Meryl Streep doesn't need that AOC nod one little bit.


Oh my god was that that long ago? The only one I could bump for Thompson in that line up is Streep. But I’d still vote for Dench (sorry bout it). Julianne Nicholson was best in show and unsung hero of August Osage County ( hard choice vs Lupita)



二零一九年十二月三十零日|Morgan (the 1st)





一个my Adams... "American Hustle" was simply overrated and while it was one of her performances I truly enjoyed, she pales in comparison to Blanchett, Dench, Streep or even Bullock in that year. Thompson would be fit that lineup perfectly


Thompson did not quite make我自己的名单当年(second runner up) but I do prefer her slightly to amy adams and Meryl streep but the one I'd boot that year is Judi Dench in Philomena.

二零一九年十二月三十零日|NATHANIEL [R

对不起,是挑剔的,但我不知道我理解的“似是而非”的标签被应用到谁其实并没有获得奥斯卡提名的演员。上午我 - 啊哈 - 失去了一些东西?:)


Nah, not that good. She could have done that in her sleep. It's not that she makes her work look effortless; she's going for the most basic choices all the time, in all her roles, for almost 20 years.

二零一九年十二月三十零日|cal roth

Do we remember how Streep sabotaged this for Thompson?


Thompson over Streep and Dench. Easy decision, not because the latter were bad, but because Thompson was better.





I think Streep should be the one...Since in Giving Thompson her NBR award her speech was basically a lambasting Of Walt Disney as an anti Semite anti woman pig


VV - 这是我的软弱尝试在文字游戏。这可能是一个系列,所以我一直在寻找一个标题,将反映这些失败点头怎么能是一种解脱或令人失望。有时他们是一个似是而非通常意义上的,这是接近发生,但避免了时间上的灾难。其他时候,他们值得表演,进行了接近奥斯卡的辉煌,但在最后时刻错过了。

我很抱歉,如果它的混乱 - 我可以有我在聪明的企图搞乱了。



In my personal ballot, Thompson finishes as a close runner-up but doesn't get in the final five. It was a rich year for the Best Actress category and it's difficult to deny the greatness of other performers like Greta Gerwig in FRANCES HA, Adele Exarchopoulos in BLUE IS THE WARMEST COLOR, Zhang Ziyi in THE GRANDMASTER or Julie Delpy in BEFORE MIDNIGHT. I'd rate them all higher than Thompson and the three nominated women I mentioned above.


I ❤️ Emma Thompson, but this would’ve been her Florence Foster Music of the Wood nomination so it’s best that she doesn’t have that albatross on her résumé.


I saw “Saving Mr. Banks” in the theatre and shortly after saw the Disney film “Bedknobs and Broomsticks” based on a terrific kid’s book by Mary Norton (“The Borrowers”), and starring the wonderful Angela Lansbury.

“Bedknobs and Broomsticks” came out in 1971, “Mary Poppins” in 1964. They had the B&B property in case the rights to Poppins didn’t work out, then kept it back because there were similarities to Poppins.



因为P.L.特拉弗斯在各个方面都是正确的。夏娃rything she railed against and fought against, and made them tone down or omit, helped make “Mary Poppins” a classic you can still watch with pleasure today, while “Bedknobs and Broomsticks”, the men’s version, is a misfire.


然后“拯救先生。Banks” is kind of the story of explaining why she was so awful, and couldn’t see how her personal trauma affected her work.

But she was right all along. Her intransigent criticisms and unwillingness to compromise made “Mary Poppins” a great movie.


I always found her overly theatrical and mannered,there's too much Thompson going on.


I'd kick out Dench same reason as Thompson she doesn't belong,she's doing standard stuff at least Meryl went for it,Blanchett's an all timer anyway,no one was going to top that original.




二零一九年十二月三十零日|ken s.

一个merican Hustle was a disjointed mess and Bale and Adams should have NOT been in contention that year. Also Gravity was mind-numbingly boring. So Adams and Bullock could definitely go!





二零一九年十二月三十零日|抢ert G

Take it away from Streep and she'll be fine.


I'm here to defend Streep. Her performance in August Osage County is great. In fact, that 2013 Best Actress lineup is nothing to scoff at.


一个s good as she is, she would not have made my list. If I were to bump anyone from that lineup (which would be about half the lineup), it would be to make way for Julie Delpy in Before Midnight or Brie Larson in Short Term 12 or Julia Louis-Dreyfuss in Enough Said.

二零一九年十二月三十零日|Richter Scale




December 31, 2019 |Geri

Get rid of the overrated Amy Adams

December 31, 2019 |马诺斯

我发现SAVING MR。银行是一个总的安眠药 - 这么说,我的确喜欢汤普森可怕的亚当斯。

December 31, 2019 |一个ndrew Carden

“I ❤️ Emma Thompson, but this would’ve been her Florence Foster Music of the Wood nomination so it’s best that she doesn’t have that albatross on her résumé."


December 31, 2019 |

一个dams was the one who squeaked in that year and misplaced Emma- not Judi or Meryl.

December 31, 2019 |杰米


December 31, 2019 |准备

I tried watching this but found the film depressing when ever they cut to the flashbacks about her alcoholic father.

December 31, 2019 |Jaragon

Meryl is an easy target, no? (isen't she always?)
But we all know she had that nod booked the minute A:OC was announced.

December 31, 2019 |Sonja



December 31, 2019 |Biggs

agree with Sonja and the rest who think Meryl didn't spoil Emma's bid. It was Amy Adams who was the surprise nominee. Meryl was going to be there regardless as much as some of us may have doubted her at the last minute.

December 31, 2019 |NATHANIEL [R


December 31, 2019 |Working stiff

Great Thompson deserved a nom.

December 31, 2019 |Fabio Dantas Flappers


December 31, 2019 |一个


December 31, 2019 |stjeans

Thompson not getting in was a huge surprise, but then again what the Oscars came up with was a solid line-up.



December 31, 2019 |卡洛斯

@Adri。我还是那种爱B&B和谢尔曼兄弟得分为它是美好的。沿着漂泊漂泊... ...一起在美丽的海水海底...




艾玛是在这部电影太精彩了。这样一个令人失望的冷落。以艾米·亚当斯出来。整个事情与口音... yeesh